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? ? -| BECIK |- English Corner of Regional Bali ? ?
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? ? -| BECIK |- English Corner of Regional Bali ? ?

? ? -| BECIK |- English Corner of Regional Bali ? ?

Welcome to BECIK, english corner of Regional Bali, the place where you guys can have a conversation, chit-chat, discussion, or even sharing any news and/or event in english. emoticon-Add Friend (S)

As we all know, Bali is the center of tourism in Indonesia. And the usage of english as a language to conversate with tourists has been frequently used nowadays. This is why in this thread we would have to conversate in english, not only to train our proficiency and fluentness in english, but also to open up our knowledge about any news/articles/topics written in english. emoticon-Big Grin

The idea itself has actually been thought in early January. But due to some problem, it got delayed and keep delayed emoticon-Hammer With the permission of our Regional Leader Bli BENTOLL , English Forum's moderator Orthanc, and the previous TS of English Corner, ronnyz (Kevin_Aero's Clone emoticon-Hammer), this thread (BECIK) has finally been made and is opened to all member within/out of Regional Bali emoticon-Angkat Beer


Remember, this is Regional Bali. You guys are still under the jurisdiction of BENTOLL and kaskus' managements emoticon-Hammer So, the global rules that are applied in kaskus and Regional Bali would also be applied here emoticon-Ngacir

Have a wonderful chit-chat guys! \emoticon-Big Grin/
"We all are learning through conversating here." emoticon-Cool

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? ? | BECIK | English Corner of Regional Bali ? ?
.: Visitors Book :.

In order to make it cool emoticon-Cool I meant, to make it organized emoticon-Hammer I decided to collect the data of every dwellers in this thread and gathered them all in one list called visitors book. The list itself would always be updated when the concerning member has posted their introduction along with the provided template emoticon-Big Grin

.: Our Dwellers :.

emoticon-Ngacir = not residing in Bali

There is no particular rules If you wish your name and/or ID to be included in our visitors book, just fill the form below and post it in this thread emoticon-Angkat Beer


Note: You are free to modify the form to the way you feel it fit (like removing the name part, etc.)

Any change, question, or concern about the visitors book can be PMed to me emoticon-Big Grin It doesn't matter how bad your english is, you are always free to post here emoticon-Smilie Considering this corner is made for us to learn through conversating emoticon-Big Grin

Have a nice talk and enjoy the corner fellas! emoticon-Angkat Beer
.: Notice Board :.

Good day fellas! emoticon-Angkat Beer
This post is used to contain any useful link, article, joke, news, regional gathering info, and/or necessary announcement emoticon-Big Grin Of course, you guys may also request to add something into this post. Just drop me a PM and we'll set up the deal emoticon-shakehand emoticon-Betty (S) emoticon-Hammer


emoticon-televisi .: News Corner :. emoticon-televisi

emoticon-Betty (S) .: Unimportant Daily Grammar Lesson :. emoticon-Betty (S)


wow, the thread is finally made


i hope this would become a nice place to share the knowledge and to learn ...
First of all, as an official representative of English Forum, I want to say:


For Regional Bali citizens, please accept my deepest respect
I'm Ambrosiana from English Forum, feel free to call me Kiki (my real name).
I'm officially support this thread because one of my passion is supporting English study development through Kaskus.
I have been a long admirer of Bali island's beauty, and I feel proud to interact with people who live on the island of gods.

About your TS, Espada_Panthera, I can say that Regional Bali is lucky to have him. Panther is one of the best person, who mastered English well, also one of the most popular dwellers of English Forum.

Finally, if you need something related with English Learning, feel free to contact me through VM / PM, even you can text my cell phone directly. emoticon-Big Grin

I hope this thread will be able to facilitate the Enthusiasm of Regional Bali citizens in learning English

Best Regards,


Here are some threads you need to visit to build up your insight and knowledge also learn further about English

:::Rumah Belajar punya Ambrosiana:::
This is my personal Blog. You can follow basic grammar lesson here. Feel free to use any language there to make you feel comfortable emoticon-Big Grin

All about Grammar & Tenses - The correct way to say/use .... ask it here !!
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Permintaan bantuan terjemahan English<->Indonesia hanya boleh di sini!
Need a help in translating? This thread can help you. Don't forget some rules there. Especially: Person who ask is suggested to translate it first, then activists there will help to correct you.

:: Tips To Improve Your English ::
Do you want to master English better?Here are tips from P1nk3d_Books. Beautiful English Forum Enthusiast, originally from Malang, but now lives in Surabaya. She has translated dozens of novel from prominent Publishers.

Qualifications, iBT/PBT TOEFL & IELTS+All Related English Courses In Indonesia [Tips]
Tips about TOEFL & IELTS by Klanese, expert in those field.

[LOUNGE] English Forum Chat Center *cleared periodically, read the first page*
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Do you want to involve in a conversation by various social media? Join with English Forum in various social media which officially listed on the thread emoticon-Big Grin
Remember, language is a tool, not knowledge. the more you use it, the more you master the tool!

congratulation for the new home of English corner...
I hope everybody in this thread get the experience to learn english with all new method... emoticon-Smilie
I'll focus to increase my knowledge about english...thank you so much..

emoticon-Selamat emoticon-Selamat emoticon-Selamat

Welcome to BECIK, bli verdi emoticon-Add Friend (S)
Haha, hopefully it could be a good place for regional bali dwellers to conversate and communicate with each others in english emoticon-Big Grin And yes, knowledge sharing spot too emoticon-Big Grin


Hi there mangdee, welcome to BECIK emoticon-Add Friend (S)
You can also learn english by talking with each others in this thread if you wish emoticon-Big Grin At least this would be very helpful if you want to enhance your proficiency in english \emoticon-Big Grin/

And thanks for the support too emoticon-Angkat Beer


Thanks for coming here Ambro emoticon-Big Grin
Your inputs (those links) are really appreciated and who knows perhaps in the next day, week, month or year, you could come to visit us in the Bali itself (not in the internet anymore emoticon-Stick Out Tongue) emoticon-Hammeremoticon-Peace

Feel free to play here anytime you like it emoticon-Ngacir

Just a suggestion:
What if we put grammar / tenses (in spoiler) and put it in page one to accommodate who wants to improve their English skills?

