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Penggemar Hyundai Tucson

Penggemar Hyundai Tucson

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boleh mampir ke showroom muara karang pluit gan emoticon-Big Grin
kebetulan bsok baru launching new tucson ix25 ,,, mau tanya-tanya lagi pm aja gan emoticon-Blue Guy Cendol (L)

the next generation suv - new tucson launching 24 april 2014

yang mau tau tentang info tucson yang baru !
boleh PM ya ..
ane di jakarta
2A3C4467 emoticon-Blue Guy Cendol (L)emoticon-Blue Guy Cendol (L)

keren bos tucsonnya.
Gan ane mau ganti hid tp kt yg jual hid semua foglamp mobil korea ga bisa di ganti krna fittingnya beda bukan h11. Bener gak yah? Ane ga jadi ganti deh abis kl atas hid bwh halogen jd agk lucu.
Ada yg tahu gak lihat bisa lihat dmn tucson facelift? Mall atau showroom?
Ternyata baru ketemu rumah Tucson di kaskus di sini. Kirain cuman Sportage doang yang ada rumah kaskus.

Maksud agan Tucson generasi keberapa, tahun berapa jatuh harganya ? Jika model lama, setuju, karena ane perhatikan mobil Korea model tua memang jatuh. Kenapa ? Karena designnya lebih kaku, dan mutunya nggak bebagus yang model baru.

Tapi untuk model baru, terutama yang lahir setelah tahun 2009, perhatiin deh, justru nilai jual kembalinya malah udah lebih kuat banding mobil Jepang. Nggak percaya ?

Coba aja cek di pasar, harga Tucson tahun 2011 vs innova V AT 2011, siapa yang lebih tinggi, dan beda berapa. Padahal 2 harga mobil ini dulu mirip. Beda nggak jauh harga barunya.

Dan ane setuju, jangan coba jual kembali via program buy back guarantee. Jual sendiri di pasar jauh lebih tinggi ! Itu juga karena HMI beli kembali, dan mereka juga jual lagi via Autosafe, divisi mobkas mereka.

Jadi jelas mereka mau ambil untung lagi. Mana mungkin mereka bisa kasih harga yang amat tinggi ?

Tapi yang sudah pernah perhatiin, misalnya nilai bekas Tucson 2011 vs innova V 2011, H1 CRD 2011 vs mobil Jepang yang harga barunya serupa, bahkan belakangan yang spektakular, Santa Fe CRD 2013 vs fortuner 2013, akan kaget, ternyata hari ini, nilai jual kembali mobil Korea sudah jago. Lebih tinggi banding mobil Jepang, yang belakangan ambruk, karena over-supply stok bekasnya di pasar.

Saudara Hyundai, Kia juga sama. Coba cari tau nilai bekas Sportage tahun 2011 paling murah berapa. Banding ama mobil Jepang yang tahunnya serupa, harga barunya serupa. Kaget sendiri deh. Contoh Sportage Option AT 2011 vs innova V AT 2011. Hasilnya sama seperti Tucson vs innova.

Tapi untuk pemilik mobil Korea model lama, apa mau buat. Nasi sudah jadi bubur. Model tua Korea nggak bakal bisa sebagus model barunya sekarang. Namun good newsnya adalah, jangan kapok. Mobil Korea sekarang udah bagus. Seperti Samsung dan LG.

Nanti ane masukin berapa berita dan video. Apalagi Tucson facelift yang baru keluar bagus. Pasti lebih ramai nanti, karena yang beli pasti makin banyak.


Diubah oleh Win1234
Yang belum lihat versi faceliftnya, bisa lihat di video ini dulu. Kan sama ama yang di Korea. Cuman dengar suara dieselnya, jadi ingin. 41 kg.m torsinya. Tapi yang bensin juga bagus. Semoga HMI nanti juga jual dieselnya. Bisa keluar duit lagi nih nanti. Mana kuat nahan keinginan dapat diesel 2.0 torsi 41 kg.m @ 2000 rpm ?

