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MouseHunt on Facebook | Hunter's Camp

Aplikasi Game dengan jumlah pemain online terbanyak di facebook : linknya

MouseHunt on Facebook | Hunter's Camp - Part 4


MouseHunt is a passive game that is meant as something fun to check on every 15 minutes while surfing the web, browsing profiles or doing some work. MouseHunt is not a ’sit and watch it‘ type of game, but rather a ’come back and check your progress‘ game.
The game works just like a real life trap: Set up your trap, bait your trap, check back later!

Spoiler for Gameplay:

Spoiler for Come Join our BBM Group:

Quote:►► RULES ◄◄

4. DILARANG JUAL/BELI MouseHunt Gold [MHG] <<-- MASUK KS TANGGUNG SENDIRI emoticon-Takut (S)


emoticon-Blue Guy Bata (L)emoticon-Blue Guy Bata (L)emoticon-Blue Guy Bata (L)

emoticon-army:Security Guardemoticon-army:
travish90 emoticon-Army (S)
enjooy emoticon-Army (S)
manyoo emoticon-Army (S)
ronzang emoticon-Army (S)
Lanay emoticon-Army (S)
edomanatap emoticon-Army (S)
nduterste emoticon-Army (S)



(English Version)►►KASKUS MH OFFICIAL GUIDE ◄◄(by: zanmato)

Quote:[CENTER]►► Kaskus MH Official Chatbox ◄◄[/CENTER]

Good Luck emoticon-Toast
Quote:MouseHunt Player List

A - M

MouseHunt on Facebook | Hunter's Camp - Part 4

Abedavera = [url][/url]
AdeYR = [url][/url]
Adhyarya51 = [url][/url]
AlisTebel = [url][/url]
AnakDesaNgaskus = [url][/url]
Anti.Spiral = [url][/url]
Antonbandung = [url][/url]
Archimondech = [url][/url]
Arctica = [url][/url]
Aksm = [url][/url]
Auxer = [url][/url]
BadakSoldier99 = [url][/url]
Bagosbanget = [url][/url]
Bay Chan = [url][/url]
Bgl.dewa = [url][/url]
BiasaAjaKale = [url][/url]
BIDIBI = [url][/url]
Bla.bla.bla = [url][/url]
Blacksnowflake = [url][/url]
Blacktrabia = [url][/url]
BlindHabitat = [url][/url]
Blitzace = [url][/url]
Bibirockability = [url][/url]
Botis = [url]!/AgieHebat?ref=profile&v=app_10337532241[/url] = [url][/url]
BurningSnow = [url][/url]
Calmmelon = [url][/url]
Casterz = [url][/url]
Cataztrophe = [url][/url] = [url][/url]
Chabode = [url][/url]
Chip_oei = [url][/url]
Chodoank = [url][/url]
Christianjsp = [url][/url]
Cleponz = [url][/url]
Cocopunkky = [url][/url]
CowoSukaBeoL = [url][/url]
Critical Wounds = [url][/url]
Darthbob = [url][/url]
Dadarz = [url][/url]
DarkHack = [url][/url]
Daunte = [url][/url]
DeadlyVenom = [url][/url]
Denhurd = [url][/url]
Dkz011 = [url][/url]
Dragonuva = [url][/url]
Edewz = [url][/url]
Edomanatap = [url][/url]
Enjooy = [url][/url]
Elchie = [url][/url]
Ensui = [url][/url]
EphouRoppa = [url][/url]
Erik Adi = [url][/url]
Fadlaninho = [url][/url]
FajarGendud = [url][/url]
Fanasio = [url][/url]
Fjfneed111 = [url][/url]
Flik_kenni = [url][/url]
Fredy94 = [url][/url]
Garbon = [url][/url]
Garemz = [url][/url]
Gerissen = [url][/url]
Gliese581c = [url][/url]
Greatescape12 = [url][/url]
Gorillaedan = [url][/url]
Guntingg = [url][/url]
Hahihuw = [url][/url]
Hellsing77 = [url][/url]
Herzhz = [url][/url]
Hockygolden = [url][/url] ugi
Hoshigami17 = [url][/url]
Hrairoo = [url][/url]
Hypersqual = [url][/url]
Iansz = [url][/url]
Ichsainz_a7x = [url][/url]
Indopr0 = [url][/url]
Itchkidz = [url][/url]
Ittousai = [url][/url]
J4zz0n = [url][/url]
Jojo_gt = [url][/url]
Jomblomanz = [url][/url]
Jonathan95 = [url][/url]
Joshsuryana = [url][/url]
Justiansajah = [url][/url]
Kaka seven = [url][/url]
Kemokemo = [url][/url]
Ken04 = [url][/url]
KlavierGavin = [url][/url]
Lanay = [url][/url]
Lawboys = [url][/url]
Leelim = [url][/url]
Littlekey = [url][/url]
Lokino2 = [url][/url]
Louisxiv27 = [url][/url]
Lucases = [url][/url]
Lycanth12 = [url][/url]
Malemalemage = [url][/url]
Malestream = [url][/url]
Massmeonggg = [url][/url]
Manyoo = [url][/url]
Mastermime = [url][/url]
Meanspirit = [url][/url]
Mbek.ditz = [url][/url]
Mbembembe = [url][/url]
Mic007 = [url][/url]
Mr.gunners = [url][/url]
Mrazino = [url][/url]
MungkinWASO = [url][/url]
Quote:MouseHunt Player List

