Since When Did You Learn English? Share Your Story Here!

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Poll: The most enjoyable learning methods according to your taste.

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Playing video games. 22.25% (89 votes)
Watching movies. 21.00% (84 votes)
Listening to music, 19.50% (78 votes)
Shuffling through a dictionary while memorizing every word and its meaning. 4.75% (19 votes)
Teached by English teachers at school. 7.75% (31 votes)
Drilling yourself with TOEFL tests and alike. 3.00% (12 votes)
Online chatting/ video chatting with English native speakers. 11.25% (45 votes)
Going overseas and directly confront English native speakers. 7.00% (28 votes)
Intensive supervised private studying by professional teachers. 3.50% (14 votes)
Since When Did You Learn English? Share Your Story Here!
Hello, guys! I would really like to know about your experiences in learning English starting from the first time it echoed in your ears or presented itself before your eyes, and how much effort you've been putting into it until this very moment. What kind of hardship you are having? Are you satisfied with your current capabilities? Well, let us hear each other out!
i know english at the first time when i read the made in china on the key on my home's door, and i spell it exactly "made in china". emoticon-Ngakak (S)

that's hilarious
i read it like that too when i first saw it
Well, I learnt English officially since I was on Junior high school. and sometimes i gave up on tense grammar...

I like watch movie, listen song, read book and playing games (all in English) so that make me can speak, can hear English emoticon-Smilie

And so far I don't have any difficulties to speak and hear English, but still i need and i have to learn to improve.

Hi, i'm a newbie in english
My first encounter with English was during my junior high
Found it difficult at first, but also challenging

Tried to improve myself by enrolling to a course. I was disappointed because back at that time the course is only for a senior high student.

So, i learnt mostly through reading, i'm glad i love to read.
From magazine to novel, from comics to philosophy, etc

And lately i found this interesting forum, which i believe will also improve my english.


i still struggle to learn grammar
since i got many new vocabulary from watching movie, i've become lack in grammar
and yeah let us improve our english here, through conversation


i don't think you are a newbie
i mean, look at you
your grammar is very good emoticon-2 Jempol
I learned english for the first time when I was graduated from kindergarten. It was the time when I madly waited my very first writing book. As my auntie was an english teacher, she bought a new book for me, then she asked me to write several word on the writing book and memorized it. Later on, my father applied the same method for me to memorize tenses.

Still, I can't fluently communicate in english and need a lot of practice.

u are so fortunate emoticon-Matabelo
because u had someone who teaches you english at home and u've been learnt tenses since you were still so young

well, i'm the vice-versa
no one teaches me emoticon-Matabelo
i'm learning mostly by myself until now, and i had no one who can speak english in my neighbour or friends at school, time passes and now i'm graduated emoticon-Matabelo
I learn English since I was 4 years old. My grandma was an English lecturer so I really am familiar with English. I usually get a good mark in English so I love this subject so much.

I go to public school and learn much about the grammar and lack of practice make me not confident to talk in English.

One day, got a chance and joined the exchange student program to United States and since that time I started to be more courageous to talk in English. I am still learning anyway :3

what an interesting story emoticon-thumbsup
u have strong english background, i hope i could be an exchange student too
would you like to share us your story when you were an exchange student? emoticon-Matabelo
well, i'd really like to know
literally,i began learning english since i was in elementry school.but i didnt pay attention enough because i was thinking "i dont live in us or anywhere else where english is indonesea,we speak bahasa,so why i should put effort to learn another language which i dont need to speak in daily live"

Until i was 19,i was realised that i made a huge mistake.i had a chance to study in singapore,yet my english was totally broken.that time,i dedicated my whole 1 year to study english (actually,not exactly 1 year) and yeay,now i can speak english!

apart from that i have realised i made another mistake,which i didnt learn chinese since i was,i have struggling to learn it.
well,if i can speak english so i believe i can speak chinese too in future,eventhough chinese is a bit harder than english.
i learn english since i was at elementary school. the number of grade i dont know it exactly, i hv forgot it emoticon-Big Grin
i saw my brother studied english when he was at junior high school, so indirectly i also learned it a little, i also watched english movie with subtitle bahasa sometimes. emoticon-Big Grin
thats all of my story..
CMIIW on my bad english emoticon-Frown
I'm intersted in English long before I learnt it.
I remberer I liked to murmur eng songs when I was kid.

I offclly learnt Englsh when I was 3rd grder
and I'm still learning it nw.

that's what i called miscalculation emoticon-Ngakak
i believe it's so regretful but you've been managed anyway, and that's a good thing
you learn mandarin too? that's wonderful emoticon-thumbsup


i watches western movie too
and don't worry about your english, we are all studying here, mate emoticon-Cool

Come on, self encouragement is the best key to win everything, including english.


thanks, mate emoticon-thumbsup

you're too kind, LS
i feel almost embarassed emoticon-Blue Guy Peace

well, it's interesting to read how we can learn english on this thread
it sure gives me encouragement to keep learning
i don't want to miss a thing
emoticon-Blue Guy Smile (S)

thank you emoticon-Matabelo
yeah sure, keep up the good work emoticon-thumbsup
Firs time I learn English when I was in the kindergarten. My parents thought me.
when i have a dream to going abroad emoticon-Big Grin

i hope it's not too late for me to learning emoticon-Thinking