[Update] Tutorial dan Tanya Jawab vBulletin Berbahasa Indonesia

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[Update] Tutorial dan Tanya Jawab vBulletin Berbahasa Indonesia
[Update] Tutorial dan Tanya Jawab vBulletin Berbahasa Indonesia

Tutorial dan Tanya Jawab vBulletin® Berbahasa Indonesia

vBulletin is a powerful community solution that makes it easy to add a forum messaging system to your web site. vBulletin is developed using PHP and MySQL (a highly efficient open-source database). This solid back end technology allowed us to develop a product that is both amazingly fast, yet reassuringly stable.

General Features

* Scalable solution - database server and web servers can reside on separate machines.
* MySQL back-end database
* vBulletin can be run on any machine that can support PHP and MySQL (Solaris, BSD, Linux, Windows, Mac)
* Written in PHP which makes for a fast and efficient product
* Admin Control Panel
* Moderator Control Panel
* User Control Panel
* Compliant with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) of 1998

General Forum Features


* Thread display options - sort by, sort order, from date
* Thread and forum subscription (notification by email optional)
* Thread preview on mouse-over (optional, via Admin CP)
* Active Users viewing thread shown
* New Post Indicator
* Printer Friendly versions on threads
* Admin tools for Threads - edit/delete/move/lock/Make sticky/ etc
* Email page to a friend option
* Similar Threads displayed on all thread views


* Linear, Threaded, Hybrid display views available
* Supports BB Code in posts
* Supports HTML in post
* Smilies
* Avatars
* Optional WYSIWYG or standard editors for posts and Private Messages
* Attachment images (.gif,.jpg, etc) are no longer in the database (optional, via Admin CP)
* Quick reply box (with optional "forced" click on post to quote)
* Preview post option
* Post rating
* User reputation
* Polls
* Post Reporting - report posts to moderators
* User post count
* Admin tools for Posts - edit/delete/move/ etc
* Preview safe attachments


* Member List
* Member Search
* User Style picker
* Private Messaging
* Buddy list
* Member Birthdays shown on Forum home

Calendar Features

* Supports multiple private and public calendars
* Viewable public and private events (adminCP option)
* Weekly, monthly and yearly views
* Jump to Today option
* Add single, ranged or recurring events
* Add all day events
* Option to show calendar event on forum home page (adminCP option)
* Show events to specific usergroups (adminCP option)
* Calendar Moderation
* Private events reminder
* Ability to add custom fields


* Who's online
* Search

User Control Panel Features

Editable user profile

This information can be viewed by other members from the member list. Custom user title, URL home page, date of birth, instant messaging medium, location, occupation, biography, interests, vB version, plus any other custom user fields that may be defined by the administrator

Profile pictures

Allows members to upload pictures that can be viewed in the users' profile.

Private Messaging

* Pop-up notification when new PM received
* Private Message Tracking
* Private Message filing in custom folders

User Options

These include Daylight Savings options, forum style chooser, selection of notification types for PM, emails etc, thread display options, WYSIWYG editor options, language chooser, vCard downloads to allow the user profile to be placed into an address book

Attachment Management

* View attachment statistics - shows limit and used space
* View the attachments you have posted (link or thumbnail views available)
* Remove attachments

Avatar Options

* Admin Defined Avatars
* Custom Avatars - upload from your own computer or specify a URL


* View and manage subscribed threads and forums
* Calendar event reminders for subscribed events
* Pop-up auto-refreshing buddylist with ICQ-style alerts when new buddies come online
* Signature Editor
* Email and password changes require current password
* Joinable Public User Groups

Admin Control Panel Features

Styling & Templates

* Templated system
* Conditionals supported in the templates
* Ability to create multiple styles which can be applied to different forums and users
* Ability to upload / download styles and languages

Language & Phrase Management

* Language manager - allows you to easily translate your forums in any language
* Multiple languages supported
* Phrase manager

Users & Usergroups

* User registration options
* User banning (by name & IP)
* Global ignore user aka 'Tachy goes to Coventry' - when enabled all posts by the specified user will be ignored/unseen by other members. Automatically added to the all users ignore lists
* Unlimited Moderators and SuperModerators
* Permission system, based on user, usergroup or forums

Board Maintenance

* Task Scheduler
* Control Panel, Moderator & Task logs
* Board statistics
* Maintentance - Database backups, table repair
* Post Prunning


* Moderation queues for user registration and posting
* Calendar moderation

Import Facility

* Import facility - import posts and members seamlessly upgrade from other bulletin board systems, including Infopop's Ultimate Bulletin Board, UBBThreads, OpenTopic, ezboard, and Ikonboard


* Multiple attachments and types (types defined by admin in CP)
* Attachment thumbnails (requires PHP to have GD enabled)
* Storage type options for attachements (database or file system)
* Attachment moderation


* Multiple calendars supported
* Paid Subscriptions (PayPal, WorldPay, NOCHEX and
* Private forums
* COPPA compliant
* Server Settings and Optimisation options configurable via the adminCP
* Editable FAQ for your own boards
* Context sensitive help throughout the adminCP

Autolock Thread by Hansip

Thread ini adalah thread lanjutan dari yang sudah melebihi batas reply.
\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\tTerima kasih.

Index - #1

Spoiler for "Index":

Lanjut di Post Count 4 ttg Plugin + Style & Template
Setelah kamu mendapatkan file vBulletin, langkah selanjutnya adalah persiapan untuk upload ke host.

