CASA 295 Militer Aljazair Jatuh di Perancis, 4 Orang Tewas

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CASA 295 Militer Aljazair Jatuh di Perancis, 4 Orang Tewas
Pesawat Militer Aljazair Jatuh, 4 Orang Tewas
Sabtu, 10 November 2012 08:58 WIB, Paris: Pesawat barang milik militer Aljazair mengalami kecelakaan di Lozere, Prancis selatan, Jumat (9/11). Empat orang tewas. Pesawat kecelakaan dalam perjalanan ke pangkalan.

Le Parisien melaporkan, pesawat tersebut terbang dengan ketinggian 1.000 kaki dalam cuaca berkabut. Pesawat mengalami kecelakaan sekitar pukul 16.00 waktu setempat atau pukul 22.00 WIB di daerah tak berpenghuni. Diperkirakan, dua prajurit dan empat warga sipil berada di pesawat.


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Algeria Confirms Military Plane Crash in France
2012-11-10 06:33:04 Xinhua Web Editor: haipeng

The Algerian defense ministry confirmed Friday that an Algerian military aircraft with six people on board has crashed in Lozere, France.

The official APS news agency quoted the ministry's statement as saying that a CASA 295 aircraft, carrying home five military crew and one representative of the Central Bank of Algeria, crashed at around 3:45 p.m. local time (1445 GMT) in the locality of Lozere, 100 km north of the province of Montpellier.

"The French authorities have confirmed the crash, and a commission of the Air Forces has been installed to determine the causes and the exact circumstances of this incident," said the statement.

It did not specified whether there was any casualty in the crash.

French Le Parisien newspaper reported earlier Friday that an Algerian military aircraft taking off from Paris crashed in an uninhabited area in Lozere in the afternoon.

According to the newspaper, sixty firefighters have rushed to the crash spot and Lozere has set up a crisis group to follow up the incident.

Algerian cargo plane crashes in France
Updated: 10:25, Saturday November 10, 2012

Rescue workers have found four bodies amid the wreckage of an Algerian military cargo plane that was carrying six people from Paris to Algiers when it went down in flames in a mountainous region of southern France.

The twin-engine CASA C-295 plane was carrying a cargo of banknote paper for the Bank of Algeria, according to a source familiar with the matter.

One body was found in the pilot's seat and three others in the cabin, which had become separated from the front of the plane, said Samuel Finielz, a prosecutor from Mende in the Lozere department, on Friday.

Emergency workers are still searching for the other two bodies after extinguishing a fire in the wreckage, which burned for about an hour after crashing.

The plane had left Algiers early on Friday with five military officials and a representative from the Bank of Algeria on board, according to an Algerian military statement cited by the APS news agency.

The military said the plane was delivering equipment from France for the Bank of Algeria. It was on its way back to north Africa when the crash occurred.

Around 90 firefighters attended the scene of the crash in a forest clearing near the village of Trelans, the fire service said.

One witness said he thought he had seen a parachute in the sky, but a source close to the investigation said the object was in fact a piece of cabin.

It's the second incident involving a military aircraft in the south of France in recent months.

In July, a Cougar helicopter carrying six Eurocopter workers crashed, killing all on board.