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Spotify - A world of music

Spotify - A world of music

Spotify - A world of music

Spotify is a new way to listen to music
Watch the story about Spotify Millions of tracks, any time you like. Just search for it in Spotify, then play it. Just help yourself to whatever you want, whenever you want it.

A world of music awaits
Think of Spotify as your new music collection. Your library. Only this time your collection is vast: millions of tracks and counting. Spotify comes in all shapes and sizes, available for your PC, Mac, home audio system and mobile phone. Wherever you go, your music follows you.

And because the music plays live, there’s no need to wait for downloads and no big dent in your hard drive.

Music is social
It’s now easier than ever to discover and share music with your friends. Thanks to Spotify and Facebook, you can see and hear what your friends are listening to – just hit play on any music post.
You can also share music with a flick of the wrist. Send it straight to your friends, or post tracks on social networks. It’s how music should be.

Getting started is simple
Getting started is quick, easy and safe. Create an account by choosing a username and password. Download and install Spotify on either Windows or Mac. Then search and play, millions of songs are now yours.

update perkembangan spotify emoticon-Big Grin


sekarang di indonesia memang belum ada, tapi lagi ada yang mengusahakannya kok emoticon-Big Grin

Spotify Will Expand to Asia

atau ada cara lain buat yang mau buru-buru make nih music streaming ajib emoticon-Genit:


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What can Spotify do ?

1. Playlists
a. Create a playlist
b. Sharing Playlists : Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Email
c. Collaborative playlists
d. Use from anywhere

2. Sharing Music
You can share tracks, albums and playlists with a flick of your wrist.

3. Mobile Music
To access your music anywhere, just introduce your cell phone to Spotify.
How much music would you like? Listen for free ?

4. Searching for Music
We’ve made music-hunting simple on Spotify. You’ve got three lovely options to choose from.

5. Top Lists
It’s top stuff and it comes in the form of a list. That’s sort of all you need to know about Top lists.

6. Offline Mode
No internet connection? No problem for Spotify.

7. Use Anywhere
Going on holiday? Take Spotify with you.

8. Your Spotify Library
This is one library that’s far from quiet. In fact, this is where you’ll keep a record of all your playlists, starred tracks and any music you’ve purchased inside Spotify. As well as your own cleaned-up and properly-tagged music files.

9. Biographies
Compiled by the excellent All Music Guide. Learn while you listen !

10. Spotify Radio
Thanks to our shiny new recommendation engine and multi-million-track library, radio on Spotify is an experience without equal. Listen on your mobile for free, and save the songs you love to your Spotify playlists.

11. Related Artists
It’s all relative
In case you were wondering, this feature is not a family tree of artists who happen to share DNA. Instead, it’s a tremendous way for you to discover new artists.

When you’re listening to one of our top artists, you’ll be able to see what other fans of this artist listen to by clicking the Related artists tab. Be ready for some very pleasant surprises.

12. Connect with Facebook
Introduce music to your social life.
Spotify and Facebook have come together to help you discover more free music than ever before. Now you can see what your friends are listening to, and hit play to hear their tracks instantly.

13. Around the House
Sit back, put your feet up and enjoy the music
Spotify - A world of music

Now there’s even more to discover thanks to free Spotify Apps. In a nutshell, apps bring you new and exciting music experiences built around your music tastes. Intrigued? Then say hello to Spotify Apps.

the supported applications were Billboard, Fuse, The Guardian,, Moodagent, Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, Songkick, Soundrop, Tunewiki, We Are Hunted, and etc.

FAQ about Spotify Mobile

Can I use Spotify Mobile without having a Premium subscription?
All Spotify users with an iPhone, iPad or Android can tap into millions of songs with mobile free radio. Get ready to be blown away by free radio – the only radio you can save.

If you have an iOS device or Android cell phone, you can use Spotify to transfer your local files from your computer to your phone and listen to Spotify application on your cell phone.

If you have a subscription to Spotify Premium, you will also be able to search, play and sync offline playlists with our entire music catalog of millions of songs.

If you have a Symbian or Windows Phone cell phone compatible with Spotify you need a Spotify Premium subscription to use Spotify on your cell phone.

Can I use on the underground/without network connection?
Yes. By synching your playlists for offline mode you will be able to listen anywhere, including the underground or on a plane.

How many tracks can I cache offline?
You can temporarily cache 3,333 tracks for offline listening.

How long can I cache offline content on my computer or mobile device?
This depends up upon the type of content.

Will it work with the iPod touch?
Yes, Spotify will run on the iPhone and iPod touch. However, Spotify will unfortunately not run on the 1st generation iPod touch.

Will it cost me a lot to stream music?
This depends on your mobile data plan. To avoid any additional fees we suggest that you sync your playlists offline using wifi and then listen to them while on the go.

What connection do I need to stream music on the cell phone?
You’ll need at least a 3G connection in order to stream music. For best performance we suggest you sync your playlists using wifi and then listen to them while on the go.

How do I get Spotify for my cell phone?
If you’re a free user, you can download the Spotify mobile app and start listening to free radio right away. You will need Spotify Premium to take advantage of fully-featured Spotify Mobile streaming and offline mode.
Spotify - A world of music
Spotify - A world of music
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"Spotify is so good"
- Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of Facebook

"...the simple and light software application that lets one find and play a terrific range of music instantly."
- AllthingsD

"We once dreamt of an endless CD library ... This year it was created and named Spotify"
- Audio product of the year, Stuff Awards 09

"Money can’t buy me love, but it could buy me Spotify. And right now they’re sort of one and the same."
- Caroline McCarthy, CNet
Mas...kl spotify yg buat di hp bisa diakal2xin biar gratis gak?


updated :

FAQ about Spotify Mobile - post#4
Spotify for iOS 0.5.5

It is not available in Indonesia yet, no?

It's available in countries below:
Spotify - A world of music

But I heard from a friend of mine, you can still download it on your mobile or dekstop even you are not in those countries.
nice info gan, bisa ni pake spotify nya saya emoticon-2 Jempol
Ane udah pake sekitar 2-3 bulan belakangan ini, mantep pokoknya Spotify, gak perlu pusing-pusing cari mp3, apalagi ane lagi doyan lagu-lagu jadul 50s & 60s, jadi pastinya susah buat bisa denger/punya lagunya. Di Spotify hampir semua ane nemu emoticon-Big Grin meskipun kadang artis-artis yang gak terlalu beken kurang komplit albumnya (ini buat artis-artis jadul, kalo artis jaman 80s kesini komplit).

Tinggal striming, iklan 30 detiknya gak begitu mengganggu.
cuma tahun album rilisnya doang pada ngaco hahaha.
Diubah oleh rizkisuciana
buffer ya gan?

yoi tapi kalo upgrade ke premium bisa download & offline mode.
nanti ane coba, thank you
di indonesia bisa beli account spotify premium ga sih gan?

ane premium user.
asal ada paypai aja, paypai Indonesia juga gpp.

Boleh pinjem accountnya gan?mau buat download emoticon-Smilie

huh? emoticon-Ngakak
pake ini aja gih emoticon-Embarrassment
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