N - Z

MouseHunt on Facebook | Hunter's Camp - Part 4
Naght =  [url][/url]
NamakuPii = [url][/url]
NDrubud = [url][/url]
Nduterste = [url][/url]
Near.Jr = [url][/url]
Nemorph = [url][/url]
Noaforce = [url][/url]
Nomsat = [url][/url]
Okenet = [url][/url]
OMGImSoPro = [url][/url]
Oncomb = [url][/url]
Pandamud = [url][/url]
Pebeh = [url][/url]
PenangkapHantu = [url][/url]
PiKisKC = [url][/url]
PooN67 = [url][/url]
R4iku = [url][/url]
R.A.M = [url][/url]
Rakhatemensule = [url][/url]
Red_fire = [url][/url]
Reddevail = [url][/url]
Reid92 = [url][/url]
Repure = [url][/url]
Rezakuple = [url][/url]
Rezzason = [url][/url]
Robygun = [url][/url]
Ronzang = [url]!/ronzang?ref=profile[/url]
Rpgloverz = [url][/url]
Runniccandle = [url][/url]
Saputangan = [url][/url]
Schizophrenz = [url][/url]
Sevenfoldism555 = [url][/url]
ShockedZ = [url][/url]
Signora.czysty = [url][/url]
Silffffffff = [url][/url]
Skinnyjean = [url][/url]
Sm_phantom_kid = [url][/url]
Soundstable = [url][/url]
StevvTirz = [url][/url]
Stiffmusic = [url][/url]
Thebizzz = [url][/url]
Thejoxs = [url]!/profile.php?ref=profile&id=100000007073548[/url]
Thruzer77 = [url][/url]
Todz = [url][/url]
Topfive = [url][/url]
Travish90 = [url][/url]
Valarix = [url][/url]
Vanzhu = [url][/url]
VielblueII = [url][/url]
Vindo = [url][/url]
Volcomxc = [url][/url]
Vudot = [url][/url]
Wadijaya = [url][/url]
Wuanna = [url]!/profile.php?ref=profile&id=100000364630474[/url]
Willyzxx = [url][/url]
YongKYO = [url][/url]
Z40ldy3ck = [url][/url]
Zanmato = [url][/url]
Zaynt = [url][/url]
Zheth = [url][/url]
ZeroGenocide [url][/url]
ZhuBen = [url][/url]

FAQS - Frequently Asked Questions

Kok gw suka susah nangkep tikusnya ya? emoticon-Confused: padahal udah bagus trap+basenya
Spoiler for Jawaban:

kok ga ada trap check sih? emoticon-Mad:
Spoiler for Jawaban:

Super|brie+ bisa dapet dari mana ya? emoticon-Confused:
Spoiler for Jawaban:

LGS tuh apa sih? dapetnya gimana? emoticon-Frown
Spoiler for Jawaban:

Gimana sih cara dapetin Facebook Credit gratisan emoticon-Frown
maklum kere nih emoticon-Malu (S)
Spoiler for jawaban:

Mending craft acro dulu atau ship dulu ya? dilema nih emoticon-Amazed
Spoiler for Jawaban:

Spoiler for Jawaban2:


Spoiler for COMICS:

Spoiler for JOKES:

Spoiler for etc:

A - F

ABC – Attraction Bonus Candy
ABT – Ancient Box Trap
Acro or ACRONYM – Arcane Capturing Rod Of Never Yielding Mystery
AE Aleth Essence
Amb – Ambrosial Portal or Ambush trap
Arby – Arcane Blast Trap
ASG – Ancient Spear Gun
ASM – Abominable Snow Mouse
AR – Acolyte Realm location