Versi Korea (juga Indonesia)

Banding ama yang di Eropa

Menurut ane, bagus versi Indonesia (yang sama ama di Korea). Hoki dapat muka yang lebih dekat ke muka Santa Fe baru.
Diubah oleh Win1234
Kisah designer Tucson model baru ini. Ane duga banyak orang Indonesia nggak tau. Tapi jelas gara gara ini orang, design Tucson model baru jauh sekali banding model lama. Akibatnya, nilai jual kembali Tucson juga jadi sangat jago sekarang :

Dan ada berapa poin menarik yang ane highlight in BOLD :

Thomas Burkle’s career gamble

Why a top designer left BMW to create the brand DNA for Hyundai

19 October 2011


THOMAS Burkle, the man who led the European design team that created the Hyundai i45 Tourer just released into Australia, had to make a career decision in 2005 that would involve him leaving a senior role as a BMW designer to take up a leading design role with the Korean car-maker.

Now, six years later, 50 year-old Mr Burkle leads an international team at the Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Centre in Russelsheim in Germany and is spearheading Hyundai management’s desire to take on the world’s volume luxury brands with superior design and quality.

But at the time the opportunity arose at Hyundai, the Korean company still had a lot to prove as a car-maker with wobbly styling and it was still struggling to come to grips with international quality, durability and vehicle dynamics standards.

And here he was at BMW with all the hallmarks of someone going places. His CV carried all the right brands.

While studying transport design at Pforzheim University Mr Burkle was indentured to the department of corporate and advanced design at Mercedes-Benz and became a contractor to Benz before moving to Brussels to work at the Toyota European Design Centre for seven years.

He spent a year in Spain developing his digital modelling skills at the Institute of Design and Photography and in 1999 spent a year with Volkswagen on a special auto multi-media project focussing on bringing IT inside the car.

He moved in 2000 to BMW as chief manager on lead design projects. He was responsible for the production design development of the 3-Series wagon and sedan, and the interior and exterior designs for the 6-Series cabriolet and coupe.

In March 2005 Hyundai was not the company it is today. It was an up-and-comer but with many kinks to sort out. So what was it about Hyundai that made Thomas Burkle confident enough to move from a German premium brand like BMW, renowned for design expertise?

“Six years ago I asked the same questions myself,” he told GoAuto in an exclusive interview.

“I had a good position and was responsible for many projects. It was really very hard to leave BMW. But I had the imagination to think about Hyundai as an Asian power.

“Secondly, it was the challenge to become the chief designer of a brand which was rather unknown for design. I was therefore starting with a blank sheet of paper.

“This is a dream for a designer to build up a brand, whereas a brand like BMW has already established their direction. At BMW it is rather forecastable what the next model will look like, but working for Hyundai (presented) a real challenge.

“I could have the chance to build up the team. The team was much smaller at that time. But to build the team of people who were really hot on working on design and giving all their passion to it … also having this multicultural team from all over Europe.

So we have designers from Italy. They are more about the cool proportions and the heritage of the cars. We have designers from France. They are very much more detail oriented. You have German designers. They are technology driven in their thinking somehow.

“This kind of melting pot of different aspects of car design was giving me a lot of inspiration and the power to develop cars.”

Mr Burkle said he therefore could not turn down the opportunity to create a design culture for Hyundai from the beginning rather than continue to work on at BMW where the design DNA was already well established and entrenched.

At Hyundai, Mr Burkle immediately set about creating concept vehicles using the Geneva and Paris motor shows starting in 2006 to showcase the work of the Russelsheim studio and to provide Hyundai’s designers with “a framework about where they were heading and to put their creativity on a path”.

He said the concept cars were built “because I had a vision, and the vision was that Hyundai has the energy and the power and strength to become a modern premium brand”.

Mr Burkle said he had discovered that Hyundai contained “a lot of passion and drive compared with other Asian car-makers when it comes to design” and that it has a “lot of energy to go forward”.

