Your trick for improving english skills?

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Your trick for improving english skills?
i have found much way for this but . .

they are not accepted with my rule..How..agan2

i need your replies...
often speak English and increase vocabulary

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thanks gan..... i have done.
lazy come if who speak with us don't want speak by english gan......emoticon-Bingungbingung

and i feel my english is incorrect.emoticon-Berduka (S)
talking with friends who also love the English language or English teacher

thanks for your sugistion gan.............

look for now.

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watching movies without subtitles

u have some movie..??

I have but i think their pernounsation is too fast till i can understand it.

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you not need textbook and you must not study grammar. ,

don't study word but you must study phrase. ,

you must listening, listening and listening. , may be from movie, audio book, or each other. ,and you can listening the audio stories and you must told it in past, perfect, present and future. ,

and you can answer each of easily question from that stories. ,

tips in above i find from each articles. ,oke. , emoticon-Big Grin
i am sorry if there was any else from my writes. ,

good luck emoticon-Toast

i will try it thanks gan.....??
English Skills are so hard.
It could be easier if we practised.
There's a quote for you: "Practise makes perfect". This quote is classic, but it's true.
You can practise everything. Like listening, speaking, learning grammar, vocab, etc. It takes a long time to make us being a master of English. It's hard but it is possible for us to learn. Just practise, practise and practise. emoticon-Smilie

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my techer also say it practice practice and practice......

you are right...

i think this entering practice....

sir,......may you give some Cendol...gan.??

i'm watching movies with english subtitle emoticon-Big Grin

u are right gan i also some time look for it.

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there's a quote : "plays a lot of games, you'll get better in english" emoticon-Ngakak
just kidding br. I'm still learning english too

hahhaaaa i am also gan....
practice,practice and practice do it everyday emoticon-Big Grin

watch movies,listen to music and do a conversation emoticon-thumbsup

yes gan always do you wan make our conversation here....?
lets make our conver sation gan
i always on..
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How.. any body want join us...?
make junk conversation with english for improving it....
there some one..?

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Spoiler for pekiwan CLOSED gan:

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