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Ayo !! Gan,Comodo Internet Security, (Best Free Antivirus 2012)

Ayo !! Gan,Comodo Internet Security, (Best Free Antivirus 2012)

Why Use Comodo Internet Security?

Comodo Internet Security is the free, multi-layered security application that keeps hackers out and personal information in.

Built from the ground upwards with your security in mind, Internet Security offers 360° protection by combining powerful Antivirus protection, an enterprise class packet filtering firewall, advanced host intrusion prevention and automatic sandboxing of unknown files.

Unlike the stripped down versions of commercial software that other software vendors offer for free, this is the full, completely functional version of the product.

Users can upgrade to Comodo Internet Security Pro 2012 for just $49.99 per year and receive two additional services—GeekBuddy—a 24 hour per day, unlimited incident support services package which usually markets for $49.99 per year and TrustConnect - a secure Internet proxy service that ensures 128 bit encrypted connectivity from any public wireless hot-spot.

Internet Security Includes:

Quote:Antivirus: Tracks down and destroy any existing malware hiding in a PC.
Anti-Spyware: Detects spyware threats and destroys each infection.
Anti-Rootkit: Scans, detects & removes rootkits on your computer.
Bot Protection: Prevents malicious software turning your PC into a zombie.
Defense+: Protects critical system files and blocks malware before it installs.
Auto Sandbox Technology™: Runs unknown files in an isolated environment where they can cause no damage.
Memory Firewall: Cutting-edge protection against sophisticated buffer overflow attacks.
Anti-Malware Kills malicious processes before they can do harm.

Quote:System Requirements:

Windows 7 / Vista / XP SP2
128 MB RAM / 350 MB hard disk spac

Spoiler for FEATURE:

(Cocok Buat Desktop & Laptop,Tidak Banyak Makan Memory)


mantap gan emoticon-2 Jempol
di coba dlu gan...
keren gan comodo dari namanya, nanti ane coba deh
keren gan comodo dari namanya, nanti ane coba deh
Ini bagus sih gan emoticon-2 Jempol tapi kenapa kalau si LAptop saya ko malah buat OS jadi Labil ya??? emoticon-Bingung emoticon-Bingung
nice inpoh gan emoticon-2 Jempol
Nice info gan emoticon-thumbsup.....

ijin sedot ya....


niceeeemoticon-Add Friend (S)
emang mantap nih Antivirus, ane dah pake beberapa bulan terakhir gan emang enteng dan kaya fitur emoticon-Blue Guy Peace


emoticon-Blue Guy Cendol (S) mantap gan
antivirus kesukaan ane gan,

dari dulu ane pakek ini, lancara jaya, gak pernah ada masalah,

dan Free lagi,

pokok y top dah
mantab emoticon-Blue Guy Smile (S)
ane sudah lama pakai comodo gan, sudah 2 tahun lebih emoticon-Blue Guy Peace
cuma ane agak kesulitan membedakan antara koneksi yang aman dan yang tidak (kalau yang tidak aman bisa diblok gan)
ada yang bisa kasih pencerahan?
Baru ngetest CIS pro 2012 hari ini gan, enteng bgt ya... lebih enteng dari Apas, tp sayangnya fitur sanboxnya gak bisa dari context menu, jadi aga ribet aja, sama updatenya ga bs di cancel/stop, jd harus nunggu ampe selesai.

Overall comodo mantep lah. klo mau donlot update manual kesini

Spoiler for Penampakan: