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Kinky Sex
Kinky Sex

Martin and his wife are touring London when they see a
advertising a live sex show on stage. They decide to take
a chance
and go in to see the show.

On the stage are a man and woman, both naked, lying on
separate couches. The woman is tossing donuts at the
man and ringing them on his stiff male appendage. The
man is tossing ripe cherries into the woman's vagina.

On their way back to their room at the Hilton Hotel, Martin
to his wife that what they saw in the show looked
interesting and
would she like to try it.

She says : " Sure, I'll go out to the grocery store up the
road. "

A few minutes later, she exits the store with a couple
packets of
Polos and a dozen grapefruits.
wewww keren lawakan ala inggris nih
nyong ora ngerti bahasane aku ndelok gambare wae lah ,,,,apik sih,,??
pic nya gan.... tambah...


gak ngarti hahaha
ngakak broo
apaan ni bahasa inggris
wow pic'nya
wow so sexy men
Lawakan inggris ga ngerti gan
woww... wakakaka..

jadiii kepingin gan..
Lumayan gan,
bikin nyengir ane,
bisa aja TS bikin jokenya
siapa tu gan
duh dapet eror ane
wah pictnya bikin pengen...........
tritnya bagus sekali gan, semoga bermanfaat buat semua