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[OFFICIAL THREAD] Bandung English Club // Follow @BDGEnglishClub



Welcometo Bandung English Club!

As you might know, almost each regional has its own English Club, so we do here in Bandung! Here we intend to dedicate it is not just for fun, but also for you to train your confidence and increase your enthusiasm and skills in English language.

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Bandung English Club is a club which was set up for those who have willing to improve their English skill in reading, writing, listening especially speaking by doing chit-chat here. Further, seeing every people so enthusiastic to greet and meet offline we decided to make a gathering, it is actually spontaneous but finally we have settled the first gathering held in a cozy place at Ngopie Doeloe, and we made it as the early step to Bandung English Club existence. The first always comes hardest. Therefore it has been a great step and we still get along by holding a regular gathering every week back then. We are really hoping that we could give an intense and remarkable progress to each members here in term of English language. Plus, there will be native speakers and more relations you could rise by meeting new people with very unique personality, habit and background that would boost your other soft skill emoticon-Smilie

so, you are very welcome, army. emoticon-army

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V i s i o n and M i s s i o n

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P.S :


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Warm greeting for Bandung English Club by Bandung Regional Leader, Kang Japra emoticon-Smilie emoticon-Embarrassment

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Click Join on our Group Page or Official Twitter Account :
[OFFICIAL THREAD] Bandung English Club // Follow @BDGEnglishClub [OFFICIAL THREAD] Bandung English Club // Follow @BDGEnglishClub

� the rules



emoticon-armyemoticon-army AGAINST THE RULES = AUTO BANNED PERMANENTLY emoticon-army emoticon-army

Org structure


Bandung English Clubis alike family to us.. we ride, we have fun, we get along together emoticon-Metal:. Regarding to our vision and mission, this club would be bigger, stronger, solid and need an appropriate way to make it through. Therefore, after a serious meeting which has been held forever ago, we had a conclusion that this club should have organizational structure for the awesome people emoticon-Ngakak (S).. and here are the men.. jreng jreng emoticon-siul: emoticon-I Love Indonesia (S)

Mr. President



Creative Team Coor.

Great Members
1. kidzulla
2. vannnnnnn.
3. renodesper
4. JandaMudaHunter
5. rara_ajah emoticon-rose
6. dhiedhod
7. black_lullaby
8. Luftwaffe
9. Coosh
10. Hachiroku21
12. Quackerjack
13. paslucu
14. herostrong
15. hujanmendung emoticon-rose
16. Dhika
17. cucaxrowo
18. poetryhavefun emoticon-rose
19. alvablue
20. luccia emoticon-rose
21. inocha emoticon-rose
22. white_brain13
23. blackyway
24. auldyajah
25. caligullaholic
26. xigma
27. arjulio
28. meine13 emoticon-rose
29. Themiw
30. iyank_19
31. jaya28inside
32. aink.
33. QueRetard
34. adePulper21
35. SquarepantFreak emoticon-rose
36. NeilClause
37. miebaso
38. saungangklung
39. Ariel..Peterpan
40. koderaap
41. Lord.Aizen
42. Redeyedloner
43. Kopi_Paitttt
44. jipongakbar
45. thq25
46. satria_2212
47. fool.indra
48. APutriR
49. you emoticon-heart
50. you emoticon-heart
..unreachable emoticon-Cool

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how to be member here??
just show up on our next gath and keep in touch!! emoticon-Big Grin emoticon-Cool

Breaking News! 
Agendas ~

OUR AGENDAS emoticon-Malu

  • Weekly Meeting
    On this meeting, we usually have a discussion about something that might concern us (breaking news and even gossip emoticon-Stick Out Tongue). We also have some fun games, and some random jokes emoticon-Big Grin we also have a splendid time called as hangover time, means we keep on the ground until drop and it's cool, dude.. you're gonna like it emoticon-Cool
    Conditional and Discuss-able emoticon-Big Grin

  • Karaoke Session
    On this session, we sing each of our favorite songs in random genres, and try to get the highest score among others. This is the session where we go crazy... mad.... and crazy emoticon-Metal: emoticon-Ngakak (S)

  • Movie Time
    Everytime we do this, usuallny there will be extended time for gathering, like, coffee break time and doing review of the film we have watched together. This is very expressive and spontaneous time for you to review the films! Because what you would think to talk is what you have seen and feel couple time before, it's greater session than others because it is fresh from the oven! also boost your confidence about 50% emoticon-Wink

*place and exact time will be confirmed later

Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy...but here's my number, so call me maybe...
Contact Person : emoticon-phoneemoticon-Embarrassment
085 796 051 610 (Nadia)
081 223 345 392 (Cincin)

