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Part-time Online Game Translator Needed

Part-time Online Game Translator Needed

Part-time Online Game Translator Needed

Job Description:
Game Translator ( Simplified Chinese to Indonesian )
Translate any written text, documentation, and other materials, and make sure they are correct in meaning and understandable to natives of the Indonesian market.
Work with fellow translators to complete the translation tasks within the stipulated time, whilst also ensuring a high quality level of translation. Your salary will be calculated according to the size of the text.

1. Part-time.
2. Native Indonesian Speaker, Proficient in Chinese, knowing Chinese ancient history is a plus.
3. Experienced gamers of online games.
4. Experienced translator, especially games translation/localization.
5. Experienced user of MS-Office, especially Excel.
6. Good at communication and team work.
7. Patient, well-disciplined, careful, and reliable.

Please send your resume and questions to the following address:

We will reply to you as soon as possible.
Looking forward to your joining!

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