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# english corner #
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# english corner #

ok,i'll start the tread

Spoiler for reason:

simple rule :
-Use english only
-No racism,dirty words,unpolite words please [keep respect each-other]
-to avoid junker, please write minimum 10 english worlds, before u post it in here
if u like to upgrade ur post numbers in quick way, maybe u can use my other english thread :

i bet u all educated poeple, so u can easily understand the rule and not try to break it

have fun and happy english learning emoticon-Big Grin
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Spoiler for did u know ?:
I hate this kind of situation
My head is dizzy sevenfold
# english corner #
we have english thread finally emoticon-Shakehand2

let's share what we know in english

if you have any question, hesitation, confusion on using english, please post here so other kaskusers could help ...

"practice makes perfect"

emoticon-2 Jempol
thread english
i think is a good idea emoticon-Wowcantik
prepare COD to monang maning
sell coupon for gathering at feb 18th

see u guys there emoticon-Smilie
which english we use here? UK or USA?
When the smooke is going down you and I always some where listening to the wind of change emoticon-Big Grin
waiting to be fresh graduate and prepare to get a job in foreign company emoticon-Smilie
at last ..the first english corner @ regio Baliemoticon-shakehand

nice to meet meet you all

Nice places for improving our english :Peace
please don't be shy if we want to talk something here, because we learn from mistakes

Mooie plaatsen voor het verbeteren van onze engels
alsjeblieft niet schuw is als we iets willen hier praten, want we leren van fouten
wow, there are many enthusiastic people here ...

it's great to know

i hope this thread will last long emoticon-thumbsup
please teach me.. my English is not good.. emoticon-Berduka (S)

the only way to improve our english skill is only by practicing

so, let's get rid of feeling incapable and start practicing ...

"to err is human"
(melakukan kesalahan itu manusiawi)

don't be sad bro
if you would like to speaking english, basically you should understand 3 tenses ( simple present, simple past and simple future) because in english has different verb when we use it. and minimum you should to know 500 words emoticon-Peace


i don't fluent..

i hope guidance emoticon-I Love Indonesia (S)

emoticon-shakehand emoticon-Smilie
make unique name emoticon-Smilie

so.. what your suggestion for the name gan?
helpkupang emoticon-Big Grin
like delicious emoticon-Genit:

BALE BANJAR (bali english banjar)emoticon-Ngakak



great taste gan emoticon-Big Grin

looks good for the name emoticon-thumbsup
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