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(ABC) A Bencoolen Chat - English Room
(ABC) A Bencoolen Chat - English Room(ABC) A Bencoolen Chat - English Room(ABC) A Bencoolen Chat - English Room(ABC) A Bencoolen Chat - English Room(ABC) A Bencoolen Chat - English Room

Welcome to (ABC) A Bencoolen Chat - English Room

(ABC) A Bencoolen Chat - English Room

Hello guys! With the consent from our regional leader via text message with Mr. adrian.s.rasnie, I have decided to create this thread where we could all chat with one another in English.

I have lived for many years in Melbourne, Australia, growing up as a teenager. And now, I am currently residing back in Indonesia, Jakarta to be exact. What is my association to Bengkulu, as some of you might ask? Well, my grandmother is from Bengkulu.

Joining Kaskus, I was a member of Mammals MY PETS community. Still am, very active and an ex-mammals enthusiast myself. Each time other kaskusers asked me which region I was belonging to, I proudly replied Bengkulu baby! emoticon-I Love Indonesia (S) I do not know why but I am drawn to my grandmother's homeland.

So, I love speaking and writing in English as much as I love the Indonesian language. Therefore I think this thread would be great for me as I could junk in English with style emoticon-afro while along the way maintaining my English language skills. It is in my sincere hope that through this thread we could all help and learn from each other to better our English.

Thread rules are in according to the rules in Bengkulu region. Other than that, no triple post and please only post strictly in English here. Thank you all emoticon-I Love Kaskus (S)
Here are a couple of words from one of the founders of ABC, guys emoticon-Big Grin


And here are a couple of words from our guests, fellow regional leaders emoticon-Kaskus Lovers


Thank you Mr. merckygan - Reg. Leader Bekasi emoticon-I Love Indonesia (S)


Thank you Mr. CBantik - Reg. Leader Palembang emoticon-I Love Indonesia (S)
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okay enough reserving posts
welcome guys! please do come in & let's "junk" in english emoticon-Big Grin
what's mean "pekiwan" in english emoticon-Malu (S)

sorry for my bad english emoticon-Sorry:
Pekiwan is page one or we can say pejuwan emoticon-Hammer (S)

This post is reserved by me emoticon-Cool

wow "pejuwan"
can you explain in more detail about pejuwan emoticon-Embarrassment

It just a word that we get from... eeeeehhhh.. what we call "plesetan" emoticon-Hammer (S)

Sorry for my "inggris jalanan" emoticon-Ngakak (S)
english room emoticon-Matabelo
i'm come in peace emoticon-Peace

come in & let's "junk" in english emoticon-2 Jempol
wow..found another spot to practice english emoticon-Big Grin

may I..emoticon-linux2
nice trit.

btw, first page emoticon-I Love Indonesia
my name Keduro

waw english club,, emoticon-I Love Indonesia (S) first page,, emoticon-Matabelo something,,can practice the language here
Hallo Bencoolen Chat

Hope i can learn English here

emoticon-Malu (S)

same with me may be an expert here
eeeaaaaaaa..... emoticon-Metal

a bit late emoticon-Big Grin but i still got the first page emoticon-Metal

well, congrats emoticon-Selamat
now we have a new home for those who want to learn and chat in english here in our beloved Bengkulu emoticon-Big Grin

no need to go far away to another region to post in english, now we have it!
ABC! nice name!

well, I'm the one who initiate to make this thread, after a short talk with our TS, and he agreed to make this thread, i shall texting RL personally for a permission.
and as you can see, approved!

here we go.. happy posting in english \emoticon-Big Grin/

in english please..emoticon-Malu (S)

edited emoticon-Wink

eh val.. i found ur twitter..
i'll follow u and u follow me back emoticon-Big Grin
Hello guys,,,
may i joined here?? emoticon-Malu (S)

speak in english litle-litle sih i can lah emoticon-Cool