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tread pertama ane di dp
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Spoiler for crot:

That black piece of shit on the wall is an Al Qaeda flag. Al Qaeda operatives from many countries operate as mercenaries in Syria. They abduct random civilians, coerce them into admitting some made up shit, usually that they killed like 50 people and yadda yadda and then execute them in cold blood. Yet their one and only crime is that they were not Sunni Muslims. That’s what Sunnis do and have always done – wage war on everyone who is not a Sunni. They are the bottommost of filth.

These are the boys Hillary the Obtuse supports. They are in her eyes the hope for new democratic Syria – complete with Al Qaeda flags and genocidal tendencies, executing everyone who’s not one of them, including children.

In this video, after your typical Al Qaeda style interrogation in front of the black shit flag, the man is executed with a close range gunshot to the head. Close up of his face as blood oozes from the wound, filling up all facial orifices is pretty disturbing. Notice how even if you don’t understand Arabic, you can still tell that he knew the answers right away, as if someone served him with what to recite as a response to which question beforehand.

Fuck Al Qaeda and Hillary the Obtuse. Fuck everyone who supports this genocide under a guise of revolution. Sunni terrorists are not freedom fighters. They are extremists who want to turn previously secular Syria into an Islamic state with Sunna Islam as state religion and Sharia Law enforced upon everyone.

Spoiler for tkp video:

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Turut berduka buat saudara kita di timur tengah yang di adu domba barat emoticon-norose

ya gan..
jadi kasihan ane
beruntung kita yang tinggal di indonesia ya gan emoticon-Sorry
benar gan apalagi di myanmar kasian banget gua nasibnya emoticon-Berduka (S)

pasrah bener tampang korbanya emoticon-Matabelo
pray 4 Syria emoticon-Turut Berduka
kasihan bgt emoticon-norose
kasihan saudara-saudara kita disana emoticon-Frown
perang saudara emoticon-Matabelo
nunut berduka cita emoticon-Berduka (S)

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emoticon-Kaskus Radio: adu domba adu domba mengadu dombba.... domba diperadukan ... emoticon-Kaskus Radio:

penggemar si jambang juga rupanya kauemoticon-Ngakak
ni kejadian nya kayak di maluku ni,prang sesama org sendiri emoticon-Mad (S)

kok jadi lokal....emoticon-Bingung (S)

sudah di naturalisasi rupanya ___________emoticon-Traveller
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lagu siapa pula ini emoticon-Ngakak (S)
huummm... al qaeda...

ane turut berduka cita gan emoticon-Berduka (S)
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Sama gan ane juga emoticon-Berduka (S)
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emoticon-Ngakak (S) cuma tau emoticon-Embarrassment

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