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Forget America
Forget America
There are 3 men from China who are dying to go to
America and start a better life. Their names are Cu, Bu,
and Fu.

One day, they all made up their mind, go to the airport, find
their seat and ready to reach their dream. On the plane,
they meet one man who happened to be Cu's friend back
in China, an american named Rick. Knowing their plan, he
gives them a tip of survival in US. Rick said, all of you
should change your name to american name so there will
be no trouble in starting your new life there. That new
name has to be easy to remember, or American people will
give you a very hard time to live and you'll be isolated.

So, the three Chinese men started to think of the name
that will be well accepted in US. Cu found one and call
himself Chuck. Bu, also found a good name called Buck.
Fu, on the other hand,did not bother to create a new
name but started to think of how he could go back to
China as soon as they landed in America.

You guys figure it yourself why he did that...okay.
ane kaga paham...
sama gan ane jg gk pham
gak ngarti bhs england gan kurang paham jadinya
Quote:Original Posted By whitexmas
ane kaga paham...
Quote:Original Posted By ucup2708
sama gan ane jg gk pham
gak ngertii ane
bisa aja TS kalo bikin joke
hahaha kocak gan

Forget America

gk berenti gw
yeah as your wish my suhu, gak ngerti ane
nais joke gan,
gila jokes ente koplak akut gan, bikin ane
cukup menghibur gan
keep post
keren nih
asli kocak banget nih
jos gandos
mejeng dulu di trid ini, boleh numpang buang angin dulu
wuhh bisa gitu ya
Mayan gan, yang penting ane bisa
lumayan menghibur gan, thanks ya babe
Wah TS bisa ikutan jadi penonton bayaran di acara lawak nih
waaddoohh gel banget ini ane kacauu kacau geli euy