What is the different between "Thy" and "You"?

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What is the different between "Thy" and "You"?
Good evening dear agan n this moment,i would like to ask a few question about the different between "Thy" and "You".I have been read John C Maxwell books,and he was used the words "Thy" ,not "You".
I am sorry because my grammar is very bad..emoticon-Malu (S)
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Thy = Your
Thou = You

Thy sama thou tuh bahasa inggris kuno.
That's book you read is an old english. emoticon-Big Grin
Mesti diinget juga, "you" dlm bhs ing kuno sebenernya juga dipake (kdg jg ditulis sbg "ye")

Bedanya adalah "thou/thy/thine" itu untuk singular (kamu)
sedangkan "you/your/yours" itu untuk plural (kalian).

Bahasa thy, thou, thine itu bahasa Inggris modern. Ya, bahasa di zaman Shakespeare itu adalah bahasa Inggris modern. Referensinya di sini. Dan ada beberapa karya tulis berbahasa Inggris juga yang menggunakan istilah-istilah itu, terutama di bidang sastra.

All Shakespeare plays (Hamlet, MacBeth, Romeo & Juliet, etc) are using these words.
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Some qoutes from BP came with "Thy" emoticon-thumbsup
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baru tauu ane gan emoticon-Big Grin
di atas suhu2 semua nih jago2 englisnya
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sering main game dan ketemu kata kata kyak itu( thou, thy) biasanya di gunakan untuk apa saja kata-kata tsb?
some song titles even use the word of thy and thou

- Hollier than thou by Metallica
- Hallowed be thy name by Iron Maiden

-> at my first thought, "thou" and "thy" will be "cool" to make the rhyme of the phrase.
Walau jarang dipake, tapi cukup berguna nih kadang2 klo lagi nonton film sejarah
pertanyaan dr trit ini mengingatkan masa2 kuliah kemarin yg sekarang sudah terlewati emoticon-norose

prose, Cross Cultural, poetry etc

dianggap modern itu kan dulu kk pada masanya, kalo sekarang ya dianggap kuno..
"Thy" is an ancient English language refers to a person whom people admire. Such as gods or kings
"You" is a modernised language which refers to another person you're talking with. and it doesn't has any 'respect' greet

damnsh*t my english.. emoticon-Cape d...
bahasa inggris seperti ini juga kerap ditemukan didalam terjemahan kitab suci.
bahasa inggris seperti ini bisa dibilang mengasyikkan karena lebih sopan dan kaya.

like instead of saying "Bye!", you can try "Fare you well, serrah."

Spoiler for do not open:
Thy is your (possession) remember guise your and you're are different emoticon-Stick Out Tongue
well, it's an old fashioned English, but sometimes you can still use it for writing poem or anything to be more elegant or beautiful emoticon-Malu (S) hehe
I think thy and thou are used when one communicates formally (or sacredly), while you and your are used in normal conversation. Sorry for bad English though.
Kalou 'thou' digunakan untuk kata yang lebih hormat dari "kamu' kadang merupakan kata ganti "Engkau" untuk Tuhan. Mungkin kalao bahasa jawa, Thou artinya "Panjenengan"
Thy digunakan untuk bahasa kuno and lebih hormat sperti di Bible
klo you yah biasa saja untuk shari2 gan