BBB – Big Bad Burroughs Mouse
BC – Birthday Cake Base or Balack's Cove location
BCK – Birthday Candle Kaboom
BE Ber Essence
BG – Bottomless Grave
Blingbot – Chrome DeathBot
Blueprints or BP – Various blueprints
BPT or BSP – Blackstone Pass Trap
BW – Black Widow Mouse or Bristle Woods region

C&W – Curds and Whey or Cheese and Whine, a section of the MouseHunt forums
Cat or Cats – Catacombs location
CBC – Chocolate Birthday Cake Base
CC – Calm Clearing location, Cape Clawed location, Curious Chemist or Crimson Commander mouse
CCB – Candy Cane Base
CCT – Christmas kracker Trap
CDB or ChromeBot – Chrome DeathBot
CDB or CDDB or ChillBot – Chrome DrillBot
CE Cynd Essence
ChC – Cheesecake Base
Clock or CoT – Clockapult of Time
CLT – Cackle Lantern Trap
Coloured mouse – White Mouse, Grey Mouse, Brown Mouse
CM – Coconut Milk or Chess Master
CMC – Checkmate Cheese
Cranny – Chrome Nannybot
CW – Crown Whore

DB – Mouse DeathBot, Dehydration Base or Dragonbane Charm
DCT – Dimensional Chest Trap
DDA – Double Diamond Adventure
DDB – Digby Drillbot
Dehy – Dehydration Base
Dev time or Dev's time zone – Time zone of Developers from HitGrab which is EST (GMT-5) or EDT (GMT-4) (see here for current time).
DHU – "Devs Hate You", a running joke that explains why things occasionally seem to go wrong for some hunters (see also Teddy Bear)
DS – Delicious Stone

ERB or Ernie – Enraged RhinoBot
ETR – Explosive Toboggan Ride
Exp – Explosive Base

FBF – Feedback Friday (see also Feedback)
FF – NVMRC Forcefield Trap
FG – Forbidden Grove location
F/R – Friend Request
FS – Fire Salt or Flameshard
FTA – Failure to attract
FTC – Failure to catch
FW – Fiery Warpath

G - L
Garga or Gaga – Gargantuamouse
G/D – Gold/Diamond mice
GBB – Gingerbread Base
GC - Ghoulgonzola Cheese
GGT – Great Gnarled Tree location
GHS – Gingerbread House Surprise
GM – Grandmaster hunter's title
GRBCCP or GRB pot – Greater Radioactive Blue Cheese Curd Potion
GS – General Store or Giant Speaker trap
GT – Gorgon Trap

HB – Heat Bath
HG – Harpoon Gun or HitGrab
HGRH – HitGrab Rockin' Horse
HH or HGH – HitGrab Horsey
HoT or HoTP – Heart of the Tiger event or Heart of the Tiger Party event location.
HUD – Heads Up Display, the main navigation and information interface in the game
HVMT – Horrific Venus Mouse Trap

IM – Ice Maiden
I&FS – Ideas and Feature Suggestions, a section of the MouseHunt forums

JM – Journeyman hunter's title
JoD – Jungle of Dread location

Key – Key to the Town of Digby or Zugzwang's Tower Key
KC – Kraken Chaos or King's Credits
KG – King's Gauntlet location
Kitty – Sphynx Wrath trap
KR – King's Reward
KRB – King's Reserve Bubbleh
KS – King's Stockade <-- Dangerous :takuts

Lab – Laboratory location
Leg or Legend – Legendary hunter's title
Lep – Leprechaun Mouse
LGS or LS – Lucky Golden Shield
LL – Limelight cheese

M - R
M&G – Meet and Greet, a section of the MouseHunt forums
ME – Magic Essence
Med or MR – Meditation Room location
MH – MouseHunt
MHCC – MouseHunt Century Club
ML&HS – Mouse Lore and Hunting Strategy, a section of the MouseHunt forums
MM – Muridae Market
Mojo – Master of the Dojo Mouse
Mos or Mous or Moz – Mousoleum location
MPP – Mystic Pawn Pincher
MSB – Molten Shrapnel Base
MVMT – Mutated Venus Mouse Trap

NC – Net Cannon
NVMRC – Non-Violent Mouse Removal Charity, formerly a popular group; see also: NVMRC Forcefield Trap