“Hyundai was one of the few companies to make big investments during the crisis (GFC) because they were believing in the way they were going and this empowered me to develop the design spirit in the company.

“But of course you have to convince the top management in Korea. You don’t just have the freedom to design what you want to do, you have to say why you want to do it and you have to take the initiative to build up the bridge between the different cultures.

“Fifty per cent of my role is to build up the communication bridge and to establish a unified thinking (within Hyundai).”

He said the i40 was an example of how this vision for Hyundai had evolved so far.

“When I see the i40 today it proves that this vision became a reality.

“I think this car is a breakthrough to (Hyundai) becoming a truly modern premium brand and if the car is successful it will show that the customers of Hyundai are willing to follow this next step.

“This is the amazing thing we discovered; we can give modern premium cars to the world and people are willing to buy them. So there is a lot of potential in the brand development and in the image development of the brand.”

GoAuto asked Mr Burkle if car companies like Hyundai build higher quality, more technologically advanced and better-equipped cars at volume car prices, would it be possible that luxury car-makers like Mercedes and BMW could get consumed from below.

“This is a problem for BMW and Mercedes. Hyundai wants to become a high-quality player, not only in the world market but in specific markets like Europe (competing) eye-to-eye measured against the best like Volkswagen and Audi in terms of quality, in terms of design, in terms of fun to drive and in terms of environmental aspects.

We have surpassed Toyota (in Europe) so we are the strongest import brand in Europe and Germany. But we don’t have the idea to conquer the world. In Europe and Germany there is a goal of just four per cent share this year, for example.

“The goal is to grow in quality. It is not the (primary goal) to grow in volume faster than Toyota and so on.

“The goal is to grow with lasting quality because that means you have better margins and that means that when there is a crisis, and ups and downs in the market, we are more stable.

And it shows because in 2010 there was the crisis in Europe and the Hyundai market share and sales volume was still growing and was completely independent from the market going down.

“This shows that the sustainability of the thinking of the top management at Hyundai is very convincing.

“A company like Mercedes has to prove it is worth spending the money for the car. But the market analysis says that the brand loyalty of younger customers is not so strong. They are looking more at the product itself and this is where we want to be strong and where we want to offer a true alternative.”

So what price level can Hyundai reach above the i40 and i45? How much further up can the brand go with a more expensive car?

“If you look at the American and the Asian market, the Equus is an S Class competitor – more so if you look at the size of the vehicle. There is also a stretched version in China. Then below you have the Genesis sedan compared with the LS Lexus.

“So you can see that globally Hyundai is playing in this luxury segment and learning all the time.”

Mr Burkle told GoAuto that his experience at Mercedes-Benz, Toyota and BMW meant he could bring different automotive industry perspectives to the table at Hyundai from what each brand had taught him.

This is also the reason why I joined Hyundai because I wanted to combine my experience with other brands and then pick the best points of each culture and combine this (into) a very strong toolbox for working on future projects.

“So I learned at Mercedes that they are very concerned about brand identity and they take evolutionary steps to identify the car. They have to go in evolutionary steps for the front mask for example. The front mask is a strong icon.

“I said to Hyundai we have to develop our own front mask and that we (should not) change the front mask on every (new design) car because that creates confusion.

“This is very different from what they are used to in their own market because Hyundai has 60 per cent penetration and the people would get bored to see always the same front end on each car.

“But in other markets it is totally different. You have to show a statement and create this family resemblance. So this is what I learned at Mercedes.

“At Toyota I learned that they are thinking globally. Therefore I can judge very well where Hyundai is going in comparison. And they have a very strong sales channel, which makes the company powerful.

“So when we talked to Hyundai dealers, we said we have to strengthen the sales channel to create the aura in the dealerships of a design-oriented brand … and get famous architects to create this Hyundai world.

BMW taught me the passion for the enthusiastic feeling of driving the car, the behaviour of the car and how the design is linked to the making of the car. That was for me very important.

