help me...abot would and should...

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help me...abot would and should...
what the difference between would and will...then should and must..
someone please tell me..

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would past tense form from will and should past tense form from shall. ithink
in my opinion "should" just like suggestion, but must is "force"
modal 'will' is used to tell something you believe that is about to happen. 'Would' is used to talk about that are imagined rather than likely to happen. You can also used for politeness.

Ex: If it rain, I will not go to school (likely) ; If I was superman, I would fly to mars (imagination); Would you spell your name, please? (politeness)

about would and should

we use should to give an advice or opinion
"You look tired. You should go to bed"
"The government should do something to reduce the number of unemployment"
BUT should is not as strong as "must"
"You must use the helmet if you want to ride a motorcycle"
-usually must to show RULES and push us to do it or their gonna be consequences for it
should in IF clause
"If Tom should phone when i am out, tell him i'll call him back"
should in her to show us that the possibility is small

would for imagining situation
"i would be glad if i had a nice house near the beach"

-ref : "English Grammar in Use - Cambridge Press"
WILL for future tense:
*I will see you again tomorrow (Saya akan menemui km besok)
means that it will be happen in the future-->besok.
WOULD refers to the past:
*He said he would see me again the next day (dia bilang dia akan menemui saya besok)
when "he" tells that "he would see me bla bla bla" the situation is in the past.

Should and would often used in a question form as a politeness.
must has stronger demand than should.

or in Indonesia nowadays simply like this:
MUST : harus banget bukan harus aja emoticon-Ngakak
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that's right
I think it has already been answered, right? In my opinion, 'will' + verb is a word that expresses an action we wish, so is would. 'Shall' + verb is a word that expresses an action we wish, but it seems wouldn't be happened, so is 'should'. The last, 'must' + verb, is a word that expresses an action that bound to happen. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
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