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Korban Tewas di Suriah Hampir Mencapai 40 Ribu Jiwa
Anyone Still Remember Syria?

I don’t believe Hamas began its recent escalation with Israel on orders from Tehran (as I explain here). But I can see why many people do: Intentionally or not, Hamas has undeniably given its former Iranian paymasters and their Syrian client a great boon.

As Jonathan noted yesterday, the Hamas-Israel war has diverted attention from the International Atomic Energy Agency’s latest report on Iran’s nuclear program. Even more shocking, however, is the way it has diverted attention from the ongoing–and far more massive–bloodletting in Syria.

On Monday, for instance, the lead headline in the New York Times’s overseas edition, the International Herald Tribune, screamed “Heavy civilian toll from Israeli strikes.” This “heavy toll” consisted of one airstrike on Sunday that killed 11 Palestinians, most of them civilians, and brought the total death toll since the fighting began to “more than 50 people, many of them civilians.”

That same day, the paper relegated Syria to the bottom of page 4. The headline read “Syria criticizes 3 countries for recognizing opposition”; civilian casualties weren’t mentioned at all. Yet according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, that weekend (the IHT doesn’t publish on Sunday) saw at least 129 Syrians killed, 47 on Saturday and 82 on Sunday, including 69 civilians. In other words, more civilians were killed in Syria that weekend alone than the total number of fatalities, both combatant and noncombatant, since the latest Hamas-Israel war began. But in the overseas edition of America’s self-proclaimed paper of record, they didn’t even rate a mention. Nor is the coverage less warped in other media outlets.

The total death toll in the Syrian conflict is nearing 40,000, the majority of them civilians. An eye-popping 400,000 refugees have fled into other countries. Anywhere from 1.2 million to 2.5 million Syrians have been internally displaced, most living in appalling conditions that will only worsen as winter progresses. By any standard, it’s a humanitarian crisis of vast proportions. Yet 11 Palestinians slain by Israel are enough to completely erase it from the media map. Syrian lives, it seems, are cheap in the eyes of the international media: Each Palestinian killed by Israel is worth more ink than 4,000 slain Syrians.

Syria’s erasure from the diplomatic map has been equally complete. A flood of high-level visitors, including the UN secretary general, the French foreign minister and the Turkish prime minister, has descended on Jerusalem and/or Cairo in recent days to demand that Israel on no account launch a ground operation. Has anyone noticed any senior diplomat trying to do anything about the Syrian slaughter lately?

Syrians, of course, aren’t the only ones victimized by the international obsession over Palestinian casualties. As Alan Dershowitz eloquently explained, the foremost victims may be Palestinians themselves: As long as Hamas knows that every dead Palestinian will result in international opprobrium for Israel and diplomatic gains for itself, it has every incentive both to continue lobbing rockets at Israel, thereby sparking the retaliation that causes these civilian casualties, and to maximize such casualties by using its own civilian population as human shields.

But the Palestinians made their own bed: They elected Hamas. Syrians just had the bad luck to be caught in the fallout.

Ironis...., saudara dimari lebih suka disibukkan dengan persoalan korban konflik israel hamas yang berjumlah ratusan..., tapi nggak sadar puluhan ribu nyawa saudara seukhuwah juga melayang di negeri yg satunya..emoticon-norose

Over 37,000 have died in Syria's civil war, opposition group says
(CNN) -- As the total death toll in Syria marches towards 40,000, the Russian Foreign Ministry on Thursday lambasted the recent U.S. backing of Syria's opposition in its quest to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad.

Homs and Damascus are the deadliest places in Syria, according to an opposition group that keeps a running total of those whose lives came to a bloody end in 20-month armed conflict.

Read more: Syrian opposition leader expects more from U.S.

Of the 37,387 who have perished since fighting began, 6,992 were killed in Homs and 6,750 in the suburbs of Damascus, the Violations Documentation Center said.

The total number includes 3,061 government soldiers, which the group only recently started to include in its count.
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Russia's Foreign Ministry published harsh criticism in its active Twitter feed of the recent show of support by the United States, France and Arab states around the Persian Gulf for fighters trying to topple Assad.

"The Syrian opposition has been given a false signal, strengthening the positions of extremists, including terrorists," a tweet reads. The ministry said the decision went against international principles on Syria established in Geneva.

Quoting Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, the ministry tweeted: "If the priority is Assad's fate, it will be paid for with new casualties in #Syria. Our key priority is to prevent such sacrifices."

Lavrov met with the Gulf Cooperation Council in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on Wednesday. Russia has shown support for its long-standing ally Assad, while the GCC openly backs the opposition. Both sides have been accused of supplying weapons to the conflict parties.

