Undangan INDONESIA NEXT SOCIAL TRAVEL STAR -11Des12 Menangkan Voucher Hotel S$500

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Undangan INDONESIA NEXT SOCIAL TRAVEL STAR -11Des12 Menangkan Voucher Hotel S$500
Dear Agan-agan,

Berikut ada undangan untuk menghadiri penjurian/live audition untuk INDONESIA's NEXT SOCIAL TRAVEL STAR tanggal 11 Desember 2012 di HOtel Pullman Central Park Jakarta jam 1 siang ...tenang, makan siang disediakan emoticon-Smilie. Buat undangan yang beruntung bisa mendapatkan voucher hotel senilai SGD 500 yang bia dipake di hotel mana saja dimanapun...

Monggo di pantengin..Makasih buat agan moderator yang udah ngizinin posting emoticon-Smilie


Dear Travellers Friends,

INDONESIA’S NEXT SOCIAL TRAVEL STAR is an event searching for a pair of talented hosts sponsored by and organized by Telios TV.
The winner will have the opportunity to travel to various cities within Indonesia and overseas, undertaking a series of hotel room reviews, as well as promoting interesting places and tourist destinations. and cordially invite you to attend the live audition and judging process of the shortlisted 10 Finalists to crown INDONESIA’S NEXT SOCIAL TRAVEL STAR

This event will be held at.

Venue : Ballroom 3, Hotel Pullman – Central Park, Jakarta.
Day/Date : Tuesday, 11 Dec 2012
Time : 13.00 WIB – 18.00 WIB (Light lunch will be provided)
Judges : Singapore representative, Telios TV representative & celeb judge

For confirmation of attendance and further details, please do not hesitate to contact Chicha, mobile 0821 25820549 or email:
We hope to see you at the event. Thank you very much for your time and kind attention.