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Poll: Call of Duty Zombies Favorite Map
Nacht der Untoten 11% (2 votes)
Verrückt 0% (0 votes)
Shin No Numa 6% (1 votes)
Der Riese 6% (1 votes)
Kino der Toten 11% (2 votes)
Five 6% (1 votes)
Dead Ops Arcade 0% (0 votes)
Ascension 11% (2 votes)
Call of the Dead 6% (1 votes)
Shangri-La 11% (2 votes)
Moon 0% (0 votes)
Bus Depot 11% (2 votes)
Farm 6% (1 votes)
Town 11% (2 votes)
Tranzit (Bus Depot, Tunnel, Diner, Farm, Power Plant) 6% (1 votes)
Thumbs up Call of Duty Zombies | Fans Thread
Thread ini khusus membahas Zombie Map di game Call of Duty (World at War & Black Ops). Kaskuser bebas mem-post strategi, opini, bahkan menghumbar dapat survive sampai round berapa. Tapi ingat, no pic = Hoax

Call of Duty Zombies | Fans Thread


Zombies (Also known as Nazi Zombies) is a survival-type game mode in Call of Duty: World at War and Call of Duty: Black Ops, becoming highly popular upon its release. In some maps the player faces zombies of other nationalities, including American zombies, Imperial Japanese zombies, and Soviet zombies.

The player must survive endless waves of attacking Zombies, buying weapons and perks in the process, and optionally repair nearby defenses to keep zombies out. There is no limit to the levels. Zombies become stronger and faster upon completion of each round, forcing players to make tactical decisions about point spending and progressing through the map. Sometimes, zombies drop power-ups.

Altogether, Zombie Mode consists of eight maps; the first, second, fourth, fifth, and seventh feature Nazi Zombies (Nacht der Untoten, Verruckt, Der Riese, Kino der Toten, Dead Ops) , while the third features Imperial Japanese Zombies (Shi No Numa), the sixth features American civilian, military and scientist zombies ("Five"), and the eighth features Russian scientist, cosmonaut and military zombies (Ascension).

Shi No Numa, Der Riese, Kino Der Toten, and Ascension all have the same four playable characters, as do Nacht der Untoten and Verrückt in the Hardened and Prestige versions of Black Ops, while 'Five' has characters who actually existed in real-life.

Call of Duty Zombies | Fans Thread

Non-lethal hit: 10 points.
Lethal torso hit: 60 points.
Lethal limb hit: 50 points.
Lethal neck hit: 70 points.
Lethal headshot: 100 points.
Lethal melee: 130 points.
Lethal grenade: 50 points.
Non-lethal grenade: 10 points.
Melee to a monkey in Shangri-La before it hits the player or takes the power-up: 500 points.

Zombie Maps :
  • Nacht der Untoten
  • Verrückt
  • Shi No Numa
  • Der Riese
  • Kino Der Toten
  • Five
  • Ascension
  • Call of the Dead
  • Shangri-La
  • Moon

Spoiler for Nacht der Untoten:

Spoiler for Verrückt:

Spoiler for Shi No Numa:

Spoiler for Der Riese:
Spoiler for Kino der Toten:

Spoiler for Five:

Spoiler for Ascension:

Spoiler for Call of the Dead:

Spoiler for Shangri-La:
  • Marines
  • Tank Dempsey
  • Nikolai Belinski
  • Takeo Masaki
  • Edward Richtofen
  • John F. Kennedy
  • Robert McNamara
  • Fidel Castro
  • Richard Nixon

Spoiler for Marines:

Spoiler for Tank Dempsey:

Spoiler for Nikolai Belinski:

Spoiler for Takeo Masaki:

Spoiler for Edward Richtofen:

Spoiler for John F. Kennedy:

Spoiler for Robert McNamara:

Spoiler for Fidel Castro:

Spoiler for Richard Nixon:


