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Three Singaporean Friends
Three Singaporean Friends

Ahmad died in a fire and his body was so badly burned
that the morgue needed someone to identify the body.
They called up his two friends, Beng and Kumar.

Beng went in first and the mortician pulled back the sheet.

Beng said : " Ya, he's very barbequed like 'cha siu'.
Please roll him over, and I will tell you if he's my friend
Ahmad or not. "

The mortician rolled the body over. Beng looked at his ass
and said : " No-lah, dat not Ahmad. "

The mortician was puzzled but didn't say anything.

He went and got Kumar to check the body. Kumar looked
closely and said : " Yes, it is true he's burnt very bad; but
roll him over and I'll see if he's my friend Ahmad. "

Again the mortician rolled the body over.

Kumar looked down at the ass and said : " Oh my
goodness, this is not Ahmad. "

The mortician, unable to stand it anylonger, said : " Okay,
you have to tell me now - how can you and Beng tell ? "

Kumar said : " Well, Ahmad,he had two assholes. "

" What ? ! ! " the motician said in disbelief, " He had two
assholes ? ! ! "

" Oh yes, everyone in Orchard Road knows this.
Everytime the THREE of us go out, people always say, "
Here comes Ahmad with the TWO assholes ! "
pertamaxxx aman
Quote:Original Posted By jamhuri.dhee.j
pertamaxxx aman

masih ada keduax
mana subtitlenye nih gan ?

That asshole doesn't know that they are the two asshole.... That mean Ahmad doesnt have asshole
Subtitle nya dong gan

bisa aja gan.. jadi si Beng n' Kumar itu asshole yak...
udah asshole, gak nyadar pula...
wkwkwk idiot!!

keep posting up!!
asik gann segerrrrrr
wkwkwkwk....they are really assholes
oon bgt lanjut gan jokes nya
Spoiler for 999:


btw pic-nya susuatu sekalee

hahahah ada ada aj anie agan
wkwkwkwkwkw abis dah
numpang dah
hahahaha....gokil dah....kocak abis....
haha gelooo ente gan
lumayan lah buat humor pagi hari