Our Photos

====== Happy Memories ======

Spoiler for Happy faces:

This was on the 1st meeting of Bandung English Club @Ngopdul Ranggamalela
kidzulla, herostrong, black_lullaby, cincinajaib, Lord.Aizen, Luftwaffe, and others... emoticon-Big Grin emoticon-Cool

Spoiler for Happy faces:

@Om Dulleh Cafe, some other happy faces right there... emoticon-Big Grin talked about anything and sharing some knowledge...emoticon-army:

Spoiler for Happy faces:

Even a large room is still small enough for us...emoticon-Ngakak (S) crazy karaoke time...emoticon-Big Grin

Spoiler for Happy faces:

After some hard discussions, we still had a big nice smile upon our faces...emoticon-Big Grin emoticon-Metal:

Spoiler for Happy faces:

A lovely couple...emoticon-Ngakak (S) emoticon-Ngakak (S) emoticon-Ngakak (S) emoticon-heart emoticon-heart

Spoiler for Happy faces:

you can be a king like this lucky guy in this picture...emoticon-Big Grin emoticon-angel

Spoiler for Happy faces:

An addictive fun game, once you play it, you'll never stop...emoticon-Ngakak (S) emoticon-thumbsup:
famous quote from this game is: JUST CLOSE YOUR CARD...emoticon-Ngakak (S)

Thumbs up 
The First Gathering


This saturday!!!

emoticon-rose Good Thursday and a nicely brighter sunny day, guys emoticon-Smilie emoticon-rose

alright... been a year not to post here. emoticon-linux2

here I come to bring a special order from Mr.Gie, he is our creative team coordinator. actually it has been posted in our facebook group, but in case you don't see or maybe some of silent readers who haven't joined our group on facebook yet, then it may be a good announcement.

so, let's check this on :
Spoiler for DONE, June 9th:

Spoiler for done, june 23rd:

Spoiler for done, june 30th:

Spoiler for done, 22th September:

Spoiler for done, Sept 26th:

we surely hope you can spend the time with us at this gathering.. newbie?? emoticon-Baby Boy can't speak english well?? emoticon-Takut grammar sucks?? emoticon-Cape deeehh no need to think too much! just ride yourself to this super historically awesome place and take a seat with us!! emoticon-Cool you'll forget the nervous and let it flows...emoticon-Embarrassment emoticon-army:

waiting for your coming, everyone.. emoticon-Metal: emoticon-linux2



Update !!!

emoticon-army: FIELD REPORT OUR GATHERING emoticon-army:


emoticon-Cek PM (S)NEXT AGENDA emoticon-Cek PM (S)



[FR] Big Gathering w/ Reg. Bandung Kaskuser & Andrew Darwis

it was an unforgettable moment emoticon-Big Grin
first...we gathered at Om Dulleh on 3-4 PM to help some tebengers emoticon-Malu
then we went to Saung Angklung dhiedhosd's car
after waited in a long queue, finally we entered the place and took a seat
and so on... LOL emoticon-Ngakak (S)
sorry i just want to post our photo w/ mimin emoticon-Wowcantik

Spoiler for WE'RE ROCKS!!!:



its because the previous TS of that thread has gone emoticon-Big Grin

so with permission om mr japra, we decided to make some official new thread emoticon-Big Grin

the old one will be closed soon enough emoticon-Smilie

TS of the old thread is missing in action, he's just dissapeared, and we asked momod about it, he said we can make a new one...
Since we need to post some photos and put some information about the meeting, so we guess we have to make a new thread.


[OFFICIAL THREAD] Bandung English Club // Follow @BDGEnglishClubWelcome to Bandung English Club [OFFICIAL THREAD] Bandung English Club // Follow @BDGEnglishClub

[OFFICIAL THREAD] Bandung English Club // Follow @BDGEnglishClub [OFFICIAL THREAD] Bandung English Club // Follow @BDGEnglishClub

Spoiler for words:


we love it too, and also you emoticon-Malu (S)

have u edited the reserved one then??
so this is our new house ?

just curious about who's the man behind the account. the way of picking word is too... familiar.

forget about that. welcome to myself...
Ahooii... a new home....welcome everybody, have a great conversation, and improve your english...emoticon-Big Grin

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life's a bit sucks when u dont know the ENGLISH CLUB

have no idea about that... he's never been active since last february and we got a bit difficulty to contact him.

however, if the TS is inactive, it's kind a bit difficult to do every update about our event... so, we'll make new thread. emoticon-Smilie
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ye ye ye ye finally
i did'nt get page one emoticon-Frown

emoticon-Selamatemoticon-Selamat emoticon-Selamat emoticon-Selamat

ye ye ye ye finally
i did'nt get page one emoticon-Frown