OAT – Obvious Ambush Trap
OMG – Onyx (Marbled) Gorgonzola cheese
OoI – Obelisk of Incineration trap
OoS – Obelisk of Slumber trap
OWN – Oasis Water Node Trap

PB – PartyBot or Polar Base
PC or Pin – Pinnacle Chamber location
Plank – Wooden Base or Plank of Gingerbread
Pol – Polar Base
Portal – Ambrosial Portal or Sinister Portal
Pot or Ptn – Potion
PP – Pumpkin Pummeler or Prize Power
PPC or Pros – Prospector's Charm
PTT – Pneumatic Tube Trap
PW – Point Whore


RageBot – Enraged RhinoBot
RB – RhinoBot or Radioactive Blue cheese
RBCP, RBCCP, RB potion or RB pot – Radioactive Blue Cheese Potion
RGm – Radioactive Gold mouse, fictional mouse.
RR – Rewers Riposte
RS – Radioactive Sludge
RTW – Read the Wiki

S - Z
S^4 or SSSS – Small Sample Size Syndrome
SAM, SAMT, or Swiss Army – Swiss Army Mouse Trap
SB or SB+ – SUPER|brie+ cheese
SBB – Spellbook Base
SBM – Sandblasted Metal
SeaGou – Seasoned Gouda cheese
SG – Seasonal Garden location or Seasoned Gouda cheese
Sin – Sinister Portal
SnoB – Snow Barrage
Sojo – Dojo Sensei
SSH or Ship – S.S. Huntington II location
SS – Sandtail Sentinel or Seashell
SV – Savoury Vegetables
SW – Sphynx Wrath

T2 or TT – Terrible Twos Mouse
Target or Tgt – Wooden Base with Target
TG – Training Grounds location or Town of Gnawnia location
TGT – Tacky Glue Trap
TI – Tribal Isles region
ToD – Town of Digby
ToG – Town of Gnawnia
TPP – Technic Pawn Pincher
TT – Terrible Twos Mouse
TVMT – Thorned Venus Mouse Trap

ULC – Ultimate Luck Charm
UPC – Ultimate Power Charm

VMT or Venus – Venus Mouse Trap
VS – Vanilla Stilton cheese
VVS – Vengeful Vanilla Stilton cheese

Walter – Dojo Sensei
WBT or WBWT – Wooden Base with Target
WC – White Cheddar cheese
WGC – Wicked Gnarly cheese
WM – Warmonger mouse
WWoWW – Wicked Witch of Whisker Woods Mouse
WW – Whisker Woods location



ZFM – Zugzwang's First Move
ZLM – Zugzwang's Last Move
ZT or ZZT – Zugzwang's Tower

emoticon-linux2 Balack's Coves (BC)

Minimum rank: Knight
Requirement: Balack's Lantern
Estimasi catch rate berdasarkan trap setup :

Spoiler for walkthrough:

emoticon-linux2 King's Gauntlet (KG)

Minimum rank: Initiate
Requirement: King's Gauntlet Floorplan
Tes mouse difficulty berdasarkan trap setup :

Spoiler for chart:

emoticon-linux2 Seasonal Garden (SG)

Minimum rank: Lord
Requirement: Zugwang's Scarf
SG Catch Rate Estimates:

Spoiler for walkthrough:

emoticon-linux2 Zugzwang's Tower (ZT)

Minimum rank: Lord
Requirement: Zugzwang's Tower Key

Spoiler for walkthrough:

Guide tersingkat (katanya) buat di ZT

Spoiler for awas BWK:

[] Log Summarizer
[] Zugzwang's Tower Parser
[] Pooflinger's MH Tools
[] MH Analytics
[] MHwiki Quick Guide

[] MHv3 Catch Rate Modelling
[] Catch Rate Luck Analysis
[] Catch Rate Data (Real vs CRE)
[] Cheese Effect Stale Rates
[] Peppers per Pepper Plant
[] Cheese Attraction Research
[] Mice Power Value Chart

[] Most same-type Mice in A Row
[] Top Hunters each Breed
[] Heaviest Mice

[] Seasonal Garden Walkthrough
[] Seasonal Garden Catch Rate Estimates
[] Seasonal Garden Trap Effectiveness
[] Seasonal Garden Catch Rate Modeling
[] King's Gauntlet Catch Rate Modeling
[] Balack's Cove Catch Rate Modelling
[] Zugzwang's Tower Catch Rate Estimates