The conflict raged on Thursday in Syria's perpetual flashpoints with no sign of losing intensity. The killing continues to drive civilians to flee over the country's borders.

The U.N. refugee office says 414,838 Syrians are in neighboring countries registered as refugees or waiting to register. Turkey has the single highest number, with 114,944, it says.

The Violations Documentation Center regularly publishes a meticulous tally of those who have been killed during Syria's armed conflict, claiming to include in its count only those whose deaths are documented on video or with an ID card. It works closely with the Local Coordination Committees of Syria, a source commonly cited in reports on Syria.

Both organizations support the overthrow of the Syrian government.

The figures in their statistics will continue to rise. Ninety-five people died Thursday, including 46 in Damascus and its suburbs, and 14 in Homs, according to the LCC.

Korban Suriah sudah Mencapai 39.610 Orang"Jangan harap orang bisa jihad dengan jiwa, kalau belum siap jihad dengan hartanya," kata Farid Ahmad Okbah, Direktur al-Islam Islamic Center pada tabligh akbar Peduli Suriah di Masjid Agung Alazhar, Jakarta, Ahad (04/11/2012).

Bersama empat tokoh Islam lainnya, Ustadz Farid menjelaskan hakikat krisis Suriah dan mengajak umat Islam membatu rakyat Suriah dengan doa, dana, dan jiwa.

Meski diguyur hujan lebat sejak selesai zuhur dan masjid tidak terisi penuh, dana yang terkumpul mencapai lebih dari 50 juta rupiah.

"Ini di luar dugaan," kata seorang panitia.

Panitia mengatakan, acara tersebut adalah permulaan dari program penyadaran umat akan peristiwa di Suriah sebagai salah satu fase akhir zaman yang telah dikabarkan oleh Rasulullah shalallahu 'alaihi wassallam. Para pembicara menegaskan, yang terjadi di Suriah bukan perang saudara, tapi pembantaian oleh rezim Syiah Nushairiyah terhadap rakyat Suriah yang mayoritas Sunni.

Pembicara lain yang hadir yakni Abdul Wahid Alwi (Sekjen Dewan Da'wah Islamiyah Indonesia), Abu Muhammad Jibriel (Majelis Mujahidin), Bachtiar Nasir (MIUMI), dan Ferry Nur (Komite Indonesia untuk Solidaritas Palestina).

Krisis di Suriah sudah berjalan lebih dari 17 bulan. Korban jiwa hingga kini telah mencapai 39.610 orang. Rezim Syiah Nushairiyah yang dipimpin Bashar Assad menolak turun dari kekuasaan dengan dukungan Iran, Rusia, dan China.
ahhhh,,mana ada yang berani protesemoticon-Embarrassment
tanya kenapa emoticon-Embarrassment
40 ribu jiwa cuma pengalihan isu Gaza gan..
pokoknya hamas menang

yang lain ndak penting emoticon-Ngakak (S)
Quote:Original Posted By stan.pears
40 ribu jiwa cuma pengalihan isu Gaza gan..

abaikan aja gan, ntar kalo rohingiya, yahudi lagi ribut sama mustclaim baru treak treak owlloooh ekber emoticon-Ngakak
Save Suriah gan emoticon-Sorry
Assad = terrorist! gak punya hati nurani, terkutuklah!

Suriah will not go down emoticon-Matabelo
maju terus ashad hancurkan terrorist Al-QAIDA, aneh kok amerika bisa bantu AL-QAIDA, inggris jga mencak2 minta embargo senjata di hapus biar bisa kirim senjata ke AL-QAIDA eh mksudnya terorist FSA...emoticon-Big Grin
banyak menelan korban jiwa juga emoticon-Turut Berduka
Quote:Original Posted By bokap.kandahar
puookkokknya ooaakkuu bersoaakksii, kambing666 dimari membela filistin karena membela HAM, bukan karena sentimen agama. sudah terbukti
suriah belum ada apa2nya dibanding filistin ya, mbing??

