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NOD32 Lovers ~ Baca Page 1 dulu !!! - Part 3

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NOD32 V3 Offline Update (Last Update 12-09-2009 / Database version 4417)

Cara update offline nod32 V3

1. Download file update nya disini


2. Bikin folder baru di C:, beri nama nod_upd (C:
3. Extract file update nod32 ke folder yang baru di bikin (C:
4. Buka nod32
5. Teken f5 pada tampilan utama nod32
6. pilih update di menu sebelah kiri
7. klik Button Edit di bagian update server
8. Masukin directory tmpt file update nod32 di extract (C:
9. klik Add
10. Ok 2x
11. Update...emoticon-Big Grin...Have fun emoticon-Angkat Beer

Spoiler for tutorial update offline nod32 versi 3 with image:

note : di tutorial inih gw ngasi contoh bikin folder di directory drive C dan nama folder nya nod_upd, sebenernya terserah mau bikin dimana ajah dan nama folder nya juga terserah bisa lu ganti sesuai keinginan. emoticon-shakehand

anyway, klo file update an inih kerasa blm up2date, silahkan pm gw biar gw upload yang lebih up2date lagi...emoticon-Big Grin

hoiyah satu lagi klo ngerasa ga bisa download file nya dari rapid, silahkan ngepost di thread inih minta tolong yang lain uploadin di server lokal.emoticon-Big Grin..sory gw ga bisa upload di server lokal..emoticon-Peace

Cara update online Nod32 V3
Intinya sama ajah kayak update offline Nod32, tp update server nya di ganti jadi server mirror buat update nya (klo update offline di set directory tmpt file update di simpan). Tp klo butuh gambar biar lebih jelasnya liat spoiler dibawah..emoticon-Big Grin

Spoiler for "tutorial":

note : di tutorial inih gw ngasi contoh server mirror nya Nanti nya kalau server inih udah down atau virus definitionnya kurang up2date, bisa di ganti dengan server lain yang lebih up2date

Spoiler for wajib di baca:
Eset Anti Virus & Eset Smart Security 4.0.437

NOD32 Lovers ~ Baca Page 1 dulu !!! - Part 3

Combining powerful management tools, ease of use for end users, and state-of-the-art proactive threat detection, ESET Smart Security is the most effective way to protect your business' valuable data assets while improving your compliance posture.

ESET Smart Security was already highly regarded for its ease of use. Now it's even easier to use, which will brighten your help desk manager's day. The Business Edition of ESET Smart Security includes all the features and benefits described above, but has additional functionality and flexibility that every growing business requires:
Additional Benefits

Supports Complex Compliance Requirements — ESET Smart Security adds critical features, such as external drive access control and scanning, Cisco Network Admission Control (NAC) compatibility, as well as enhanced logging and reporting functions to support your compliance initiatives.

Host-based Intrusion Prevention System — Unauthorized attempts to modify your OS or applications are actively blocked through a combination of advanced behavioral analysis and network filtering that monitor your system processes, files, and registry keys. HIPS protects against modern blended threats that may have bypassed your network perimeter security.

Easy to Manage — ESET Remote Administrator provides a single management console to control an entire network from a single screen—supporting tens to thousands of computers. Installation, updates, alerts and other tasks are all easily managed from these intuitive screens. To effectively manage your networked systems, the updated console smooths Active Directory integration and simplifies policy creation. With support for Oracle, MySQL and MS-SQL databases, it also handles increasingly large deployments and runs significantly faster. ESET Smart Security can be configured with antispam and/or personal firewall disabled to ensure compatibility with existing network security solutions. Integrated SysInspector makes it easier for IT administrators to diagnose and resolve problems.

Usability Improvements — For administrators, version 4 offers:
License Manager with simplified tools to manage multiple licenses with different terms
Read-only access for Management Console which enables multiple administrators to share tasks without risk of overwriting configurations
Notification Manager to keep administrators informed of all key events with customizable alerts
Full support of Cisco Network Admission Control (NAC) in support of compliance initiatives
More efficient use of network bandwidth and improved log storage scalability
Advanced Protection status screen that informs you of threat detections
Password protection that prevents ESET Smart Security from being uninstalled by unauthorized employees or visitors
System Requirements

Processors supported: Intel or AMD x86/x64
Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP (32- and 64-bit editions), Microsoft Windows Vista (32- and 64-bit editions), Microsoft Windows Server 2000 (32- and 64-bit editions), Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (32- and 64-bit editions), Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (32- and 64-bit editions)
Memory: 48 MB
Disk Space (download): 32 MB
Disk Space (installation): 46 MB

Download :
Eset Anti Virus Home Edition

Eset Anti Virus Business Edition

Eset Smart Security Home Edition

Eset Smart Security Business Edition

Eset NOD32 Licenser

TNOD Final

Some Nirror Update :

mantabs Ris emoticon-thumbsup:

ikut ngantri emoticon-Stick Out Tongue
yes rumah baru... ad ayg bersedia aplod database offline hari ini? emoticon-Malu
gud job mod emoticon-thumbsup: pindahin TS nya aj emoticon-Big Grin

bukmark dl,, untuk info terbaru thanks emoticon-Smilie
pageonenya bro ... emoticon-Stick Out Tongue
pekiwan dulu

Why So Serious
dapet pejwannya ngga ya .... emoticon-Embarrassment
UPDATE ONLINE For Eset/Nod32 UserName & Pass 06 Februari 2012

NOD32 Lovers ~ Baca Page 1 dulu !!! - Part 3

Spoiler for xx:


Nod 32 V.4 & V.3

Spoiler for MR:

Update Offline Nod32/Eset By MiloMen
wiw dah pindah rumah baru aja...

ada yg punya apdet offline hari ini?
Lapak Update Offline & Online
New Mirror Server v5 & Update Offline v5

Tutorial Update Offline dan Online >>show me

Tutorial Update Offline dan Online v5 >>show me


Update Offline

Spoiler for Offline:


Update Online

Spoiler for Online:

ESET Installer
Spoiler for ESET Installer:

ESET SysRescue
Spoiler for ESET SysRescue:

zharki memberi reputasi
Ngepel di rumah baru dulu ahhh
penutupan ngga ya ... emoticon-Hammer (S)
zharki memberi reputasi
rumah baru emoticon-Matabelo
NOD32 Lovers ~ Baca Page 1 dulu !!! - Part 3
ko ada 2 trit ya??
knp ini gan ?
zharki memberi reputasi
baca donk gan baru pindahan dari part 2 emoticon-Nohope

mungkin maksudnya pindahannya jadi 2 trit :mastah emoticon-Peace
silakan rikues ke momod biar gk kebingungana laig emoticon-Big Grin
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