Restroom Troubles

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Restroom Troubles
Restroom Troubles

A man walks into a public men's room. His arms are held
awkwardly out to his sides,forearms hanging limply, fingers
spread apart.

He approaches another man and asks, "Excuse me, but
could you please unzip my fly ? "

The second fellow is embarrassed, but feels sorry for the
stranger, who appears to be crippled. He thinks how
humiliating it must be to unzipping the first man's pants.

Next, the man asks him to hold his penis while he pees.
The second guy is even more embarassed, but does as
he is asked.

Finally, the first guy finishes, and the second man starts to
put his penis back in his pants.

" Oh, I can take care of that. " the first man says, blowint
on his fingers. " I think my nails are dry now."
ijin ngakak gan emoticon-Ngakakemoticon-Ngakakemoticon-Ngakak
hahhahah kocak gan emoticon-Ngakak
emoticon-Ngakak gan
wkwk wkwk kocakk gan... emoticon-Ngakakemoticon-Ngakakemoticon-Ngakak
wkwk wkwk kocakk gan... emoticon-Ngakakemoticon-Ngakakemoticon-Ngakak
wkwkkkwk.... bisa aja ente bikin ane emoticon-Ngakak
picnya gan emoticon-Genit
ilustrasinya gan ga tahan emoticon-Wowcantik
Manteb gan emoticon-2 Jempol
wah mantap tritnya gan
sumpah, gila lu gan
bisa bikin joke beginian emoticon-Ngakak
lucu banget nih mulut ane sampe gak bisa mingkem emoticon-Ngakak

Practice makes perfect, but nobodys perfect
gila aja gan emoticon-Ngakak (S) emoticon-Ngakak (S)
mantep dah joke nya
ampe mules perut ane emoticon-Ngakak
emoticon-Ngakak (S)
Hahahahahah SUmpah GAN bikin ANe ngakak
lanjut terus postingan kek gini gan
emoticon-Ngakak emoticon-Ngakak
kocak gan.
sampe gigi ane pada kering ini emoticon-Ngakak