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In English Simple Present Tense or Present Tense is used to express the events or incidents.
events, activities and so is the case today.
Present Tense is also used to express a fact, or something that occurs repeatedly TODAY future.
Remember, PRESENT means is that now.

Positif: S + V1 (s/es)
Negatif: S + DO/DOES + NOT + V1
Tanya: DO/DOES + S + V1

deliberate, Tense learning english is just simple to quickly understand.
You need to develop yourself as to make 100 examples of their own.
Definitely you need grammar as well,because learning tenses and then stuck with a verb it is usually not so, hehe ..

How to Read a formula:
S means Subject, Verb meaning V1 1 or the first verb form.

When to use S or ES and do not?
If the Subject He, She, It, John, Mufli, Ellen or third person verb SINGLE then added S or ES.
Not any more S or ES too, there's the list.The list was stout once, imposible I write here, you must buy the book Grammar as well.
Learn English need capital, hehe.

At the top there is a single term Third Person.meaning: The third person is the person we are talking about, we're talking about.
Whereas the first to speak. the spoken .So the third person singular is the person we are talking about and the one he was.
For example, we were both talking about John Scoping. That way I am, that you heard, spoken John Scoping (third person singular). Understand it?

-John Scoping belajar Tenses.
-John Scoping learnS english.

LearnES can not, why? yes it was!. But what is even more ES:

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hai guys ...........
i have question for u , if right ? i want to sending emoticon-Blue Guy Cendol (L) for u . it's serious

1.He can speak English
2.He can speaks English
now look at the following . choose number one or two?
and give me reason ?
please give me emoticon-Blue Guy Cendol (L)
wow you will iso gan emoticon-Genit:

i was difficulted to understand
about tense except
simple present tense and present continuous tense emoticon-Frown

oke, i will introduce PAST TENSE ...
next time 16 tense

thanks bro you have comeng , please klik this link
Actually I love your dedication and intention
but I have to remind you that in English Forum, you got to use English.

TS, if you don't mind, please translate all your post into English.

If you don't, please understand if moderator closed your thread.
Btw, we already have grammar thread here

okay I'm going to change into the language english
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DONE gans
it's too easy on me,all of tenses i have known .... emoticon-Cool

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Number One :
"He Can Speak Englsih" is the correct one, it shows ability emoticon-Cool

Number Two Should Be "He Speaks English" which shows habits emoticon-Cool

Thanks a lot for the GRP emoticon-Blue Guy Cendol (L)

the answer is number 1,he can speak english

give me emoticon-Blue Guy Cendol (L) if i am right


gans you must give reason ?
i will be giving u reputation one point
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Should be no 1. He can speak English. After the "word' can always followed by present tense. Same thing occurs to "Will" "Shall". That's all.

And alas emoticon-Blue Guy Cendol (L) please

now look at the following. choose number one or two?
and give me reason ?
1.He can speak English
2.He can speaks English
the answer is number 2. He can speaks English


Positif: S + V1 (s/es)
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