Next we also could put some articles of current issues and perhaps celebrity gossips ... It is not to serve the readers less quality articles but just to attract people in an easier way.

It seems that not many kaskusers know that we have new English thread ...

good evening everyone... emoticon-Embarrassment/

may I join here...??? emoticon-Embarrassment
just visiting the english threads on regional... emoticon-Embarrassment/

I'm from Regional Bekasi... and we have an English thread also... emoticon-Embarrassment/
please come if you like anytime... emoticon-Angkat Beer

Nice to know you all... emoticon-Angkat Beer

sorry if my english is not good... emoticon-Sorry

nice to know you...

please come and share in English anytime

I am sure the TS does not mind either


thank you for your kindly reply... emoticon-Embarrassment/
nice to know you too... emoticon-Embarrassment/

anyway... I will going to bali on May 24th - 28th...
wish I could meet Kaskusers Regional Bali at there... emoticon-Big Grin
is there any your regional occasion that I could join at that time...??? emoticon-Thinking

there are many small gatherings here bro
- Kaskuser Anak Rantau - every Friday night
- Kaskus FR2 (Froum Roda Dua) - every Friday night
- Kaskus Android (android user) - every Saturday night
- Kaskus Badminton - every Wednesday and Friday night
- many others

please pm me you contact number when you arrive in Bali

cool dude... that will be great...
so you have regular gatherings every week... emoticon-thumbsup:
I will try attending one of them if you all don't mind... emoticon-Embarrassment>
okey dude... I will PM you 1-2 days before I'm going... emoticon-shakehand

can't wait to know you all... emoticon-Angkat Beer

btw... morning folks... emoticon-Big Grin/
have a nice day... emoticon-Angkat Beer

Exactly what I thought, thanks for popping it up again gan verdi emoticon-Big Grin
I'm actually in the middle of national exam, hence is why I cannot post or active as much as I was emoticon-Hammer

The last post I reserved (notice board) was planned to be a place to put any hot topic/discussion, english language study related, important links, and news/articles emoticon-Big Grin


Good day mercky, welcome to BECIK emoticon-Add Friend (S)
It's an obvious that we won't mind any visitor, doesn't matter what regional is he/she from, he/she will always be welcomed here emoticon-Peace


lol as a starter, I would post up some old elaborated jokes of God, Brain and Science. I'm pretty sure that you guys have read this story many times, but most story shared is only its simpled part emoticon-Big Grin

So yeah, here we go
Spoiler for :

thank you for your hospitality... emoticon-Angkat Beer
it's my pleasure to visit here... emoticon-Big Grin/

since I will going to bali this end of may... maybe I could do some real visit to you all... emoticon-Big Grin

btw... good luck for your national exam... emoticon-Angkat Beer
wish you all the best... emoticon-Big Grin/

Ahaha, you're welcome dude emoticon-Angkat Beer <--- daluman, not beer emoticon-Hammer

Ah, so you're going to visit our lovely province on May emoticon-EEK! Any specific place on where are you going to stay? Perhaps we can recommend you any easy accessible tourism place around your homestay/hotel/motel/apartment/shack emoticon-Hammer

As an addition, this thread might be useful for you. It's called *Tempat makan MUR-MER-NAK*, usually filled with delicious food pictures emoticon-Genitemoticon-Hammer Less prices, affordable foods, but with good tastes emoticon-thumbsup Just in case if you don't want to die because of hunger in Bali emoticon-Hammer emoticon-Peace


Yeah sure, everybody may and can join us if they want emoticon-Big Grin
Nice to know you too fux emoticon-Add Friend (S)

Both my parents are also from Buleleng emoticon-Hammer My father is from Gesing emoticon-Thinking and my mother from Seririt emoticon-Hammer The best thing about singaraja is its traditional cuisine emoticon-Genit Blayag, siobak singaraja, and many more emoticon-Hammer (S)


well... believe it or not... I'm still looking for stay... emoticon-Hammer (S)
I have a friend live in bali... and she recommend a place to stay at kuta...
I don't know what its name and it's not like a regular hotel... more like "kontrakan"...
... but she said that it's feel homey...
there are... AC at the room... kitchen outside... the bathroom inside... have a terrace... and not too far away from the beach...
the cost is Rp. 300k/night...
I think the price is good...

since my limited knowledge about the bali... and my friend either (she just moved to bali about 4-5 months ago)... so... maybe you have another options for me...

I will going to the bali with my wife and my son...
I'll be leaving on May 24th noon from jakarta... and will be back at May 28th afternoon from denpasar...

well about the food... I'm looking for halal food because I'm a moslem... but still looking the cheaper one indeed... emoticon-Stick Out Tongue

aww .. not too far from my home , its about 40 minutes or less emoticon-Big Grin

yeah yeah , i know blayag .. but i dont like vegetables , sound's absurd, rite .. hahah emoticon-Malu (S) .. have you heard 'bout siobak chekelok ?? thats famous enough in singaraja emoticon-Big Grin ...

anyway, is it better if all of members here introduce them self ?

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