“Also the cultural aspect in BMW. There was a saying in BMW, ‘You quarrel in the work time and in the evening you drink a beer together’.

“What this means is that sometimes you need to argue. You need to fight to get the best compromise. There is a saying, ‘If there is no fight, there is no good car in the end’.

“This is a cultural issue and this is something where the Asian culture and some European cultures have to learn. People should understand that it is not a personal attack when someone has a different opinion. It is a battle about the best product.”

Mr Burkle said Hyundai’s slogan – “New Thinking, New Possibilities” – is not just empty words.

“We follow this with intent and this gives us an advantage over the other more conservative car manufacturers.”

Sebelum lupa, ini ada satu artikel lagi, yang pikiran penulisnya mirip ama pikiran ane saat ini. Cukup menarik komentarnya :

Jadi sekarang group Hyundai / Kia sudah punya 3 kartu ACE besar : Thomas Burkle, Christopher Chapman, dua duanya mantan top designer dari BMW, dan yang terakhir, yang paling terkenal, adalah Peter Schreyer, mantan top designer Group VW / Audi / Porsche.

Yang sudah uji coba dan pakai mobil mereka yang muncul setelah tahun 2010, mungkin habis baca artikel ini, akan pikir " Pantesan ".

Hyundai Snags One of the Best

News | December 30th, 2011 by Shawn Molnar

We recently ran a news piece that covered the breaking headline that Chris Chapman has left BMW to work for Hyundai. This news clipping is important enough to mull over for a second time.

I’ve long said that if I didn’t own a BMW, I’d own a Hyundai. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? It would have been crazy to make such a statement 10 years ago, but in 2012 Hyundai is looking good. I should elaborate on that statement by adding that if I gave up driving a BMW and was no longer interested in performance driving, track days and drifting, I would own a Hyundai. Basically, removing performance from the performance driving equation leaves you with simple driving, and that is an area where Hyundai is awfully good at providing maximum value.

Hyundai now represents the reliable, good value option that the Japanese once represented with their late 80s, 90′s and early new-millennium offerings. Unfortunately, Toyota lost their way in a large way, not only losing their enviable reliability record (note the 14 million recalls since winter 2009) but also losing their honest design philosophy, and sporting edge of the past.

To be fair, Toyota does have the FT-86 on the way – a brilliant new sports car for all that should right a few wrongs, but a single candle can’t light a factory. Honda has also lost their way, never putting a foot wrong in the area of reliability, but totally losing inspiration in design. Have you seen a recent Honda that excited you or made you want a test drive? The last car to get our juices flowing was the S2000, which has been discontinued. Honda’s Acura division also shut down production of the venerable if slightly underpowered NSX, leaving a bunch of out-dated mutts to tow the line of mediocrity. How sad.

Hyundai on the other hand has been reaching for new heights without so much as a glance down at the competition from Japan. Their market share has been growing – doubling actually – over the last few years and they now find themselves sitting at around 5% of the US market share. That might not sound like much, but given their trajectory of sales growth, Hyundai are en route to make the big players nervous.

What should make the competition even more nervous is the fact that with Hyundai’s growth, they are attracting top designers such as Chris Chapman. Chris has been in the industry for 22 years and after leaving BMW, now stands to lead Hyundai’s design center in Irvine, California to bold new heights.

Cars such as Hyundai’s new Veloster are sure to make a huge dent in the market. We’re looking forward to seeing where Chris leads the South Korean company.

Bagi infonya donk gan tucson yg baru harganya berapa n ada diskon ga? Terus perbedaannya apa aja tipe gls ama xg? Thanks gan.

betul kok Free Shipping gan. . gak perlu bayar lagi kok, nanti di Indo di anter oleh Tkg Pos. kira2 pengiriman sampai ke depan rumah ane sktr 2 mingguan. emoticon-Smilie


Fyi ; lampu foglamp utk Tucs itu H27 gan. .
kalau seller yang bener2 special jual HID sih harusnya udah tau emoticon-Big Grin

Tq boss... emoticon-shakehand
cuma modif simple aja koq... emoticon-Smilie
tucson baru keren kayak santa fe
Numpang nawarin aja nih..

