[ask+help] how to make English paragraphs?

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[ask+help] how to make English paragraphs?
guys. ane dapat tugas untuk nyari cara membuat paragraf berdasarkan 4 point ..
point2nya :
-Pra Writing

gw gx ngerti maksudnya soalnya kmarin gw gx datang pas pembagian tugasnya ... harap bantuanya emoticon-Matabelo
ada yang bisa jelasin atau emoticon-Smilie
You were supposed to write in english, Please read the rules...

Those points are your steps to create an article..

Prewriting is a stage where you jot down ideas. You are supposed to note several
main ideas that you want to discuss in your article. For example, you would like to write an article about football. So, write several main points,
- what is football
- the rules of football
- the development of football games
- football as a global commerce
Use this main points as your guide to write.... The more you create main points, the longer your article is..

If you think that you've made sufficient main points/ideas for your article, now you can describe each of them into a paragraph. When you elaborate a main point, try to focus with it and avoid to discuss the other main ideas. Idea : "what is football" only talks about "football is bla bla bla.... there are several kind of football bla bla bla.... And so does another point. emoticon-Smilie

Just look for ways to make your writing better. Compress long sentences and make them more simple and more comfortable to be read. And make sure your writing, literally and gramatically correct.

Show your article to everyone...

Good luck!!