[] MH Timers

Wanna see my progress? emoticon-Stick Out Tongue []

Charms itu apaan sih? emoticon-Confused:
Spoiler for jawaban:

Kegunaan Charms untuk apa ya? emoticon-Bingung (S)
Spoiler for jawaban:

apa itu Pine Charm Conduit? emoticon-Bingung (S)
Spoiler for jawaban:

emang jenis2 charm yg udah ada sampai saat ini apa aja sih&bagaimana cara mendapatkan/membuatnya? emoticon-Confused:
Spoiler for Jawaban:

lho itu ada orb, orb itu apa ya emoticon-Confused: trus dapetinnya darimana emoticon-Confused:

jenis-jenis orb+daftar mice yg drop

  • Divine Orb
    Spoiler for Divine Orb:

  • Flawed Orb
    Spoiler for Flawed Orb:

  • Flawless Orb
    Spoiler for Flawless Orb:

  • Simple Orb
    Spoiler for Simple Orb:

Credits by : nduterste & Lanay

emoticon-army: Fiery Warpath (FW)

Minimum Rank : Baron
Requirement : Sandtail call to arms
Spoiler for walkthrough:

quick guide Fiery Warpath by Trevor Hastings
Spoiler for Warning BWK!!!:

emoticon-army: Muridae Market (MM)

Minimum Rank : Baron
Requirement : 1 buah Warpath Victory (udah nangkep 1 Warmonger)
Spoiler for walkthrough:
==========SPACE FOR NEWS UPDATE==========
Spoiler for Mai Profile:

mejeng pertamax dulu emoticon-coffeeemoticon-linux2
Breeds Caught: 298 / 302
Event Breeds Caught: 43 / 48

Hunting Since: Apr 15, 2009
Hunter's Title: Count (79 % )
Points: 250,588,288
Gold: 3,051,684

Horn Calls: 27132
Location: King's Gauntlet
Region: Valour

Trap Power: 8370
Total Luck: 25
Weapon: Sandtail Sentinel
Base: Cheesecake Base
Bait: 267 pieces of Swiss
Charm: None

Mice Caught: 45004
Bismillaahir rahmaanir rahiim

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb
Salam sejahtera buat semua

Pertama sekali Mari kita Panjatkan Puji dan Syukur kepada Allah SWT dan Berharap Mousehunter Kaskus a.k.a KOPLAKERS dalam keadaan Sehat walafiat, selanjutnya bersyalawat kita kepada Nabi Muhammad SAW

MHK Proudly Present GATH!!!
Tanggal : 12 juni 2011
Jam : 13.00 WIB - Selesai
Lokasi : Sosialita ( La Piazza, Kelapa Gading)
emoticon-army: FIELD REPORT emoticon-army:

berawal dari kecintaan serta kecanduan terhadap game passive Mousehunt, dilanjutkan pertemanan di dunia maya via kaskus+chatting di fesbuk kemudian dilanjutkan ke pertemanan dunia nyata a.k.a real life. untuk itulah Gath MHK Pertama diadakan emoticon-Malu (S)


Laporan Singkat dari Mams Ndut ttg gath MHK #1

Mobis nyampe di La piazza jam 12.45 karna gak mau sampai temen2 nyampe duluan+nungguin, eh malah dia sendiri blom datang emoticon-Cape d... (S) dia bilang sih katanya masih terasa ngantuk,trus mobis memutuskan untuk ke starbucks dulu minum kopi sambil liat festival musik yg gajebo emoticon-Hammer , jam 13.10 ada yang telp bernama rizki arif a.k.a kipli dan terjadilah perbincangan singkat via telp

emoticon-phoneemoticon-EEK!: Kipli : om mobis dimana emoticon-Confused:
emoticon-phoneemoticon-Metal: Mobis : di starbucks
emoticon-phoneemoticon-Belo Kipli : starbucks dimana?? emoticon-Amazed
emoticon-phoneemoticon-Metal: Mobis : cari aja menara eifel
emoticon-phoneemoticon-EEK!: Kipli : ok deh

gak lama kemudian ada anak kecil imut2 pake jaket putih + tas selempang coklat lewat .tanpa rasa malu mobis panggil "arif?" dia langsung manggil Mobis "OM mobis" emoticon-Hammer gak pake lama, Mobis langsung ajak dia ke sosialita,takut temen lain udah nunggu disana

