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Hey guys, what's up?

I wanna tell you what I know even though perhaps not really useful for you.
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But I just try.

Ok, gan, sis and (maybe) anglophille.

Think, what your purpose learn english? One reason almost same is to speak english fluently with foreigner, isn't it?

Imagine, if there's foreigner speak bahasa with you and suddenly bring sex topic in front of the others.
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For Indonesian, it's impolite if you bring sex topic how fluently such a human didn't have sin, isn't it?
You'll feel uncomfort or something like that. (perhaps for some people indonesian it's doesn't matter, but we're talking for the mostly)

Same thing with foreigner (especially western), you should know the culture and they habit before talking. You should know which one impolite for them and which one it's okay.

This thread purposed for sharing our knowledge about western culture. I'll give you some, and some of you can add the another. I'll update it or make index or list of your updates.

Start from me:

1. "Let's get the ball rolling!" emoticon-Ngacir
Spoiler for Klik:

2. Use "Perhaps" would be nice than "Maybe" emoticon-Jempol
Spoiler for Klik:

3. "I think that's enough."--err! Did you mean you won't to bring your speech again? emoticon-Mad
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4. "How old are you? What's your religion?"--what the heck?! who do you think you are? emoticon-fuck3
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Okay, that's all from me.
Anyone want to give additional? emoticon-Big Grin
I think it is impolite to ask "below questions" when we first meet with new friend:

1. Have you married ?
2. Where do you live ? (alamatmu dimana)
3. What is your phone number? (better---- how can I can contact you?)
4. What is your political views?
5. how much money do you earn monthly? (which is very usual in our culture)

Asking for religion is also Taboo~

"Lick The Ball"... emoticon-Ngakak

In my Campus, lick the ball means "Begin the Turn....
But Western Culture perceives that such sentence inappropriate emoticon-Malu (S)
nice thread
helpfull for me
there is more
Asking the price of item they just buy also impolite. Instead ask them where they bought it.
Hey , very beautiful word
i think they more open minded
they more interested in nice place like
balangan beach, sanur , and bedugul

ones more,,

6. dont ever ask about the job, 'whats ur job?', 'how about ur job' its impolitely for startin' the conversation. we often do those kinda impolitely cultures and become a habitemoticon-Berduka (S)

anyone hv any suggestion what the best should we do when we were in a conversation?

Yeah, the impolite question I know is just asking about the age. Especially to adult (it's okay to ask the age to children).

How if we just started conversation, and it's turned to the convenient chat? Is it still impolite to ask the job? the address? or the phone number?
For example, in the bar:

Me : The weather is so hot. Is'nt it?
She : Yeah, i felt it too. The one thing I want to do is jumping to the pool when I arrived at home..
me : Hahaha.. U have a swimming pool in ur home?
She : Yeah, it's one of the great pool in the city (pamer). U should come around sometimes.
Me : Wow, that sounds great!! where do u live exactly?
She : One block from here, at Bale Hinggil. And u?
Me : oh, I lived near the city park. Anyway, do u frequently come here?
She : No, it's just my first time. Owh crap! (liat hape sambil nepuk jidat)sorry I just want to pick up my sister at her school. (sambil ngeloyor pergi)
Me : wait wait wait!!! how I can see ur great pool if I don't have ur phone number?? (sambil nyodorin hape)

Is it still impolite??
yeah thats all
is what i learned in my english course
nice explanation gan emoticon-Big Grin
one important thing I know is don't be afraid to talk about random stuff. Use slangs and phrases so the tension lessen.

That's all emoticon-Malu (S)
Once, my lecturer told me that in france if two guys stand each other in radius less than around three meters, people will judge you that you're a homosexual, whereas france is one of liberal country

it's really helpful gan emoticon-2 Jempol


if i was that person i'll answer " only if you would come with bikini " emoticon-Big Grin


if i were you i wont ask her number
id say maybe some time ill come to her place. after that i cd freely ask her number
thanks for sharing gan, it's make learn english power full emoticon-Matabelo
'are you circumsized?' is also impolite I guess,especially when you meet the person for 1st time.
how do you say 'eh, ga sengaja' in english?