(ASK) Why should public nudity be banned??

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(ASK) Why should public nudity be banned??
Hi all...
I need ur help
I have a assignment to make an essay
The topic is Why should public nudity be banned?
Can you give me some reasons??
Min. 3 reasons
Thx b4 emoticon-Big Grin
Sorry for my bad english
Anyone can help me please
Wah ane kurang paham nh gan... hehe...
Ane coba bantu reasonnya aja ya gan
Maybe to increase some moral value of people,
Appreciate values and manners of religion.
Kalo ada ksalahan benerin ye... haha
How about you come up with the three reasons since this is your assignment ... ...
O yeah, one more thing:
(ASK) Why should public nudity be banned??
How about u dont wan't to see your mother crotch in public.
That would be a reason.
Unless you are really into that???
Maybe this will help you

First, it's different from our culture.
- in law, it is also prohibited as we see in pornography
- you will get a predicate as an insane.

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Okay I'll try to help you,
Firts, It's inappropriate
Second, It's amoral, a sign of moral decadence
Three, There's no use being naked in public, what do you get from it? and it's also against the law
you should write some of your own... but what the hell, i'm kinda bored so i'll help you a bit.

public nudity is not an acceptable value in a country as Indonesia. for some, it may not be a problem. but the majority of Indonesia citizens are not comfortable with nudity, mostly because public nudity is... well, a sin in their eyes (not me, tho'). this cause some clash, because for other people, public nudity can't be defined clearly, some thinks that it is part of their cultural traits, other even think that nudity is part of some aspect in their belief (for example, the traditional description of the gods' garments)

second, public nudity is unusual and distracting. well, this may sound a bit weird, but if you're driving a vehicle and you saw a beautiful girl (or a good looking bloke, if you're a girl) walking around naked in the sidewalk, wouldn't you be quite surprised and lose your concentration? well, in some case, i suppose it might lead to accidents... but this is a rather silly answer, really.

finally, public nudity in Indonesia, mostly in metropolis are caused by some very specific but very predictable reasons. one is an illness in their mind, which makes them unaware of the society's view in appropriateness, or because they are drunk. banning public nudity may be a way to take these people in the system and help them.

there, hope this works for you. next time, don't ask us to spoonfeed you anymore. and help other people as well.
It shouldn't emoticon-Big Grin

good reason, for TS u can use this for your assignment, of course with permission
governments want to save the porn for themself. so they can colay everyday emoticon-Ngakak
Because most people don't look good naked. In fact, they look rather hideous.


1. unhealthy
2. view pollution
3. avoid sexual harrasment

because public nudity has no education value at all !
public nudity is just humanity barbaric act, we are human, we have shame !
moreover, we live in our eastern culture tradition!
but it does not mean we mustnt learn sex education, do not ever combine sex education and public nudity in one, each of it are different matter at all.
well a lot of good reason had been said above me...

so, i just want to give you some advice .To see a case particularly in sensitive issue you have to get the basic , the foundation of why pipl banned that case since a long time ago. in present day , there's a lot of amoral issue that happening in society ,...they break the rules. Of course at fist it is odd ,weird ....But as time goes by they get used to it. why?? because some people dont care anymore about the foundation of have a good rule .They just dont realise , the thing that they declare as a freedom and so on . is destroying them
Naked bodies can only be either an eyesore or enjoyable.

I don't want to be forced to see the less-than-flattering bodies,

and we should only enjoy naked bodies in discretion emoticon-Big Grin
1. inappropriate
2. he/she has a sexual disorder
3. i think he/she was drunk a beer emoticon-Wowcantik so he/she can do it like that.
4. only in some country like america, theres a tradition like mardi gras you can nude in front of people(boys & girls 18++). And theres no banning if you still on the party(mardi gras), if you outside the party you can be caught by the local police officer emoticon-Ngakak.
5. some people (in america/europe) like to do that on pool/jacuzi! its called skinny dipping (i know from the sims 3 & some movie like american pie etc)
1. It's culturally and socially unacceptable here in Indonesia.
2. No one want to see your private parts and assets.
3. Let's not forget the kids.
cause its very disrespectful