(ask) the best way learning english, grammar first or vocab?

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(ask) the best way learning english, grammar first or vocab?
hi all
I have a question , n sometimes make me confused
I have learned english almost three years,
I Have problem with grammar,
because, when I do conversation with grammar,
that make me blank :O
every word's in my mind will be lost when I wanna speak
when I speak with ignored grammar, I can speak fastly.

an as far as I know,
the point of conversation is, I can understand and she/he can understand what we are talking about

what the best method for learning grammar friend's ??
I have bad grammar emoticon-Big Grin
because grammar is important too for toefl test and etc.

please help me emoticon-I Love Indonesia emoticon-I Love Indonesia emoticon-I Love Indonesia
if i were u, i'll choose both of them. they can't be separated emoticon-Big Grin
i think we have to understand the basic tenses and know more vocabulary.i have a same experience with you,i dont really like grammar,so i just improve my vocabulary.because i believe that five basic tenses help me to learn other tenses naturally.
i think vocabulary is important to improve your grammar...

i have the same problem as is very hard i think but we mush study n improve


grammar and vocab are connected.. english is fun, like play a game..
(ask) the best way learning english, grammar first or vocab?
they are important,but first, you don't need to study both of them together

I say,that the newbie must learn vocab's first, why?

hmm, when you were a child, what did your parents teach?

a WORD(book,table,pen,eraser,etc), not a SENTENCE, right?

so, you must understand the basic of English first

then if you can understand the words, you can build good sentences

well, that's basic problem
Vocab first, of course

What's the point of learning grammar if you don't understand what are you talking about ? emoticon-Big Grin
well, I always start with teaching alphabets and spelling words... so I guess it's like introducing some simple vocabs before getting into the grammar. Not so many though, just some basic words which can support the grammar taught. So, I guess, for me, both of them are equally important.
conversation are 1st, vocab than structure i guess, no matter how bad ur structure as long as every one know the meaning and understand it;s fine bro emoticon-Big Grin but doesn't mean u would delete those structure lesson in ur schedule coz somehow to get high score in TOEFL we have to learn it emoticon-Hammer2

alright.. your solution as same as i think. becouse my grammar is bad, and if i use grammar to speak english, it can make my english kacau balau. but,if i did not use grammar, i can speak more faster than before. emoticon-Peace

Sedang belajar bahasa Inggris,jika ada penyusunan kata yg salah dimohon untuk tidak tertawa
ketauan tertawa wajib bayar denda "cendol" ke ane)
i think, vocab first, because, if you know the meaning of one word, it is easier to understand each sentence without help from grammar.
I prefer vocab.. Using too many grammar in our vocab, makes we look ridiculous.. (besides my grammar is laughable.. emoticon-Hammer )
(ask) the best way learning english, grammar first or vocab?

I want to say the same thing as Eve said. Simple vocabs would certainly shape your basic English. In order to arrange them well, you can start learning grammar.(ask) the best way learning english, grammar first or vocab?

nice dude emoticon-Big Grin
I'll try with basig grammar I think emoticon-Big Grin


it's same like my lecturer's say , that grammar will be learned with naturally if u always read a book, novel n etc.
thnks dude emoticon-shakehand:


emoticon-shakehand: it's help me so much dude emoticon-Smilie


emoticon-shakehand: thnks gan emoticon-Smilie I'll try


really emoticon-Big Grin
u have same idea with me dude emoticon-Big Grin
From this story, as long as we understand each other, grammar is not that important emoticon-shakehand:


so, vocab first emoticon-Smilie ??
yeah , it's good explaination , hehe
thnks dude emoticon-shakehand:


emoticon-Ngakak it's good answer dude emoticon-Big Grin
it's will be a big problem's if u talking without know what the meaning emoticon-Big Grin


emoticon-shakehand: thnks gan emoticon-Big Grin


setubuh gan emoticon-Hammer (S)

for all : thnks for your's good answer's . n I will try study hard emoticon-Big Grin
I think you must always speak english everyday for you have a good grammar...
(ask) the best way learning english, grammar first or vocab?
the only thing to do is doing your homework.. maybe, by doing exercises after reading would help to improve your grammar skill
of course all of them is important . . Your question maybe refers to how learning english with good way . . i think, u must listen or watch hollywood movie frequently . . not only the grammar or vocab, but also u will know about the pronouncation . . BE or AE . . like that . .
well, i prefer to grammer bro
but if you can speak or understand what the other say fastly, i think its awesome.. In My Humble Opinion the man who can understand english fastly, she/he is also knowing about Grammer,
n if you prefer to vocab, i think you will face the confuse when the other say to you about some sentence, that its must need an unordinary Grammer,

so you must be proud, you can understand the other with yours vocab, but the grammer is most important too.. n of course you must explain it as you could emoticon-shakehand

by the way anyone to tell me what si the meaning of TOEFL??
is it like who the man has understand many vocab and grammer?
and how to print it?

hhe hei, i just training my english at yours
i hope you understand and sorry if i had mistake in my piece of word

One of my lecturer once said that one of her student is quite good in grammar, but he didn't pay too much attention on his vocabulary skill emoticon-Big Grinemoticon-Big Grin

So when he did his exams, he always add word "F*ck" and "Sh*t" in nearly every sentence in his essay. When asked, he didn't know what does those means, he only use them just because he always hears it on movies emoticon-Hammeremoticon-Hammer