Persiapan Upload

Extract zip vBulletin yang telah kamu dapatkan
maka kamu akan mendapatkan 2 folder yaitu
"upload" dan " do_not_upload"

[Update] Tutorial dan Tanya Jawab vBulletin Berbahasa Indonesia

" upload " adalah folder yang berisi semua files yang di butuhkan untuk menjalankan vBulletin Board. File di folder ini yang nantinya akan di upload ke host.

"do_not_upload" adalah folder yang berisi files bantuan, yang bisa kamu gunakan saat dibutuhkan.
isi dari folder "do_not_upload"

  • searchshell.php - ini digunakan untuk melakukan rebuilt pada search index forum kamu
  • - ini digunakan untuk melakukan backup database via ssh/telnet di cron job vbulletin
  • tools.php - ini diupload ke folder "admincp" saat kamu mengalami error, dan tidak bisa masuk ke /admincp. FILE INI HANYA DI UPLOAD SAAT DI PERLUKAN SAJA

[Update] Tutorial dan Tanya Jawab vBulletin Berbahasa Indonesia[Update] Tutorial dan Tanya Jawab vBulletin Berbahasa Indonesia

Edit Config vBulletin

Buka folder " upload / includes "
dan kamu akan menemukan file " "
rename menjadi " config.php " dan buka dengan WORDPAD

[Update] Tutorial dan Tanya Jawab vBulletin Berbahasa Indonesia

dan kamu akan menemukan code php seperti di bawah ini

Spoiler for config.php:

Keterangan :
Perhatikan code yang saya bold berwarna cokelat

1. Isi dengan nama database kamu
2. Table prefix yang ingin kamu kehendaki nantinya di database
3. Isi dengan email kamu
4. Username database kamu yang akan digunakan untuk vBulletin
5. Password database kamu yang akan di gunakan untuk vBulletin
Username database kamu yang akan digunakan untuk vBulletin
Password database kamu yang akan di gunakan untuk vBulletin
8. Option saja, ini untuk merubah folder admincp kamu. Jangan lupa untuk rubah folder "admincp " di bawah folder "upload" sesuai dengan yang kamu tulis di nomor 8

Index - #2 - Products, Plugins, Styles & Templaes

Spoiler for "Products":
Spoiler for "Plugins":
Spoiler for "Styles & Templates":
Spoiler for "Download skin":

vBulletin tidak ada reseller di Indonesia
lu bisa langsung ke [url][/url]
untuk melakukan order dengan melakukan CC atau Paypal

untuk vBulletin NULLED [ gratis ]
kamu bisa download di

pass atau kaskus
forum TS mana

silahkan bos emoticon-shakehand

wkewkew emoticon-Big Grin
OK, setelah kamu melakukan edit pada " config.php"
sekarang kita persiapkan upload ke host dan siap di install.

Download dahulu FTP Software bisa dari FIleZilla atau Smart FTP
Upload semua file vBullletin di folder "upload"

[Update] Tutorial dan Tanya Jawab vBulletin Berbahasa Indonesia

Ada baiknya setting pada AUTOMATIC MODE TRANSFERED
folder "upload" ini bisa di letakkan di bawah public_html atau di mana saja yang kamu kehendaki.
Disini saya misalkan di bawah " public_html "

Setelah semua selesai
kamu bisa jalankan script installer nya dengan menuju :

" "

ikuti langkah-langkahnya dari 1 sampai selesai dengan hanya tekan next dan next



Goto AdminCP => Custom BBCodes => Manage BBCodes => Add new BBCODE

Step 2:

YouTube BB Code


PHP Code:
<!-- Start Youtube BBCODE --> 
table class="tborder" cellpadding="6" cellspacing="1" border="0" width="400" style="margin:10px 0"
td class="tcat" colspan="2" style="text-align:center"
a href="{param}" title="Click to view this video on youtube" target="_blank">{option}</a
object width="425" height="350"><param name="movie" value="{param}"></param><embed src="{param}" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="350"></embed></object
End Youtube BBCODE --> 

[yt=video name]ejOJkcs-a7s[/yt]

YouTube embeded videos

Use {option}

Title: Sign
Tag: s

PHP Code:
<table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
tt<td align="center" style="background-color: White; border: 1px solid Black; padding: 1px;"><FONT COLOR="Black"><normalfont>{param}</normalfont></FONT>
tt<td align="center">
tt<img src="/images/schildhalter.gif" alt="" border="0">
Example: [ s ]Look at me![/ s ] -->>
Description: Wrap your text with a cynical looking smiley holding a sign.
Use {option}: No
Button Image: /images/s-tag.gif
NB - remove the spaces around the example [ s ], there is a conflict here with 's' bbcode

peki wan euy emoticon-Ngakak
Reserped For Index Vbulletin

[Update] Tutorial dan Tanya Jawab vBulletin Berbahasa Indonesia
testing boy

maaf saya mendahului anda .. emoticon-Wink

Rumah Baru....emoticon-Selamat

semoga makin mantep nih maen VBnya....emoticon-Angkat Beer
ah dah di lock part 1 emoticon-Frown

wah ane pekiwan emoticon-Matabelo
Selamat atas Rumah baru nya
emoticon-Selamat emoticon-Selamat emoticon-Selamat emoticon-Selamat

Mejeng di Pekiwan emoticon-Ngakak (S)
coba lagi ah

kampret lo riff...emoticon-Bata (S)

rikwes del..emoticon-Ngacir