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Dewa judi nih, menang Rp. 8.530.000.000.000 uang asli gan !
Dewa judi nih, menang Rp. 8.530.000.000.000 uang asli gan !

A 24-year-old Maryland poker professional has won the World Series of Poker main event, lasting nearly 12 hours in a marathon card session to push past his last opponents for the $8.53 million title early Wednesday.Greg Merson emerged with the title before dawn in Las Vegas after a session that proved a showcase for his skills amid the unpredictability of tournament no-limit Texas Hold 'me.On the last hand, Merson put Las Vegas card pro Jesse Sylvia, all-in with a king high. Sylvia thought hard, then called with a suited queen-jack."This whole stage is nothing you could ever prepare for," Merson said.Merson's hand held through the community cards -- two sixes, a three a nine and a seven -- to give him the title and put his names alongside former champions including Doyle Brunson, Phil Hellmuth and Johnny Chan.After an exhausting session, he's ready to join them."I feel pretty good -- got all the tears out so now I feel relaxed," Merson said.Merson also pushed past Hellmuth for the seri...

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Quote:Original Posted By Alceo
Koreksi: $8M = 8 juta dollar, kecuali tulisannya $8B. 8M = 8million (juta), 8B =(8 Milyar). jadi bukan 8 trilyun, tapi Rp. 100 milyar (kurs 12rban).

kalo agan menang segitu mau bikin apa ? emoticon-Ngakak
mau bikin casino gan
set dah.. itu duit gan emoticon-Beloemoticon-Takut (S)
Quote:Original Posted By Y3X
mau bikin casino gan

dulu kan dah ada tuh, Dono Casino Indro
bikin anak gan emoticon-Cool
wah2 bener2 beruntung
langsung gan ane buat penelitian + karya baru emoticon-Metal

gilak ahh..
uda ga beseri lagi duitnya tu.. emoticon-Matabelo
kl ane bingung mau diapain gan emoticon-Ngakak
beuh.... byk bener duitnya.
emoticon-Matabelo emoticon-Matabelo
kalah nih kayaknya Chow Yun-fat sm ni orang
sorry gan kalo hasil menang judi ane kagak mau emoticon-Cool emoticon-Cool emoticon-Cool emoticon-Cool
the real king of gamblers...... Dewa judi nih, menang Rp. 8.530.000.000.000 uang asli gan !
beli cendol gan emoticon-Big Grin
duit haram... jangan tergiur gan. itu akal2an org yahudi aja.
kalau di eja
delapan trilyun lima ratus tiga puluh miliar ya gan?
kok duitnya dikit tuh yg di meja emoticon-Bingung
emoticon-Matabelo bagi segepok dong gan emoticon-Big Grin emoticon-Cape d... buat apa tuh ya sebanyak itu
kalo ane sih bikin trit gan emoticon-Ngakak