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Journey To The West l February 2013 l Stephen Chow Film

The Stephen Chow Sing Chi directed film JOURNEY TO THE WEST (SAI YAU GONG MOR PIN) will be released in the Lunar New Year. Yesterday he along with actors Shu Qi, Wen Zhang and Huang Bo attended the Beijing press conference. Sing Yeh praised the 3 actors for their great acting. They were filled of comedy senses, with them he could almost retire from comedy! He was still able to direct though. Shu Qi revealed that when she was named the lead actress, she admitted that she was a little surprised and agreed to perform right away.

Chow sing Chi at the Beijing press conference joked, "Wen Zhang is the new king of comedy. With him, my comedy life has ended; Huang Bo is already a king of comedy, with him, Wen Zhang's and my comedy lives have ended; with Shu Qi, we can all get lost. She absolutely is the comedy fighter jet."

Shu Qi admitted that she wanted Sing Yeh to show of a little of his acting in the film but she was disappointed. Sing yeh was asked when he would personally perform a comedy for everyone? He continued to praise the actors and said, "With them around, what would I play? I can almost retire." Yet he admitted that he would not stop directing.

Shu Qi was named the lead actress to play the demon taming heroine. She said that she was a little surprised. "One day Sing Yeh suddenly called me and asked if I could be his new film's lead actress? At the time I was so surprised I jumped. Later I found out it was for JOURNEY TO THE WEST, a costume and action films. I thought it would be a lot of fun so I agreed right away. I grew up watching Sing Yeh's movies. I understand his style very well, working with Sing Yeh on a comedy has been my dream for years." Sing Yeh said, "Oriignally I wanted to take Shu Qi to dinner to invite her, because I thought Shu Qi has always played pretty characters she probably would have no interest in comedy; in the end, Shu Qi was very interested in the comedy, I didn't have to take her to dinner."

In the film Shu Qi had many action scenes, most of which Sing Yeh personally demonstrated. Shu Qi said, "No wonder everyone said Sing Yeh likes kung fu, he actually really knows kung fu well!"

dari berita diatas kayaknya stephen chow cuma jadi sutradara aja ya emoticon-Bingung (S)

Iy Sayang bgt Stephen Chow Cuma jadi Sutradara Doang
kyknya Sejak Shaolin Soccer, Dia enjoy bgt jd Sutradara...
Ane Sih berharap di Film Selanjutnya Dia berpartner lg Ama Wu Meng Ta
Tp tetap yg ini jg wajib ntn krn pasti gaya komedinya ga jauh dgn komedi Stephen Chow.

Thank Buat Infonya Gan emoticon-2 Jempol
udah tua bro..

udah susah dapat duit banyak kalo cuman jadi aktor doang..

mending jadi produsernya

tapi chow ini tetap salah satu favorit gua
setelah sekian lama akhirnya stephen chow buat film lagi emoticon-Big Grin
layak ditonton nih mha kalo ada stephen
udah lama ga ngelirik filmnya emoticon-Big Grin
jelas nih film wajib nntn...

kangen ama aksi stephen chou yg gila emoticon-Ngakak

lucu ni pasti klo yg maen stephen chow emoticon-Ngakak
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jelas nih film wajib nntn...

kangen ama aksi stephen chou yg gila emoticon-Ngakak


sama gan, lucu2 tingkahnya klo stephen chow maen emoticon-Ngakak
Asik keluar lagi filmnya Stephen Chow, nunggu release gasabar nih emoticon-Malu (S)
Film Remake Stephen Chow, mudah-mudahan filmnya keren
wah sun go kong idola ane nih mudah mudahan masuk indo nih film emoticon-I Love Indonesia (S)
yg jadi sun gokong nya huang bo, terus wen zhang jadi tong samcong,shu qi kayaknya jadi pembasmi siluman ya cmiiw emoticon-Bingung (S)

Behind The Scenes

stephen chow? emoticon-Big Grin kocak pasti
wahhh harus nonton, udah lama ngga nonton filmnya stephen chow emoticon-Metal
During the shoot JOURNEY kept its characters confidential. With the recent promotional tour the veil of mystery has been lifted. Mainland actor Huang Bo played the Monkey King, Shu Qi played Miss Duen. Taiwan star Show Luo (Law Chi Cheung) played a lonely gentleman."

peran apaan tuh lonely gentleman emoticon-Ngakak

boyi bolomiiiii

Oiii ada yg tau ga? Lagu opera kanton pas stephen chow ngaca dan ngeliat mukanya berubah jadi sun go kong?? Gue mau jadiin ringtones neh

Behind The Scenes

dikira stephen chow yg main....

yah lumayan deh pastinya tuk hiburan

Behind The Scenes

siap nunggu kluarna gannnn emoticon-Sundul Gan (S) emoticon-Sundul Gan (S) emoticon-Sundul Gan (S)