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The Best Way to Share Kindle Books on Nook, Kobo, iPad

The Best Way to Share Kindle Books on Nook, Kobo, iPad

currently, if you own a Nook, Kobo, iPad ,or even some other ebook readers, without actually having a Kindle yourself. How you can read the Kindle books freely? Are you stuck with the DRM?

Amazon has tons and tons of books available for Kindle, and have chosen the standard AZW format as the one their reader uses, meaning readers can not read Kindle books on other E-readers freely or convert them to something else directly because the Kindle DRM protection.
epub is a widely accepted format, so here demonstrates how to enjoy Kindle books on Nook,Kobo,iPad freely that you legally purchased in Amazon.
As for the best solution demonstrations for kindle books reading on other devices, you can search epubsoft converter.
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