Before it All Begins
Dr. Maxis and his scientist team, Group 935, was tasked with creating an army of super soldiers and new technology for the government project christened "Der Riese" or "The Giant". In his experiments, Maxis used Element 115. He used 115 to create the zombies. The zombies, however, couldn't be controlled and would always be killed when they went berserk. While this was going on, Richtofen was testing 115 on living test subjects to create his super soldiers. In his experiments, Richtofen used Takeo, Nikolai, and an unknown Mexican. When Richtofen accidentally killed the Mexican, he replaced him with Dempsey. Dempsey had recently been captured when he led a Marine Recon team to rescue Dr. Peter McCain, an OSS spy sent to infiltrate Group 935. Peter was killed and was found hung in Shi No Numa. The testing affected each of the subjects' minds, making Dempsey extremely aggressive, quieting Takeo into only reciting Japanese proverbs, and making Nikolai functionless without vodka. It also erased their memories. Richtofen also did testing on Samantha, which possibly led to her survival of Richtofen's plot to kill her.

The new weapons Group 935 created were also powered by 115. Maxis created the Ray Gun based on plans received from Shi No Numa. Richtofen created the Wunderwaffe DG-2 from 115 and the Monkey Bomb (possibly out of a monkey that had been bothering him). Maxis promised to mass-produce the DG-2 to his superiors, but his growing infatuation with Sophia slowed his progress and infuriated Richtofen, who then plotted to overthrow him and take control of Group 935.

Call of Duty Zombies | Fans Thread

Maxis also created 115-powered teleporters, but they would always destroy anything sent through them. All of these experiments were done with his assistant, Dr. Richtofen. When he used his daughter Samantha's dog, Fluffy, as a teleporter test subject, he accidentally created the first hellhound. The dog was teleported, but instead of being destroyed like the past test subjects, she was zombified. When Samantha came running in and started questioning her dad about her dog, Richtofen left the room. Richtofen then followed through with his previously-planned betrayal by locking Maxis and his daughter in the room with the hellhound, which was originally believed to have killed them. While Maxis was killed, Samantha survived as some sort of supernatural force. She then released the zombies and attempted to kill Richtofen, who then escaped with his super soldier test subjects.

Kino der Toten and Ascension
In the introduction to Kino der Toten, Richtofen reveals that he knows much more about the energy created by 115, and that he was excited to learn that it was also capable of time travel. He seems unconcerned that he and his partners have been teleported to Nazi Germany in an unknown year.

Sometime prior to Ascension, Yuri Kravcheski was transferred to work on sending monkeys into space, much to his dismay. His transfer was caused by his superior, Gersch, who he holds a grudge against. As the radio messages progress, Yuri notices the teddy bear and the Matryoshka dolls and wonders how a child could be let into the station. It is assumed Samantha Maxis brought these items and that she then drives Yuri insane. Yuri, in his state of insanity, finishes the Gersch Device and has Gersch activate it, letting in the zombies and seemingly killing Gersch. Yuri soon realizes his mistake and is heard screaming at the end of the last recording.

After the events of Kino der Toten, the main characters somehow reach the abandoned Soviet launch pad in Ascension. When the game starts, the four are landing in the starting room on the lunar lander as the color turns to black and white (which the characters acknowledge). The characters then hear Gersch, who tells them that the mechanism must be repaired. He is referring to the Kassimir Mechanism, which must be repaired by completing different tasks. After all of the tasks are completed and the mechanism is repaired, Gersch is free and gives the players 90-second death machines.

Call of Duty Zombies | Fans Thread

FIVE and Call of the Dead
While the events of Ascension are occurring in Russia, the events of "Five" are also unfolding in the Pentagon. While John F. Kennedy, Robert McNamara, Fidel Castro, and Richard Nixon are negotiating, zombies break into the Pentagon with only the four of them left to fight them. While fighting, they call the characters in Ascension using three red telephones spread across the Pentagon. A piece of Intel reveals that all Wunderwaffe materials were to be moved to American-controlled installations. As a mainframe is visible behind one of the windows in "Five", it is apparent that it was moved there as per this order. It is possible that the mainframe was used by Samantha to bring the zombies into the Pentagon and was used by the American scientists to create their own teleporters.

