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Fiverr Script
Fiverr Script is the most advanced micro jobs script loaded with features
needed to create a successful fiverr clone / micro jobs website.

  • 100% Viewable Source Code – The script is not encrypted.
  • Admin can set one price, set multiple prices or allow users to set their own price.
  • Multiple language system supporting unlimited languages.
  • paypai and AlertPay payment gateways integrated fully.
  • Facebook login integration – Facebook Connect!
  • Advanced order tracking system for buyers and sellets!
  • File attachment system for orders and messages.
  • Photo upload system with upload progress bar!
  • Admin can choose to use fixed price or user set price system!
  • Fully supported by our knowledgeable staff! Updated often!

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link error om, ada mirror lain ga?
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Quote:Hosting CloudLinux gratis :D
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biverr clone nya fiverr moga aja bener emoticon-Ngakak
iya... g bisa dibuka

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biverr clone nya fiverr moga aja bener emoticon-Ngakak

ijin unduh yg ini gan... emoticon-Big Grin
thanks for sharing.
cloningannya fiverr di atau