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A bus stops and two Italian men get on. They seat
themselves and engage in animated conversation. The
lady sitting behind them ignores their conversation at first,
but she listens in horror as one of the men says the
following : " Emma come first. Den I come. Two asses,
dey come together. I come again. Two asses, dey come
together again. I come again and pee twice. Then I come
once-a more. "

" You foul-mouthed swine, " retorted the lady indignantly.

" In this country we don't talk about our sex lives in public
! "

" Hey, coola down lady, " said the man.

" Imma just tellun my friend howa ta spella Mississippi. "
aduh gak ngerti gan hahaha..translate pls


emoticon-Ngakak emoticon-Ngakak

btw pic-nya susuatu sekalee emoticon-Matabelo

lumayan aja....

mampir agan-agan
kcoak gan bikin ketawa ane emoticon-Ngakak
bhasa inggrisemoticon-Cape d... (S)
kcoak asli dah gan ente bikin jokeya, parah banget ngakaknya gan emoticon-Ngakak emoticon-Kiss
wkwkwkwkwkwks.. gokil banget tuh. emoticon-Ngakak emoticon-Ngakak emoticon-Ngakak
malah nyeritain sex
emoticon-Ngakak emoticon-Ngakak emoticon-Ngakak gak ngerti
PAGI PAGI UDAH DIBIKIN CENGENGESAN emoticon-Ngakak emoticon-Ngakak emoticon-Ngakak
ASEM DEH DODOL BENER emoticon-Ngakak emoticon-Ngakak
emoticon-Matabelo emoticon-Matabelo wkwkwkkkkkk... ane ga mudeng... emoticon-Ngakakemoticon-Ngakakemoticon-Ngakak
ceweknya yang piktor aja tuh

hahaha spelling nya kok gtu yak?? dasar italian emoticon-Ngakak
lumayan gan
emoticon-Ngakak emoticon-Ngakak
waduh ndak ngerti english ane gan emoticon-Big Grin
indonesia aja ya
ane gak begitu fasih bahasa inggris gan emoticon-Bingung
foto'a bikin emoticon-Matabelo
ane ngakak gan,krna mbok bca tret ente