Analysis & Discussion of "Dead End in Norvelt" by Jack Gantos

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Analysis & Discussion of "Dead End in Norvelt" by Jack Gantos
Hello , I am new in this English Education and Literature section. emoticon-Big Grin
If I may , I want to open a discussion thread about :

"Dead End in Norvelt" by Jack Gantos

Analysis & Discussion of "Dead End in Norvelt" by Jack Gantos

Let me introduce myself :

I am Rheza Arief. emoticon-Big Grin
Currently studying in UNESA English Literature on the 7th semester.

I am currently on seminar course. And I am going to come up with the discussion of "Dead End in Norvelt" by Jack Gantos.

The main discussion that I seek is whether Jackie's character in the novel
is currently seeking his Self Identity by showing his Existentialism through a Subjective Autentication from his Imagination or not.

The thing is , I wondered whether an Imaginational progress that happens in a novel can be considered as an analysis.
Because as I saw from this novel, Jackie's character show his existence by doing whatever he wants from his imagination.
Perhaps I'll give a brief example in the spoiler emoticon-Big Grin
Spoiler for contain spoiler of the story:

I will be glad to get a response here emoticon-Big Grin
If u need the PDF files of the Novel you can PM me for the copy emoticon-Big Grin

Any other discussion regarding the novel might be considered as I mainly project this novel as my Thesis analysis emoticon-Big Grin
because I am going to be graduated at 8 march 2014
this thread can be considered closed
thank you emoticon-Smilie

happy graduation emoticon-Smilie
may you can contribute more for others emoticon-Smilie

happy graduation brother emoticon-Smilie