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Cocks Cut Off
Cocks Cut Off

Three men stopped at a big house in the countryside to
ask for a room
for the night. When their hostess showed them to their
rooms, she had
one request; that they don't look inside a big cupboard on
the landing.

The men resisted the temptation all night but in the
morning, the
hostess found them staring at a collection of dozens of
penises nailed
to the doors of the cupboard.

" Well men, you asked for it, " She said, then asked the
first one, " What does your dad do ? "

" My dad's a butcher, " he stammered.

The woman took a meat cleaver and chopped of the
man's dick and nailed
it with the rest of the collection.

" And what does your father do ? " she asked the second

" He's a carpenter, " he quavered.

So the hostess took a jigsaw and cut off his cock too !

" And yours ? " she asked the third man.

Having caught on to the idea, he replied : " Well, my dad's
a lollipop
manufacturer. So I guess you're going to have to suck
mine off ! ! "
wkwkwkwkwk nice jokes bro .....keep posting
Cuakaka keren gan ceritanya
wkwk ngarep di loli..
hahaha trit ente bikin ane happy ngakak asli ane ganCocks Cut Off

ane bantu ya gan Cocks Cut Off
keep posting

wakakak ni dah gan jokenya ane
sorry.. i don't understend what u mean..!
artikan dong gan ane gak ngerti
aha pria yg ketiga pinter
keren nih, asli kocak banget nih
wah ane gak paham nie bahasanya
lucu banget gan
translate dong gan gak ngarti ane
ane gak ngerti bahasanya gan
pelawak aja gag bisa bikin kek beginian
gokil bener
ts pengalaman banget bikin beginian
wkwkwk ada ada aja dah
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wkwkwkwkwk nice jokes bro .....keep posting