10 kesalahan dalam berbahasa inggris

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10 kesalahan dalam berbahasa inggris
Spoiler for english mistakes:


1. Join with us (join us)

2. Take and give (give and take) memberi dulu baru menerima

3. I must to win (I must win)

4. Thank before ("thanks anyway/thanks in advance/thanks beforehand",tapi jarang dipakai atau "thanks" saja )

5. She don't know (she doesn't know)

6. Thanks God ("thank God", jgn lupa bahwa Allah/God diawali huruf besar)

7. first love never dies (ini pepatah, yang ada "first love lies deep")

8. Your welcome (you're welcome, atau, you are welcome)

9. He is an energic boy (he is an energetic boy)

10. I'm doctor (I'm a doctor) "a" menunjukan profesinya, tanpa "a' maka terjemahannya menjadi "nama saya doctor"

nomor yang aka dibahas berikutnya, yang terakhir termasuk kesalahan yang intervalnya berbeda diantara 10 poin sebelumnya karena, merupakan yang paling sering terjadi

11.I feel so boring (mungkin yang dimaksud adalah saya merasa bosan, bukannya saya merasa membosankan, jadi kalimatnya adalah I feel so bored)

12. Ladie's Area (betul secara grammar, semantically, wrong. Harusnya Ladies' Area)

Great analysis. emoticon-Big Grin
However, please use English in the foreword and the explanation.
betul,,bahasa Indonesia tidak bisa langsung diterjemahkan ke bhasa Inggris,,,contohnya bukan buried ambition,tapi hidden ambition,,,karena orang sana ga bilang ambisi yg terkubur,tapi ambisi yg tersembunyi

Of course. Phrases and idioms.
Grammatical errors.

people got confused by this too: there/their/they're emoticon-Ngakak

Also: you're and your, which is surprisingly the native speakers also are confused.
nice info :-)

trying to translate emoticon-Ngakak (S)
right, indonesian cannot dirrect transform to english. for example in this post emoticon-Nohope

this is so totally right! I agree. Because i hear people use these grammatical erorrs not only once. So how can we fix that, that's the real question emoticon-Matabelo
thank you for ur information gan emoticon-Malu (S)
these mistake always happen in everyday.
so we must be careful to use english.
haha.. great trit gan !!! emoticon-Big Grin emoticon-Big Grin
masih nubi ya gan?? spoilernya salah noh.. tapi baguslah buat post prtama,, yaudah mumpung lgi baik ane kasih rate dah emoticon-Rate 5 Star

Betul chin, setuju ama agan ini

you missed "s" in mistake gan, it should be mistakes because you used "these" which explains the plural form of the reffered word/words
nice share, tanpa kita sadari emang sering nemui problem ini, join with us, sering saya ucapin , heheheh
nice share yang paling sering saya lihat itu banyak yang nulisin kata2 Thanks God sama Join with Us
Gramatically,it is uncorrect..but don't forget, as in Indonesia we have "bahasa Gaul", there's also "SLANG" in English..or maybe it is not slang..but now it becomes something common in grammar ..Mostly we often see it in American English.Because British English is very concervative..

If everyone ever heard "INVICIBLE" from Clay Aiken, you can see that the first sentence in the chorus is out of grammar..
"If I was invicible then i can just watch you in your room.."
as we know from our english teacher in High school, the word "was" is not supposed to be there after 'I" must be "were" because it is Conditional Sentence ..

See?it is American people themselves doing that kind of error..or maybe it is error for us..not for them..emoticon-Blue Guy Smile (S)
emoticon-Blue Guy Smile (S)emoticon-Blue Guy Smile (S)