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Once three scientists died in a car crash and for their sins
they went
to hell. Down there Satan received them and told them
they were about to be swimming in the lake of fire and
sulfur for eternity. The three scientists were very afraid and
one of them said : " Oh please almighty lord of the
darkness, please give us another chance to live so we
can do things right ? " .

Satan laughed and said : " Why in hell will I let you live
again ? Don't you get it ? This is hell and you'll fry for what
you've done.

Quickly one of the scientists replied : " Satan we've been
bad in our lives as men but as scientists we're the best
and we've done so much for the world, please give us
another chance " .

Satan then thinks : " What the hell, let's give 'em a
chance, I'll ask
'em something impossible so they have to stay here and
while they try to look for the answer I might be amused by
their search " .

So Satan says to the three men : " I'll let you go to earth
one more time and if you bring me back something I
cannot melt, I'll let you live " .

The three scientists look at each other thinking : " Well
we might have a chance " .

So the first guy goes to earth as the other two awaited
with Satan.
He quickly travels to a small island in the pacific where the
US had
the best geologists in the nation studying the volcanic
activity in the area.

He gathered them and tells them about the chance he
had been given and
asks for their help.

One of the geologists told him : " Sir you've come to the
right place, we've just found a special kind of rock
formation which we haven't been able to melt at melting
point . "

So they give the man a sample of the rock and he went
back to hell and gives it to Satan. Satan took the rock in
his hands and with little or no trouble managed to melt it.
The second scientist was almost peeing in his pants over what he has just witnessed but went out to find something
anyway. He ran into some kind of Japanese textile secret
labs and told his story to the men there hoping for some

One Japanese guy told him : " Well mister you've come to
the light place, we recently developed a new type of fabric
that's virtually impossible to melt. They gave the guy the
piece of fabric and he went back to hell and gives it to
Satan. Satan laughs and with no trouble burns the fabric
to a crisp.

The third scientist was really scared, he thought : " Well
there's no chance for me to go out there and find
something this redhot-horned mother fucker can't melt " .

And just as he was about to tell Satan to fry him. He
remembered what he had in his pocket. He reached into it
and took out a small rounded green object and handed it
to Satan. Satan laughed and tried to melt it but nothing
happened. He then tries harder and but still nothing
happened. Satan is so pissed he summons all the dark
powers of hell to help him melt the little green thing but
again nothing happened. So Satan all beat up and
exhausted tells the third scientist that he'd just won, that
he'll let him go back to earth to live again but before he left
he had to tell him what this little green thing was that even
he couldn't melt.

The guy replied : " It's an M&M, they melt in your mouth.
Not in your
hands . "
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