Ada lampu eagle eye depan dan belakang. Second umur 1 tahun. HID masih umur 2 bulan.

Mau lepas 3 juta.

Let me know aja kalau ada yang minat lewat PM.

Anyway kenapa dijual bro? dah bosan ya?...minta foto nya dong bro....berminat nih...Cek PM ya.


Dah lihat pameran Tucson baru. Wah ! Bagus ! Paling mencolok adalah interiornya. Jelas ada berapa upgrade. Joknya juga lebih mantap banding versi dulu. Mungkin karena semua sudah CBU dari Korea, bukan pakai supplier lokal sebagian. Dan semua termasuk engine roomnya, rapih ! Tentu saja hood insulator nggak di sunat, seperti crv CKD yang 400 jutaan itu.

Seperti ane bilang, gimanapun juga, pengalaman pabrik mobil Korea tetap lebih lama dan jago banding pabrik mobil Jepang CKD Indonesia. Pula pabrik CKD Jepang doyan spekdown gila gilaan, pabrik Korea CBU mendingan, karena udah bayar pajak bea masuk 45% pun (CKD Jepang kan enol %), harganya masih mirip CKD Jepang, dengan fitur yang masih lumayan banyak.

Apalagi steering wheelnya. Mantap ! Bahan leather dan kesannya lebih high class ni mobil sekarang. Rasanya seperti mobil harga 500 jutaan, namun di jual di harga cuman 300 jutaan.

Cuman ane harap yang diesel nanti keluar juga. Lebih worth it. Karena yang diesel 2.0, torsi maxnya 41 kg.m @ 2000 rpm, banding yang bensin 2.0 " cuman " sekitar 20 kg.m @ 4000 rpm.

Beda jauh banget.

Diesel Korea jaman sekarang power dan apalagi torsinya gila. Nggak ada diesel Jepang yang bisa mendekati. Classnya udah beda banget. Cuman HMI entah mau jual nggak. Tapi Santa Fe diesel aja di jual, masa Tucson diesel nggak mau di lepas juga ?

Korea memang sekarang sangat pintar dan innovatif ya ? Lihat, LG baru keluarin AC 1 tipe yang bisa pilih mau makan power 0.5, 1, 1.5, atau 2 PK. Semua di 1 unit. Tinggal pilih sesuka kita. Biar nggak buang uang listrik percuma, namun saat di butuhkan karena banyak tamu / suhu sedang panas banget, mau 2 PK juga bisa.

AC Jepang belum ada. Samsung juga baru keluar TV melengkung tipe baru. Padahal ane belum lama baru beli TV LG smart TV emoticon-Matabelo

Sony, yang dulu jago di TV, lagi ngapain aja nih ? Sharp yang juga dulu jago di AC, juga lagi ngapain sekarang ?

Sudah tidak jamannya lagi remehkan produk keluaran Korea Selatan. Mereka di banyak bidang sekarang udah jagi front runner, paling depan di garis innovasi baru. Jepang sudah mulai tertinggal. Cuman karena merek Jepang udah lama, masih banyak penggemarnya.

Tapi jika Jepang nggak hati hati, penggemarnya pun bisa tinggalkan mereka suatu hari. Ane salah satu yang sudah say " Sayonara Jepang ! "

Tinggal saudaranya Sportage FC belom lihat. Apakah sebagus Tucson FC upgrade ini ?

Minta fotonya gan.
Sory Doposttt
Diubah oleh Lie889

Iy gan yg sellernya blg cb deh liat di manual book pasti h27 n jrg bgt yg punya itu fitting dia blg. Agan punya foglampnya ganti hid kaga?
Halaman 16 dari 50

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