Sometime in the present, George A. Romero stumbled upon Group 935's research while making a WWII film. He and the cast took a ship out to an abandoned lab in Siberia. After he and the ship's crew were zombified, only the cast, made up of Sarah Michelle Gellar, Robert Englund, Danny Trejo, and Michael Rooker, remained. This set the stage for Call of the Dead. After the Kassimir Mechanism was completed, it overloaded the teleporter and sent the original characters to a Group 935 facility in Siberia, where they were trapped behind a locked door. The celebrities then helped them escape to Paradise.

Call of Duty Zombies | Fans Thread

Shangri-La, however, does not live up to its name, as its inhabitants have all been zombified before the group's arrival. Richtofen states that this is the last step to controlling the world before he is teleported there. The temple houses a mining facility filled with Element 115, explaining the inhabitants' zombification.

Prior to the group's arrival to Shangri-La, two explorers, Brock and Gary went on an expedition to prove their theories on Argatha. Brock later figures out that the temple wasn't built by an ancient civilization, but by people in the modern era interpreting it. After investigating the temple, the pair accidentally activated the temple's time travel and died in the resulting Zombie attack. The group travels back in time and helps the pairs survive. The pair's changing fate is illustrated by the radio that changes message and location as the group helps them. When the group finally create the Focusing Stone, it lands on an altar with Richtofen's name on it, meaning the temple was in fact another Group 935 facility and explaining Richtofen's knowledge of its location. The two explorers are then sent back to the moment they discovered the temple, indicating that they're stuck in a never-ending loop.

Call of Duty Zombies | Fans Thread

Now in possession of both the Golden Rod and the Focusing Stone, Richtofen believes he can now control the zombies. The group then travels to Area 51 so they can get to the moon via a teleporter to a top-secret Moon facility named Griffin Station. Due to the Element 115 on the moon, astronauts and scientists sent there have been zombified before the group's arrival. The people killed by Groph and Scheuster contributed even more to the zombie horde.

Richtofen then has the group complete the M.P.D.. When the device is completed, it opens up to reveal Samantha Maxis suspended in the air. As it turns out, the device acts like a prison and keeps her cryogenically frozen so she can be used to control the zombies. Richtofen goes to a terminal to power up the Golden Rod (or V Device) and the Focusing Stone, which he fuses together. However, he encounters Dr. Maxis inside the terminal, who tries to stop him. Richtofen switches souls with Samantha to gain control of the zombies. Richtofen finally thinks everything has gone his way, until Takeo, Tank, and Nikolai decide to stop him. Dr. Maxis, sensing Richtofen's betrayal, prepared a backup plan in case Richtofen got this far. The group then fires the missiles located on the Moon, which destroys the Earth's atmosphere. Richtofen is now only in control of the zombies on the moon, greatly lessening the damage he could cause.

Call of Duty Zombies | Fans Thread

Spoiler for sumber:
  • Juggernaug
  • Speed Cola
  • Quick Revive
  • Double Tap Root Beer
  • Stamin-Up
  • PhD Flopper
  • Deadshot Daiquiri

Perk-A-Cola adalah sebuah mesin minum yang digunakan di map jombi yang berguna bagi pemain selama permainan membasmi jombi

Call of Duty Zombies | Fans Thread

Spoiler for Juggernaug:

Spoiler for Speed Cola:

Spoiler for Quick Revive:

Spoiler for Double Tap Root Beer:

Spoiler for Stamin-Up:

Spoiler for PhD Flopper:

Spoiler for Deadshot Daiquiri:


Spoiler for Kino der Toten:

Spoiler for FIVE:

Quote:PRO TIP!!
Walaupun jombinya larinya terlihat semangat '45, tapi mereka tidak bisa mengejar kecepatan pemain saat pemain hanya JALAN. Jadi kalo pemain lari (L3 di PS3), sudah dipastikan 10000% jombinya tidak akan bisa ngejar, kecuali kalo mereka datang dari depan. Memang mereka terlihat pintar karena berpikir bisa nangkep apabila lari, tapi kenyataanya mereka itu

