How do you write double gerund in a sentence?

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How do you write double gerund in a sentence?
Hi, I come up with question again. Pls bare with it. Okay, actually I am confused on using gerund as the first word ( I don't know whether it is called subject in the following example or not) and then followed by gerund again, thus in one sentence consists of double gerund. So, how is its correct structure? Example:

Staying up working on my thesis tonight.


Staying up to work on my thesis tonight.

Pls help, I would appreciate any of your answer. Thx emoticon-Malu (S)
I think it should be
"Stay up to working on my....blablabla"
if you want to use "staying" it must be use to be first. "i'm staying up"

Hope it's can help you emoticon-Smilie

Referring on your sentence, it seems that you omit the subject.
it should be: "I'm staying up ...."

So, the first gerund that you've said is not a gerund. it's a present continuous form.

then it's okay for you to use the first sentence than the second.

(I'm) staying up working on my thesis tonight.

Good Luck!

To never be followed by gerund. To should be followed by V1.


I rather choose the second one.

i prefer to second one, because:

as my lecture said that the first verb in a sentence or paragraph must be V+ing...

for example, if u wanna say: "Meninggalkan Bandung bukan berarti meninggalkan segalanya"

according to me, it'll be like this:
"Leaving Bandung doesn't mean leave everything"


Gan, Kalo Kalimatnya kayak gini

"Quiting smoking is not easy"

Itu benar ga secara gramatikalnya?

"Quiting smoking is not easy" according to my opinion is true /but better than use stop smoking (artinya ente pengen berhenti merokok selamanya )
if stop to smoke ( lagi ngeroko terus berhenti ga ngrokok /rokonya di matiin/ditruh ) heheheemoticon-Sundul Gan (S)

stopping to smoke isn't easy. IMHO

Mending diIndonesiakan dulu artinya gimana, --> Begadang menyelesaikan skripsi malam ini.
Mending perbaiki dulu bhs ind-nya gan. --> Begadang malam ini menyelesaikan skripsi. (Staying up all night working on my thesis) emoticon-Malu (S)emoticon-Malu (S)

Kedengarannya aneh
Mending ganti aja gan --> It's not easy to quit smoking.
ini lebih efektif dari subject dan predicatenya jelas..emoticon-Sundul Gan (S)

I'd like to give my opinion
first, we know in order to make a complete sentence we need at least a subject and a predicate. ex. I hope everthing is all right, but sometimes in speaking the subject is omitted with presumption that the listeners are already understand, ex. hope everthing is all right.

second, most of the verbs will be followed by to+v1. ex, try to do. However, there are also verbs that is followed by gerund. such as: quit trying, stop smoking etc
list of verbs followed by gerunds

so, in my opinion, the answer shoudl be
I'm staying up working on my thesis.
staying up working on my thesis.

"quiting smoking is not easy". it's gramatically NOT wrong. but you can also use "to quit smoking is not easy".

Hope it answers the questions emoticon-Baby Boy 1
imo you have misjudged the problem,

I'm sorry I think there's no thought that giving a true answer of the question ..

In my humble opinion, I think it's different type of words of those sentences...

Staying up working on my thesis tonight.

"Staying up" » it's true if you said that's a gerund type.. ( Gerund is a verbal word that makes the word as a noun)

"Working" » it's a kind of PRESENT PARTICIPLE ( According to the sentence, the Present Participle has a function to show the action or state expressed in the sentence )

Thank you .. emoticon-Smilie

there're some cases where we can use "to" before gerund, but not for this one.
"stay up to" don't stand in one phrase, I think it's incorrect to be followed by "working"

"Staying up to work on my thesis..." would be the best choice, though it still sounds weird anyhow emoticon-Big Grin


as far as I can tell, the word "stopping" is quite unsusual and relatively prevalent, just like word "hitting".
how can we say "the bus is hitting the tree................." ?
doesn't it sound weird?

"Quit smoking isn't easy" will be the fine choice, as putting a gerund at the first place is not always necessary emoticon-Smilie

sounds weird for me

it's not easy to stop smoking or it's not easy to quit smoking (press in the word 'not easy')
Ding dong, I hear the bells ringing emoticon-Ngakak