Kerja online di postloop! UP to $20 perhari!

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Kerja online di postloop! UP to $20 perhari!
This is not a PTC (Paid To Click) site - this is a PTPF (Paid To Post in Forums) site. It is online and paying since 2010; the minimum payment is only $5, you can make it in 1-2 hours if you are working hard - or in maxim 24 hours, if you are a little lazy Smiley. Payments are done in maxim 24 hours in paypai after requested. You can make how much money you want in a single day, you don't have any restrictions about it - usually people make around $10-$20 per day. If you want to join this site and to earn serious money, follow these simple steps:

1. Join;
2. Confirm your account;
3. Click on the Forums;
4. At the top there will be conditions before you can post on all the available forums: first you must join the Postloop Portal; it is just a testing forum - the Postloop owners just want to make sure that your english is good and your posts are quality posts, not spam;
5. Subscribe to the Postloop Portal and make 10 quality posts.
6. Important: subscribe to the Postloop Portal is not equal with joining it!!! After you joined it, go back to the Postloop page, to the Forums, and click on the Subscribe button on the right of Postloop Portal - only after you subscribed to it, your posts will start counting!
7. An other reminder: don't start posting on the Postloop Portal before you subscribed to it! In other way your posts won't count and you are working for nothing!
8. When have made 10 quality posts, they will be reviewed within 24 hours and you will receive an email to notify you if you was accepted or not;
9. If you was accepted, you can visit the Forum section on Postloop and you can choose from more than 100 forums where you want to post - choose what forums are you interested about (for example webmaster forums, videos, games, music, health or other) and start posting;
10. Important: before start posting in any forum, remember that the the order will be always this: first: join the forum, second: go back to subscribe to this forum; third: start posting in this forum!
11. You can join as many forums you want - the more forums you will join, the more money you will make!

Good luck to everybody and feel free to ask me if you need any help!
Just add my ym or msn for further help...
you must be an english expert to get accepted to postloop..
i can help you to get accepted by helping you to make the 10 posts but that would cost you $35 LR
PS: in order to get accepted you need to update profile.. add an avatar... post with excellent grammar... lengthy post(at least 200-300 words/post) and quality post!

For those that interested in helping me making posts is accepted too... however... i'm gonna test you before started... anyway... here's the system...
My own rating for each posts is 4.3/5 and i get 0.35 point bonus for each post.
Each time you choose a forum to post.. your payment will be
(the point from you - 0.35 point)/2
every 100 point you get $5....
I'm gonna give the forum list with the rules later for those that get accepted... and the forum list will get updated each week!
If you got a rating lower than 4... your hard works will be revoked...(the forum owner will give you a rating later after a few posts..)
if you get 4.2 rating then your point will be (the point from you - 0.1 point)/2 and
if you get 4.3 rating that will be (the point from you)/2 etc...
That means you can only earn more if you delivered a good quality posts...
You need at least to get accepted by me every time you give me the posts... because i will reject it if it's not enough/ not good enough...
Just pm me for further explanation.
PS: I think that you can get 1 point for every post lengthy post you made..(150-200 words?)
you may try again after rejected with new email
udah ada yang pernah PO gak nih???

gua udah PO...
SS POnya dong gann ,,

Kerja online di postloop! UP to $20 perhari!
ini rata2x bayaran saya perhari yah...
PS: saya juga ketat milih yang mau bantu buat postnya.. kalau jelek... yah saya tolak... standard post yang mau bantu 300 kata per post... perfect grammar... postnya berintelektual... dan sesuai rule masing2x site...

dpt dollar cepet gan test aaja ane dah PO

ga main taruhan.... mending kerja online yang pasti ajah...
ga mudeng bhs inggris gan, yg indo g ada?

ga ada.... harus pny skill bahasa inggris

kayaknya mangstab nih tapi skill bahasa inggrisnya juga harus bagus emoticon-Big Grin

ninggalin jejak dulu emoticon-Paw

sukses selalu gan emoticon-Angkat Beer

Kalo ada SS earning lagi tambahin ya Gan, biar makin semangat. I do appreciate it

ada seh... cuman earning pas lagi malas2xan smua hahah.. klo malas2xan sehari dapat $5 gtu lah.... tertarik?
hm... total sih ad $100-an... cuman lagi ada masalah disite kemarin saya.. hahah lagi kirim support dlu...

..masih blum bisa di logika nih si dari mana dia dapet keuntungan klau dia harus bayarin $5 - $20 /day..? kerjaannya cuman posting lg, enak bgt c, perlu baca lagi, siapa tau cocok. emoticon-I Love Indonesia (S)
ane ninggalin jejak dulu gan.. sambil ane survey liat2 ini legit ato ga.. hehee

rata2 perhari tp sc bulan juni... cuma 1 biji... knapa yang satuan om?
ninggalin jejak juga ya om

intinya mereka nyari writer gan, dengan mendapatkan quality post dari member.. nantinya bisa jadi bahan buat bikin artikel atau lainnya.

mungkin itu salah satu keuntungan yang mereka incar. ga tau yg lainnya. mungkin baca2 dulu gan biar mantap dihati..
yaaah, kirain aktif ni thread..
emoticon-Sundul Gan (S) emoticon-Sundul Gan (S) emoticon-Sundul Gan (S) emoticon-Sundul Gan (S) emoticon-Sundul Gan (S)
wa kopas jg artikelnya