ayo gan baca and ngakak

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ayo gan baca and ngakak
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diagnosis and aids
A lawyer goes to the doctor:
- I do not know what’s happening Doc: my liver hurts, my heart hurts, everything hurts me .
The doctor makes some analysis and says:
- I’m sorry to tell you but you have asbestos cancer and in 3 months you’re dying.
The lawyer leaves the doctors cabinet and on his way home meets a friend on the subway. He tells him about his visit at the doctor, and that he is suffering from AIDS and he’ll die in three months. The friend leaves quickly forgetting to shake hands with him. In the bus station meets another friend and has the same talk, and the same reaction. The story reaches the doctor’s ears and calls the man to the cabinet:
- Well sir what are you talking about? I said clearly that you have asbestos cancer, why do you tell everybody that you have AIDS?
- Doctor, I’m angry because I’m dying! But at least I know that nobody’s going to have sex with my wife after I die!

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pertamax gan
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padahal tu bikinya mungkin selingkuh ma dokternya
ayo gan baca and ngakak
ane gak tahu artinya gan
aya-aya wae gan............emoticon-Ngakak
hahaha ini si ts emoticon-Ngakak
Koplak ente gan, dapat aja yang beginian. emoticon-Ngakak
wkwkkw it is so funny gan. i like it
pengacara dilawan
btw gan kalo di terjemahin dulu emoticon-2 Jempol
pake bahasa indonesia ja gan, ane lagi pusing jadi kagak ngarti
kasihan bininya dong gan kalo lakinya mati gak bisa kimpoi lagi emoticon-Ngakak
nice joke gan emoticon-Ngakak
wkwk ane turut ngakka gan
wah ane gk ngerti gan

translate dong gan emoticon-Smilie
oke deh gw emoticon-Ngakak (S) ya gan??

emoticon-Ngakak emoticon-Ngakak
ane kurang paham gan bahasa bule gini
tetap semangat gan bikit postingnya
ya walaupun ane kurang paham tapi
gpp gan namanya juga usaha

ayo gan baca and ngakakayo gan baca and ngakakayo gan baca and ngakak
ayo gan baca and ngakakayo gan baca and ngakak