chat ane sama salesnya acronis true image gan. pelayanane apik :D

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chat ane sama salesnya acronis true image gan. pelayanane apik :D
Chat Transcript
Please wait while we find an agent to assist you...
"Hello, welcome to Acronis Presales Assistance Chat. Please briefly describe your goal or question and I will connect you with the best resource to answer your questions."
Scott Ryan: Hi, how can I help you today?
Customer: i want to clone win 7
Scott Ryan: Ok, we can definitely help with that. Let me get a product specialist to join our chat, they can answer detailed questions about our products. Would this be helpful?
Customer: can u help me?
Customer: i dont know about the product.
Customer: i just now i using acronis
Scott Ryan: I understand that you have questions, however, my role is to direct you to the best resource for your situation. What I can do is invite a product specialist into our chat because they are more qualified to answer your questions. Would that be okay?
Customer: can u speak indonesian?
Customer: i'm indonesian
Customer: i'm sorry
Customer: my english is bad
Scott Ryan: Unfortunately, we only provide service in English at this time. Is there anyone with you that could translate for you?
Customer: thx
Customer: if you can please do it
Customer: i after buy the acronis
Customer: i after register
Customer: but i dont know how to make clone win 7
Customer: i'm jealous
Scott Ryan: Thank you. I will invite the product specialist into our chat, it may take a few minutes for them to join us and review our conversation. I may have to drop out of the chat to assist other customers, so please keep the chat window open to maintain your priority sequence. While we are waiting for the specialist, could you please provide your name and phone number?

It will not be retained by our system and will only be used to call you if necessary to resolve your request.
Scott Ryan has left the session.
Please wait while we find an agent from the Acronis - Sales Dept Proactive department to assist you.
Hi, My name is James Douglas. Please give me one moment while I review the information you have already entered into the chat.
James Douglas: Hello, welcome to Acronis sales support, please let me review what you have entered.
Customer: i cant make a clone of windows 7
Customer: because it have 2 partition
James Douglas: What are you using?
Customer: system reserved and the disk c
Customer: i'm using acronis true image
James Douglas: Unfortunately I am not trained to assist you with technical issues; however our support department will be able to help you. For technical support please go to [url][/url] and click on contact support on the right side.

There are a number of options available there to get the proper support for your situation.
Customer: oh thank you
Customer: i very like this service
James Douglas: Thank you for choosing Acronis!
Customer: thank you
Customer: bye
Thank you for using Acronis Live Chat. You may now close this window.
Your session has ended. You may now close this window.
waah ga ada yang ngreply --"

ane biasa pake bajakan soalnya emoticon-Malu
kok gak ada solusi gan dari mereka malah di direct ke web supportnya. kirain dipandu ato gimana gitu.. emoticon-Malu (S)

ya jelas lah, salah tanya.
disanakan bagian penjualannya saja, bukan technical-nya
aku ga bisa english emoticon-Berduka (S) emoticon-Berduka (S)

translate dulu deh emoticon-Ngacir
what the kamsud emoticon-Busa
anjeeerrr kagak ngerti maksudnya emoticon-Bingung
Kirain langsung di remote kompi agan.. emoticon-Big Grin
wkwwkwk iseng iseng aja gan.
ada fitur auto connect ke salesnya gitu.
fitur bagus tu kalo diterapin buat web lain
bagus juga support dari mereka.
tapi kudu pake yang original ya gan?
Trus, maksudnya trit ini gimana?? emoticon-Bingung (S)

dah beli mahal2 malah agan TS nya enggak bisa pakek emoticon-Hammer2


ngomong opo...emoticon-Blue Guy Peace
bertele-tele emoticon-Hammer
acronis ntu makluk apa'an gan??chat ane sama salesnya acronis true image gan. pelayanane apik :D eh sorry, kamsudnya sejenis software bukan???chat ane sama salesnya acronis true image gan. pelayanane apik :D

Ini CSnya bukan perwakilan acronis di Indonesia ya Gan?
biasanya diarahkan sih sama CSnya yang dari/bisa bahasa Indonesia, kalau ada tapi..emoticon-coffee
CS-nya sih pengen bantu sayang TS-nya gak gape bahasa inggris emoticon-Ngakak
bikin malu aja lo gan emoticon-Ngakak
Kagak nyambung nich percakapan TS ama si CS nya emoticon-Ngakak
tapi sepanjang sy pake software asli, rata rata supportnya cukup membantu, syaratnya harus pake bahasa inggris tentunya ... ini salah satu enaknya pake software asli, supportnya itu yg dijuwal juga emoticon-Smilie