Wah mantab gan ternyata benar diwujudkan

mo nyumbang tips2 utk main zombitch di kino der toten klo boleh

1. level ke 1 smp 5 (pokoknya sblm doggy dateng) lebih baik ga usah buka pintu yg lain dl spy ga terlalu repot kill zombitch2nya dan gunakan kesempatan pada level awal ini utk ngumpulin point sebanyak2nya

2. Pas doggy dateng saran ane buka pintu mulai dari atas sebelah kanan smp ente nemu senjata pm40 (itu favorit ane)

3. mulai level itu smp ke atas ane biasanya kabur2an aja sambil tembak2in tp jgn pernah lp cr senjata bagus di mystery box, nyalain teleporter dan sisain 1 atau 2 zombitch di tiap level spy lo bs santai muter otak dl utk langkah lo selanjutnya

4. Tahan selama mungkin senjata lo sebelum lo upgrade karena mulai level 25 ke atas senjata dah ga terlalu ngaruh menurut gw alias jadi buang2 point .. gw lbh fokus gunain listrik2 di pintu sambil nembakin zombie nya utk ngumpulin point utk level2 selanjutnya

Call of Duty Zombies | Fans Thread

No pic = HOAX

kritik dan saran welcome2 aja
ane jamin pst byk agan2 yg lain lebih dr level yg gw capai
bukannya COD itu game perang2an yah???kok sekarang ada zombienya sih???trus storynya bagaimana???

Wonder Weapons

Wonder Weapon

Wonder weapon bisa dibilang sebagai senjata ajaib yang hanya ada di mode jombi dan senjata-senjata ini sangatlah kuat dan berguna bagi player untuk membasmi jombi. Tetapi tidak semua map mempunyai wonder weapon yang sama.

Spoiler for Ray Gun:

Spoiler for Wunderwaffe DG-2:

Spoiler for Thunder Gun:

Spoiler for Winter's Howl:

Spoiler for V-R11:

Spoiler for Scavenger:

Spoiler for Monkey Bomb:

Spoiler for Matroyshka Doll:

Spoiler for Gersch Device:
Zombie Killers:
  • feodal0623
  • BEARLAND_001
  • dragonzdg
  • terz01
  • Marlboro101

PS3 players add us up!
nice thread bro..!

walopun ane jarang main zombie,
tp ane pemain langganan multiplayer COD series..

tetep di maintain threadnya bro..
Wah nampang di pekiwan nih
Salam semua
Ane main COD Zombie dari jaman COD WaW
Tapi sayangnya karena ane masih ga terlalu ahli main COD Zombie
Skor terbaik ane cuma Round 4 di peta FIVE
Maaf ga ada SS ga punya kamera
Ada saran gak supaya bisa bertahan sampe level 10+ di FIVE

Ane bantu Rate ya
Quote:Original Posted By anxem
bukannya COD itu game perang2an yah???kok sekarang ada zombienya sih???trus storynya bagaimana???

zombie mode cuma side game duank,,
Quote:Original Posted By anxem
bukannya COD itu game perang2an yah???kok sekarang ada zombienya sih???trus storynya bagaimana???

Anggap aja seperti Special Ops di Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 buatan Activision
Quote:Original Posted By Xieg
zombie mode cuma side game duank,,

Quote:Original Posted By firdaus1997
Anggap aja seperti Special Ops di Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 buatan Activision

ohh berarti kasusnya sama kayak red of redemption undead apa gitu.....ada zombienya juga
Way ane jg br hobi maen zombie mode.ijin nyimak terus ya gan
Quote:Original Posted By anxem
ohh berarti kasusnya sama kayak red of redemption undead apa gitu.....ada zombienya juga
idih ane maen cod bo cuma multiplayernya doank
yang zombienya takut
Quote:Original Posted By firdaus1997
Wah nampang di pekiwan nih
Salam semua
Ane main COD Zombie dari jaman COD WaW
Tapi sayangnya karena ane masih ga terlalu ahli main COD Zombie
Skor terbaik ane cuma Round 4 di peta FIVE
Maaf ga ada SS ga punya kamera
Ada saran gak supaya bisa bertahan sampe level 10+ di FIVE

Ane bantu Rate ya

Hahaha makasih gan udah bantu nge-rate! Wah kalo di FIVE emang sulit gan. Itu map paling sulit tampaknya yang dibuat sama Treyarch selain Nacht der Untoten.

