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Having Sex Twice
Having Sex Twice

A late middle age couple go to the doctor for their annual
check-up. The doctor examines the man first.

MD : " I wish my other patients were as healthy as you.
Your cholesterol level is low, you have the body of a man
20 years your junior. You're in great shape ! Do you have
any concerns ? "

Husband : " Yes--it's about sex. "

MD : " You came to the right place--ask away ! "

Husband : " Well, doc, the first time I do it, everything's
fine. The
second time I do it, I sweat like a pig ! "

MD : " HMO that comes to mind from the medical
literature. Tell you what-- I'll ask your wife when I examine
her. "

The doctor calls the wife and examines her.

MD : " Like your husband, you're in great shape ! A
body of a woman 20 years your junior. How's the marriage
? "

Wife : " Fine ! We've been married 45 years and we get
along great. "

MD : " Do you have any concerns ? "

Wife : " No, not really. "

MD : " Well, your husband shared one with me. He
says he has a concern about sex. "

Wife : " Really, now ? ! "

MD : " Yes, he said the first time he does it he's fine,
and the second time he sweats like a pig. "

Wife : " I'm not surprised! The first time is in January, and
the second time is in July ! "

nice jokes gan
hehehe.. lumayan lucu gan
wkwkwkwkwkwwkwkw july kan summer pantes lha berkeringat wkwkwkwkwkw
bahasa bule
keep posting gan

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Having Sex Twice
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nice jokes ts, , dilanjut ya buat thread2 lucunya
Quote:Original Posted By AGASYO
nice jokes ts, , dilanjut ya buat thread2 lucunya

Spoiler for KOMENG ANE........... :
wah bingung nih ngartiin bahasanya
mantab jokesnya gan L
setahun dua kali
lumayan gan...bisa ngurangin stress..
aduh gan jangan pake bahasa inggris dong ane kagak ngerti
nice jokes gan, keep post
wkwkwkwkwkk bisaan gan hahaha joke yang gokil juga

hayo pasti ada visitor yang gak ngerti gan?
asli ane smape terus dah gan
bahasa apa itu gan
wkwkkw, nice joke ganss
Quote:Original Posted By evrianda
lumayan gan...bisa ngurangin stress..

koment terkocak di jokes gajebo hehehe