Chinese meets Steven Spielberg

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Chinese meets Steven Spielberg
Chinese meets Steven Spielberg

A Chinese went to a bar in Hawaii to have some drinks. At
the counter, he sat next to a famous Hollywood producer,
Steven Spielberg who was already ahead by a quart of

After a round of beer the Chinese sensed that the famous
producer was glaring at him. Suddenly, in a flash the
Chinese crashed down from his stool, felled by a vicious
hook from the producer.

Picking himself up, he yelled : " What the hell was that for
? "

The producer ranted : " That's for the bombing of Pearl
Harbour, you ##@@!!##! My dad perished in that
bombing ! "

" I am not Japanese, you stupid Nincompoop ! I am an
Chinese ! "

" Yeah yeah yeah . . . Japanese, Burmese, Chinese,
Vietnamese, . . . you are all the same. "

Regaining his composure, the Chinese took his seat and
ordered a double from the bartender. A few seconds later,
the Chinese turned around and delivered a deadly snake
fist to the producer, sending him flat to the floor.

" What was that for ? ! ! " exclaimed the producer.

" That's for the sinking of the TITANIC ! I had ancestors
on that ship ! " the Chinese replied.

" You ignorant chink! The TITANIC was sunk by an
iceberg ! " shouted the producer.

" Yeah yeah yeah . . . Iceberg,Spielberg,Calsberg . . . you
are all the same ! "
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gak ngerti gan, males bacanya emoticon-Ngakakemoticon-Ngakak
translate indo dong gan
suer gan kocak abis joke ente ampe ane kaga ngarti emoticon-Ngakak emoticon-Ngakak

setubuh sama agan ini gan emoticon-Ngakakemoticon-Ngakak
you all the same
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bingung ane emoticon-Bingung (S)
Wakakak..asli ane gak ngarti males bacanya...
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sama seperti yang komen di atas
Koplakk gan.. Wwkw
Pdhal.ane.kagak.ngarti... emoticon-Ngakak
emoticon-Ngakak emoticon-Ngakak emoticon-Ngakak
sebenarnya garing sih gan.
soalnya kalo versi english rada dipaksa.
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waduh ane kurang paham nie gan emoticon-Ngakak
emoticon-Ngakak emoticon-Ngakak gak ngerti ane
baca dulu gan ane emoticon-Angkat Beer
mayan gan bikin emoticon-Ngakak
Wkaakkaka.. sama-sama geblek nyamaratain semaunya!! emoticon-Ngakak
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emoticon-Ngakak ane dah gan
koplak bener dah emoticon-Ngakak

btw inti ceritanya apa? emoticon-Ngakak