jangan marah2 gan, bukan cuma kambing2 lokal aja kok yg gitu, seluruh dunia juga gitu respondnya beda sama yg disana tuh... mgkn SOP mrk sama, jeruk-jeruk : pura2 ga liat. emoticon-Embarrassment (menarik nih untuk diteliti)
ngenes kalo liat suriah padahal kota2nya bagus2 sekarang hancur porak poranda korban jiwa byk, nasib rakyatnya cuman bisa berharap selamat aja ngga bisa ngapangapain ....STOP PERANG

mudah²an persiapan Pemilu yang beberapa bulan lagi akan mengakhiri perang sodara yang ada di sana emoticon-Berduka (S)

tp jangan lupa dan siaga aja sama penumpang gelap yang selalu ikut campur urusan negri orang emoticon-Najis
semoga syahid buat para pejuang kemerdekaan di suriah dan berjuang demi kelangsungan hidupemoticon-thumbsup
yang punya ambisi kekuasaan semoga sangit emoticon-Big Grin

jangan kuatir agan....mujahidin dari berbagai penjuru udah menyerbu suriah...jadi semua dapet bantuan sesuai keadaan.....untuk gaza dibantu secara ekonomi dan bantuan kemanusiaan lain untuk suriah gak usah ditanya....dari bantu milisi,senjata,makanan,dll.................jadi ghoyim gagal lagi donk adu domba emoticon-Ngakak

Quote:Original Posted By LongLiveIsrael
Golda Meir, PM keempat Israel, yang dikenal sebagai “Ibu bangsa Israel,” pernah mengeluarkan pernyataan realistis yang sangat tepat ketika membahas perdamaian di Timur Tengah.

Katanya :
"perdamaian di Timur Tengah hanya bisa terjadi jika orang2 Arab lebih mencintai anak2 mereka daripada mereka membenci kami (Yahudi)".

Tenyata doi benar...emoticon-Big Grin

saya sebagai muslim sungguh bahagia membaca trit ini, ini adalah obat pahit untuk menyembuhkan diri,
sungguh kalian diluar golongan kami yang entah sengaja atau tidak telah mengingatkan
dan sungguh saya berterima kasih,...
mengingat suriah tanpa melupakan Gaza,...
Ini berita bohong bangat gak mungkin jatuh korban sampai 40 rb.. bohong ini cuma pengalihan isu aja.emoticon-Najis
Sepi gak kaya thread sebelah :maho
Ah g ngerti bhs'y,heu
Quote:Original Posted By LongLiveIsrael
Golda Meir, PM keempat Israel, yang dikenal sebagai “Ibu bangsa Israel,” pernah mengeluarkan pernyataan realistis yang sangat tepat ketika membahas perdamaian di Timur Tengah.

Katanya :
"perdamaian di Timur Tengah hanya bisa terjadi jika orang2 Arab lebih mencintai anak2 mereka daripada mereka membenci kami (Yahudi)".

Tenyata doi benar...emoticon-Big Grin

Dalam riset tahun 2007, Gunnar Heinsohn dari Universitas Bremen dan Daniel Pipes, direktur Forum Timur Tengah, mendapati sekitar 11 juta Muslim telah dibantai sejak 1948, sedangkan hanya 35.000 (0,3%) muslim tewas dalam 6 tahun perang arab israel...emoticon-Nohope
Ini berarti perbandingan sebesar 1 kematian muslim ditangan israel berbanding 315 muslim mati di tangan sesama muslim..emoticon-norose

Itu belum termasuk puluhan ribu korban di suriah kali ini.

yang bertanggung jawab atas korban diSuriah adalah
Negara-negara yang mau gulingkan Pemerintah yang syah.
Setiap Negara wajib melawan setiap intervensi asing.
Kartu masih dipegang Rusia, China dan Iran.
Kemenangan Suriah akan merembet pada pemulihan Libya.
Mesir dan Iraq.
Quote:Original Posted By LongLiveIsrael
Golda Meir, PM keempat Israel, yang dikenal sebagai “Ibu bangsa Israel,” pernah mengeluarkan pernyataan realistis yang sangat tepat ketika membahas perdamaian di Timur Tengah.

Katanya :
"perdamaian di Timur Tengah hanya bisa terjadi jika orang2 Arab lebih mencintai anak2 mereka daripada mereka membenci kami (Yahudi)".

Tenyata doi benar...emoticon-Big Grin

cuma guman orang yang mengigau diiyakan oleh orang mabuk.
apa meir buta pada penderitaan jutaan orang palestina yang terusir dari
negerinya dan terpaksa tinggal di tenda tenda yang di dalamnya ada bayi
dan anak anak.
Apakah kalian tidak tahu, akibat ulah zeonist jutaan warga Gaza terisolasi
dan sulit berikan gizi yang baik pada bayi dan anak-anak.
Golda Meir yang tidak kimpoi itu mana mungkin punya perasaan Kasih Ibu,
yang mungkin benci anak-anak.
Dan gay yang mengiyakan mana mungkin punya anak, jadi guman
"indah " ini hanya berlaku diKalangan mereka dan berlaku kebalikannya
pada orang normal.