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Run!! Or I Will Fuck You!!
Run!! Or I Will Fuck You!!

One day, there was a fat man who wanted to lose his
weight, he was 150 kgs.
He saw an advertisement in a newspaper which said that
with $10, he could lose 20 kgs of his weight.
He came to that place and he paid for $10 to a young
man. the young man asked him to enter a room and he did
In the room, there was a pretty and sexy girl.

She said to the fat man : " If you want to fuck me, catch
me first ! ! "

The girl started to run and the man run after her. But the
man was too fat, he could not catch the girl.however, he
lost his weight
After that, the fat man paid for $10 more, he entered a
different room and there was a girl, more pretty and sexy
than the girl before.

She said : " If you want to fuck me, catch me first ! ! "

The man started to run after her, but the girl used bicycle.
He could not catch the girl again.
The fat man did not interested to lose his weight, he was
interested of the girl only.
Then, he paid for $10 more.
The young man asked him to enter different room. The fat
man did what the young man told him to do.

He entered the room and there was a big tall and ugly
man, he said to him : " If you dont run, I WILL FUCK YOU
! ! ! "
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