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[Discussion] Thailand Movie Lover's [Sawadee Krap] ~ Please Come In !
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Thailand Movie Lover's [Sawadee Krap] ~ Please Come In ! ~ - Part 2

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I cannot say which is the better because they are differnt story line and movie genre.
In my opinion ,I prefer Grean fiction .
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Spoiler for sunset chao phraya:

khun based on blitz twit acc ,2 weeks again will be shown 12 May 2013 .
This movie is recommended khun ?emoticon-Matabelo

Many Thai peoples who don't like this "Koo Khum" -- or-- Sunset at Chao Phraya- 2013 version ----not because the movie is bad produced , the movie production is quite good but they quite don't like it because it abandon many main points of the original story-lines.

In the original version--it describe Ungsumalin struggling between her love feeling towards Kobori (who is country's enemy) and feeling of betrayal her country and her Thai lover.

But if the peoples who haven't seen the "Koo Khum" in any version before, they might like this movie because they won't be distracted by the mood of the old versions and the original novel content.

So I think , you will enjoy watching this movie more than many Thais who are still impressed and trapped with the original versions.


In my opinion, I understand the intention of this movie director that want to interpret this movie in different angle point.
but ,the movie director has abandoned too much of some original storyline and the novel content.

But if you ask me it is a good movie or not?
It is a good movie , but just don't compare it with the original storyline and novel content.


I just sent the T-Shirt and souvenir Packages today,
hope that you guys will receive it soon emoticon-Kiss

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Khun Satorn, do u have english translation for this song? This song is really nice.

Thank you, Khun Olaymako. I will let you know once I have received it. emoticon-thumbsup
Excuse me for friends from thailand,
Is it true that leading actress from movie "suckseed" nattasha nauljam now dating big ass vocalist ???

this is - " Dax" - the old Bis Ass Vocalist -- that leave the band
[Discussion] Thailand Movie Lover's [Sawadee Krap] ~ Please Come In !

This is -- Decha Konali (Jeng) --- the new Big Ass volalist - who has the rumour with Natcha Nuanjam (Nat)

[Discussion] Thailand Movie Lover's [Sawadee Krap] ~ Please Come In !

Nat --- gave the interview regarding this issue

Nat gave an interview regarding about this issue that ---

She is a big fan of this band ...and "P'Jeng" is very cool vocalist.
She admit that she and Jeng has talked to each other quite oftens.
When being asked that it could be called a relationship....
Nat answered that it still could not call that it was a "relationship"
because she would like to concentrate on her work first, since she had so many works coming in,(Tv series)
and right now she even had so little time for herself.
--And she would like this to be "friendship" and using time to learning each other.


My opinion : They are not lovers yet, but have a special feelings for each other and on the way of " taking the time to know each other " process

[Discussion] Thailand Movie Lover's [Sawadee Krap] ~ Please Come In !

ลมเปลยนทิศ -
(The wind that turning directions) ----by--- Big Ass

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Deleted dopost
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Ow thanks for the explaination khun olaymako
As one of nattasha fans I'd like to crossexam the news I received from internet with the news from thailand itself 555.

Thanks before
Nice to have friend from another country 555+
Sory agan agan aku posting dari hp jaringan rusak jadi dopost nih maafin ya...
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Diubah oleh prymz
atas ane, bikin trit jdi ngacir aja
padahal emang ngacir...

cuma berani nonton film 3am d jam 3pm emoticon-Malu (S)
emoticon-Cendol (S)

kembali jadi SR
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Original version?what do you mean?any another version or maybe this movie based from true story?

Sory gan tadi jaringan ane rusak jadi gitu deh postingannya heheheehe

Oke thanks for the info khun, but as a Thai movie lovers there is no harm to try watch this movie....and if there is MnG again, I think you need to go to Jakarta again emoticon-Ngakak


Koo Khum"-- is the famous Thai Novel - wriiten by Thommayanti -- in 1965
based on the true story of the World War II (1941) - in Siam (Thailand)
that Siam was invaded by Japanese military forces.

Koo Khum (Sunset at Chao-Phraya) has been produced in many times both for the movies and TV series.
So, the thai peoples are familier with this novel.


Koo Khum is the story about the love of Young Siamese girl who is patriot of her homeland ,Siam----
and the Japanese soldier who invaded her country.

The story of the love that struggle between the quilty and her true feelings..
which their love-life also involving the politics between Japan and Siam too


[Discussion] Thailand Movie Lover's [Sawadee Krap] ~ Please Come In !

Nadech Kugimiya --- As -- Kobori--- A Japanese Military Officer who in the Japanese troop that invaded Siam

(From his surname ," Kugimika" -- you may misunderstand that he is Japanese,
in fact he is Thai,-- only have a Japanese step father, who raised him since he was young.
He loves his step-father very much as if his real father and using the "Kugimiya" as his surname since he was very young.)


[Discussion] Thailand Movie Lover's [Sawadee Krap] ~ Please Come In !

[Discussion] Thailand Movie Lover's [Sawadee Krap] ~ Please Come In !
Amarawadee Dekabares (Richie) --- As --Ungsumalin - Siamese girl who hold the complicated feelings toward Kobori,
due to her guilty of the commitment she had ealier made with her boyfriend who study in England and her partriot to the country.
Ungsumalin is a kind of girl who always hide her true feelings and her actions are always opposite of her true feelings.


( Richie - is a sportwoman . she is a Thailand team athletes Badminton player.
This is her first time in Thai entertainment business)


[Discussion] Thailand Movie Lover's [Sawadee Krap] ~ Please Come In !

Nithit Warayanon(Boat) -- As - Wanus - Ungsumalin's boyfriend , who was studied at Oxford University England when Japan troops had invaded Siam,
He decided to joined the "Seri -Thai" - the Thai underground organization to against Japan.
Seri-Thai (Free Thai) is the real Thai underground organization that formed by the Thai students at the England and European countries .
Seri-Thai had very important role help the Allies Forces to against Japanese troop during that the time of WW II.


[Discussion] Thailand Movie Lover's [Sawadee Krap] ~ Please Come In !

( Boat is a Bass Guitar from the band "THE YERS" ---
he was played in the movie " 30 Fabulous" as Shane with Aum Patcharapa)
This is the second movie of him ---)

[Discussion] Thailand Movie Lover's [Sawadee Krap] ~ Please Come In !




Spoiler for My Opinion about this Sunset at Chao-Phraya version 2013:

Diubah oleh Olaymako
hi everyone
i'm Vietnamese
when i find info about Pee Mak i see this forum and your all comment
it made me happy
thank for all your info and chatting
i translated it into Vietnam and share with VN fan of Thai movie
it's a pity Thai movie often are not be shown on Vn ,we only see it on internet
hope oneday we have the same lucky to you here

It's nice that Thai movie can make us( indonesia thai movie lover, vietnam thai movie lover, and also the thailand people itself) as a friend even we are separated by distance
Welcome to this thread and enjoy emoticon-Cendol (S)

Yes,we are lucky bcause we have a very 'quick' distributor of thai movie in indonesia emoticon-Smilie

Pee Mak Caricature

Pee Mak Phraram4 From Left to Right: Nadech,Boy Pakorn,Mario Maurer,Ken Phupoom,Mark Prin haha
[Discussion] Thailand Movie Lover's [Sawadee Krap] ~ Please Come In !
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