pertama kali sampe di La Piazza gw bingung mo ngapain, karena ga pernah kesana dan ga tau medan areanya emoticon-Hammer akhirnya gw memutuskan untuk nekat masuk ke dalem+nanya2 satpam dimana sih sosialita. ternyata didepan sosialita solaria udah menunggu 2 sepuh MHK : mobis:mahos + kipli:mahos
ternyata mereka dengan mudah mengetahui keberadaan gw, karena gw ini adalah org yg mudah untuk dikenali berdasarkan size tronton yang unyu2 emoticon-Malu (S)+pake kaos kebanggaan anak2 MHK emoticon-Genit:

setelah ngobrol2 sebentar bareng mereka ber2, tiba2 dateng jason yg juga pake kaos kaskus, kyknya tuh anak emang taat sama "peraturan" gath yg diminta pake dress code kaos mhk ato kaskus emoticon-Ngakak (S) pas lagi ngobrol2 enak2 di depan pintu sosialita tiba2 ada sms yang masuk eh ternyata si darta:mahos gw coba telp tuh anak tapi di reject 2x emoticon-fuck3 ga tahunya tiba2 dia spon di depan TKP emoticon-Nohope

daripada menunggu lama yg lom pada dateng, kita ber 5 langsung ambil tempat duduk di sosialita. setelah duduk2+pesen minuman (gw udah kehausan tau emoticon-Nohope) datang dah tuh si fajar dgn bawa bungkusan super gede emoticon-Kagets gw kirain isinya apaan ternyata barang pesanan edo:mahos. ga pake lama fajar langsung duduk sebelah gw and "nodong" $$ titipan edo emoticon-Hammer

obrolan para koplakers di sosialita makin seru+hot, diacara gath masih sempet2nya nyalain lepi buat pencet horn emoticon-Cape d... (S) tapi gpp lah emang karena kita smua udah pada addicted sama game curut emoticon-Ngakak (S)
orang terakhir yang dateng di gath adalah mike, itu anak "musti dipaksa dulu" buat dateng ke TKP via chat fesbuk.. ternyata oh ternyata dia ketiduran pas nonton film emoticon-Bata (S)

demikianlah laporan singkat dari mams ndut buat gathering MHK pertama ini, semoga akan ada gath selanjutnya untuk mempererat rasa persaudaraan kita smua emoticon-Kiss (S)

see you at the next gath emoticon-army:

all hail koplakers \emoticon-Big Grin/

Quote:Original Posted By hansip
Thread ini adalah thread lanjutan dari yang sudah melebihi batas reply.
\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\tTerima kasih.

MouseHunt on Facebook | Hunter's Camp - Part 4
10:55 pm - Elub Shore
I sounded the Hunter's Horn and was successful in the hunt! I caught a 4 oz. Vanquisher Mouse worth 9,980 points and 2,560 gold.

The mouse also dropped the following loot:
1 Seashell

Gath mhk pertama

mejeng dolo ah mams ndut pekiwan emoticon-Cool

ga ada curut beginian ga bakalan rame dunia MH

MouseHunt on Facebook | Hunter's Camp - Part 4

MouseHunt on Facebook | Hunter's Camp - Part 4
MouseHunt on Facebook | Hunter's Camp - Part 4

1:12 pm - Seasonal Garden
I sounded the Hunter's Horn and was successful in the hunt! I caught a 2 lb. 14 oz. Derpicorn Mouse worth 2,500 points and 750 gold.
jgn pada ngejunk donk :3

Breeds Caught: 298 / 302
Event Breeds Caught: 43 / 48

Hunting Since: Apr 15, 2009
Hunter's Title: Count (79 % )
Points: 250,588,288
Gold: 3,051,684

Horn Calls: 27132
Location: King's Gauntlet
Region: Valour

Trap Power: 8370
Total Luck: 25
Weapon: Sandtail Sentinel
Base: Cheesecake Base
Bait: 267 pieces of Swiss
Charm: None

Mice Caught: 45004
lagiii ahhhhhh


MouseHunt on Facebook | Hunter's Camp - Part 4

lag banget dah koneksi gw, sampe capcay aja bilang lag... :3

11:10 pm - Elub Shore
I sounded the Hunter's Horn and was successful in the hunt! I caught an 10 oz. Alchemist Mouse worth 1,310 points and 125 gold.

The mouse also dropped the following loot:
1 Seashell

et dah, gk bisa reserved 2x... emoticon-Hammer
walik page jadinya...
sapa ni yg ga kedapetan?? emoticon-Big Grin