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Cocks Cut Off
Cocks Cut Off

Three men stopped at a big house in the countryside to
ask for a room
for the night. When their hostess showed them to their
rooms, she had
one request; that they don't look inside a big cupboard on
the landing.

The men resisted the temptation all night but in the
morning, the
hostess found them staring at a collection of dozens of
penises nailed
to the doors of the cupboard.

" Well men, you asked for it, " She said, then asked the
first one, " What does your dad do ? "

" My dad's a butcher, " he stammered.

The woman took a meat cleaver and chopped of the
man's dick and nailed
it with the rest of the collection.

" And what does your father do ? " she asked the second

" He's a carpenter, " he quavered.

So the hostess took a jigsaw and cut off his cock too !

" And yours ? " she asked the third man.

Having caught on to the idea, he replied : " Well, my dad's
a lollipop
manufacturer. So I guess you're going to have to suck
mine off ! ! "
wkwkwkwkwk nice jokes bro .....keep posting
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wkwkwkwkwk nice jokes bro .....keep posting