Yang pasti strateginya sama kayak di map manapun. Dicoba bertahan selama mungkin di ruangan awal. Ada 4 jendela, tapi jombi-nya keluarnya belom tentu dari jendela itu, mereka juga keluar dari tembok yang mereka jebolin di deket Quick Revive. Random memang keluarnya, kadang-kadang entry point mereka dari 4 jendela, kadang dari tembok juga.

Kalo udah ke push sampe lift, pastiin sisain 1 jombi buat turun ke ruang bawahnya [make lift cuma perlu 250 poin]. Pas dibawah, hati-hati sama jombi yang disiain tadi, dia pasti lari ngejar player. Buka debri/barrier yang disebelah 2 tangga (lupa berapa harganya).

Buat nyalain power, turun lagi lift yang 1 lagi (sebelah Stakeout). Pake lagi liftnya yang disitu, player akan tiba di ruang laboratorium. Switch power berada di ruangan pertama sebelah kiri (nggak perlu buka pintu). Boks judi pertama juga disitu, kadang-kadang boks judi nya di ruang babi (bisa kedengaran nguik-nguik babinya).

Setelah power nyalain, masuk ke teleporter sebelah power switch, player akan tiba di ruang strategi. Nyalain semua Defcon (switch yang ijo, kalo dinyalain jadi merah). Defcon-nya ada 4, 2 dibawah 2 lagi diatas (deretan Double Tap). Kalo semua Defcon udah nyala, masuk ke teleporter manapun maka player akan tiba di Panic Room. Di ruangan tersebut ada pintu yang berhitung mundur. Apabila player udah beli Claymore, pakai Claymorenya di depan pintu dan pemain nunggu jauh dibelakang. Saat pintu kebuka, lempar granat sebanyak-banyaknya dan ingat : TEROBOS KELUAR karena ruangan panik itu kecil buat nge-gocek jombi.

Setelah keluar dari Panic Room, jalan lurus aja sampe nemu debris/barrier yang harus dibuka lagi. Bikin lingkaran supaya jombinya nge-garis. Dibawah Double Tap ada barrier lagi yang harus dibuka. Pastikan poin player cukup untuk membuka.

Terus ada Pentagon Thief yang bakalan ngejar player. Posisikan player berada di tombol Defcon yang diatas yang paling jauh. Pasang Claymore kearah Pentagon Thief dateng. Lari sampe gila diatas, tapi jangan lari pake senjata yang bagus, pake yg jelek aja soalnya pasti keambil kalo main solo. Setelah senjatanya terambil, gantian player yang ngejar si maling tapi sembil nembak.

Intinya Five: Nyalain 4 Defcon, masuk ke Panic Room, terobos keluar, muter-muter di ruangan luarnya.

Untuk lebih lengkapnya:

Kalo mau main bareng, add PSN ID ane YOJIYOW sama bro phaseworks aja.

Btw bro phaseworks, sori tadi nggak bisa jombian.
Quote:Original Posted By logarit
idih ane maen cod bo cuma multiplayernya doank
yang zombienya takut

Ane awalnya juga takut gan, tapi lama-lama seru! Jombinya bloon soalnya
Quote:Original Posted By bieatcheese
nice thread bro..!

walopun ane jarang main zombie,
tp ane pemain langganan multiplayer COD series..

tetep di maintain threadnya bro..

Pastinya bro, tiap malem diawasin. Makasih dukungannya

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Spoiler for Nacht de Untoten:

Spoiler for Verruckt:

Spoiler for Shi No Numa:

Spoiler for Der Riese:

Spoiler for Kino der Toten:

Spoiler for Ascension:

Spoiler for Shangri-La:

Spoiler for Moon: