What English-English dictionary do u use? Webster? Oxford?

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What English-English dictionary do u use? Webster? Oxford?
Hello guys..

could u tell me what English-English dictionary do u use?
which one is better, oxford advanced learner's dictionary or merriam webster's collegiate or webster's advanced learner's?

give ur opinion and reason.. thank you.. emoticon-Cendol (S)
c'mon guys..emoticon-Cendol (S)emoticon-Cendol (S)
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c'mon.. i need ur opinion..

emoticon-Cendol (S)emoticon-Cendol (S)emoticon-Cendol (S)

semua bgus gan tp klw di jurusan ane, Oxford jadi standard&wajib punya. tks..
I dont exactly know emoticon-Peace
but I use oxford emoticon-Malu (S)
we can easily find oxford but difficult to find webster `s
thats my opinion emoticon-army
best regard emoticon-Ngacir
I prefer Oxford and i use that emoticon-Wink
i am used to using oxford dictionary ..
it was started when i was on senior high school
my english teacher had me buy it
for me there was no choice, so i decided to use it
then it becomes a habbit

yeah webster is really hard to find..


your reason please?


thx gan..
is there anyone use another dictionary?

please give ur opinion..
i prefer oxford. The reason?

emoticon-Big Grin

for me, oxford is better, emoticon-Ngakak

n the reason?
i use oxford and longman brother,

using oxford is my habit till now,,
but for translation I use true alfa emoticon-Smilie
and for synonim I use thesaurus emoticon-Smilie
i prefer definitely oxford 7th edition dictionary to Webster..
Oxford :
- the definition is helpful, understandable and comprehensive..
- it contains the name of english people, how to write a business correspondence, the history of english and many more as well as the lemmas themselves.
Oxford is the best emoticon-Big Grin

what kind of longman dict do u use?


thx gan, i'd never heard true alfa before,,


what abou macmillan? i found it's easier to understand..


so many people use it..
i prefer to use Oxford Dictionary because it has a mobile version so it can be installed on my phone.
I use several dictionaries, such as:
- Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary - 7th Edition
- Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
- Longman Exam Dictionary
- Urban Dictionary (Lol)
- Cambridge (I simply visit the website when I need to look up the meaning of words.)

Each dictionary has its own "flaw" and for me, they, those dictionaries were created to complete each other. :P I always use as much dictionares as I can when it comes to vocabularies. Why? Because sometimes I can find words that Oxford doesnt have, on Longman Dictionary, and so on.

Btw, Oxford is not really complete, No offence for Oxford lovers, My first love was Oxford because it's user-friendly but I got dissapointed when I couldnt find some words, phrasal verbs and idioms. (I know I should look up them in the Phrasal Verb dictionary or Idiom dictionary) and some explanation are not really clear (I got problems when I got a question from my English lecturer "when do we use take place, occur, and happen? something like that).

I myself never try Webster's Dictionary because the first time I saw the pronunciation section that is usually located on the right side of the words, the dictionary only has one way to pronounce (which is in how Americans pronounce words, I feel like I need to knowt how the British pronounce the words to satisfy my curiousity. Lol. :P) [CMIIW]

Sorry for my bad English, I barely communicate in English these past months. (drastically affects my English skills).

Im prefer to Oxford,because it really complete i think emoticon-Big Grin