How to control the over crowded class?

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How to control the over crowded class?
Hello there,..
How do you do?
Im a university student, and Im following PPL program at Senior High School. I have many problems and one of them is unable to controlling the class. there is 40 students and they so noisy.

Could you mind to help?
strategy, technique or sort of?

This is based from my 20 years experience in teaching.

1. Know your students personally, their names, their faces, their character
2. Make personal approach to the "trouble maker", treat them outside the room
as friends, give them trust in handling class activities

Those two always work well, if the trouble maker are already under control,
the rest are easy

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what i did during my PPL was to divide the class into several groups and give them a role play task and perform it in front of their friends.
Give them "Quiet Game". Some one who break quiet condition, will give punishment...emoticon-Big Grin

funny...NOT always
say, you've already tried all your best shot treating them OR him (because it's generally male students) just like what you suggested....unfortunately, you have one bad ass can't control him, you've already been mad at him've already given him many punishments BUT he doesn't really listen to you..... even you are threatened by him with no respect at all, he humiliates you...

perhaps this is just a fake case, but do you know? this case is real...
it's not my own experience, but it happened to my friend

what're you supposed to do then?you're gonna tell his parents?? o c'mon, his parents are often called for this're gonna expel him?? get outta here.....the headmaster won't expel him're gonna use a violence OR may be i can say just a little punch to give him a lesson??? o c'mon...this kid has frequently been got a lot of punches because of his deeds....

so, here..i'm gonna ask you for this case....based on your a twenty year-experience

Hello xxxxxVxxxxx,

I'm an English teacher in a private English course. I've been handling young adult students since I worked there.

Hmm, I'm with you. It's impossible to expel him out of the class and it's impossible to call his parents or the headmaster too. Have you/your friend talked with the student yet? Based on your story, I think this student needs more attention, but not an attention in a punishment form. I think he needs someone to understand him. Talk to him privately and you don't have to talk in English to the student. Talk as if you were his best friend.

I know it's not as easy as it looks, but it's better to try it first. Who knows, from your friendly conversation, slowly he can share his problems to you.

Once I got a student, a really rascal in the class. The more the principal called his parents, the worse he became. We also got many complaints from other parents whose children were bullied by him. After a long reseach, we (I and some teachers) found out the reason why he always bullied his friends was his father did the same thing to him (bullied his own son). So, every time his parents were called, his father would punch him.

Hope you can solve the problem. It's not easy to be a teacher, but being a teacher is the most noble job in the world....

good luck...

hello ravision,

we share the same problem here. What I usually do is to give them a physical activity or TPR that makes them sweating.

Example, give them miming game. first, you have to divide your students into groups, but make sure you put some active and passive students in balance. One student from each group will come to you and you show them the card/clue what they have to mime. Then, on your command, they have to mime it to their groups. If the group can guess correctly, they will get score.

This game works with lots of grammar focus, such as present continuous, pas continuous, present perfect continuous, illness, imperatives, giving order

other game is drawing game. the rule is exacly the same like miming game and change the miming into drawing. you can ask them to draw on the floor instead on the whiteboard (if the class floor is ceramic, you can use whiteboard marker because it's easy to clean it). this game works the best to build their vocabularies and also you can give this game as a warmer/ pre-teach vocabs before you deliver the lesson.

I've got lots of game to share, you can chat by ym with me if you have questions. I'd be happy to help.

Good luck with your PPL!
be kind teacher,

I suggest you to read this book
How to control the over crowded class?

it help me when I still be a theacher

You sure??
thx...emoticon-Blue Guy Smile (S)

Im going to teach Invitation this week... any suggestion?

What sort of invitation? Inviting someone over, you mean? what level? please help refreshing my memory.

that was not my case, but my friend's
BUT what just i said is he denies you after you did all your best, he even mock you...

I am college student but also I ever been private teacher, I never depended student who noisy moreover in the class. But I give my best advice for you to depend noisy class. My advices are you don't "PUSH" and you don't "PULL".

I mean "PUSH" is ask to them for quite.
And "PULL" ignore them who are noisy and you don't ask students to quite moreover snap them. So, the conclusion is ask for quite after that ignore REACTIONS all students who are noisy. With that you not WEAK and SOFT ^^

That is a good advice... seems you are well experienced...
Thanks for your advices, I feel shy to write long comment becouse I am weak at grammar.

BTW, My PPL program will end soon. This saturday I will have examination. I hope I can do the best.
erm.. as a college student myself, I think you should just stop teaching when they begin to be 'overly noisy'. Let them stop talking and be the one who want to be quiet themselves so that you'll want to start teaching again~ that's how my lecturers do~ emoticon-Ngakak

btw.. since many ppl here are quite experienced, I wanna ask sth abt presenting a presentation...
how to start and end a presentation in a good way?

it's just a presentation in front of the class..haha.. but since I'm really not good at public speaking... yeah emoticon-Frown
Shoot em up dude

You're the dude, and the dude abides.
how old are them?
i think you're must be sample for the other..
you are must be quiet and discipline
I guess you have to be more "interesting". So rather than your student make noise, they will pay attention to your lesson if your lesson are interesting and not boring emoticon-Big Grin
you can show your own ability, be your self and keep calm. i think... emoticon-Malu (S)emoticon-Malu (S)