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Lexical Meanings of Cornflakes and Geography
• Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary. By Kate Woodford and Guy Jackson. Cambridge University Press 2003. Version 1.0. Cornflakes (plural noun): Small thin yellowish-orange pieces of dry food made from crushed maize, often eaten with milk and sugar in the morning. Example words: A Bowl of cornflakes.

• Collins English Dictionary & Thesaurus – Lexicon, Lingea Lexicon 2002, ver.4.10. Cornflakes (plural noun): A breakfast cereal made from toasted maize, eaten with milk, sugar, etc.

• IndoDic E-Kamus, IndoDic Media, 2007, Wayne B. Krause & Thomas Gilson. Geography (noun): geografi; ilmu bumi; ilmu tentang permukaan bumi.

• KBBI, Pusat Bahasa Departemen Pendidikan Nasiona Jakarta, 2008. geografi /géografi/ noun “ilmu tentangt permukaan bumi, iklim, penduduk, flora, fauna, serta hasil yang diperoleh dari bumi.” Hal. 466.