can I get 550 (TOEFL) with a 5-6 day preparation?

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Poll: can I get 550 (TOEFL) with a 5-6 day preparation?

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NO way! 30.00% (3 votes)
YES why not ;) 70.00% (7 votes)
hi guys,

I'm gonna take TOEFL test (ITP-PBT) next week
yup only 7 days to go...

I had no special preparation done whatsoever for this test.

However i hv started my preparation from today.
Due to my activities, I only can spare around 4 hours a day.

My target score is 550 because 600 is only a dream for me.

Two Questions:

1. Do u reckon I can achieve the target?

As a clue : u can assess my English skill by reading my thread on the following link: (Grammar analysis of FIFA's letter)

2. There r many TOEFL books outthere, What book I have to read?
which one is better > longman, Kaplan, Barron, Longman, or Cambridge?

thanks in advance for help and opinion


Spoiler for "My toefl® results":
Good luck buddy \m/
Well, just do your best. From your "Grammar analysis of FIFA's letter", I can see that your English is pretty good. To train your listening skill, listen to English radio broadcast or watch English movie without a subtitle (of course you must know what they're talking about emoticon-Big Grin).

In my opinion, Longman is better. But those TOEFL Preparation books that you listed are generally "thick". And I'm not sure you can finish reading all of its contents in just a few days emoticon-Stick Out Tongue

Good Luck!
get urself a good tutor
Your English is good emoticon-Smilie
as a preparation, I suggest analyse the pattern of the questions by comparing 2 or 3 toefl test examples.
Good luck emoticon-I Love Indonesia
can I get 550 (TOEFL) with a 5-6 day preparation?
no you cannot :maho
I did not study a page for my TOEFL test, yet passed it with flying colours.. emoticon-Big Grin
i dnt think so gan ..
bcz i've been studied in 14 years in school but my toeic score is only 470 emoticon-Frown

ckckckc... no need to study whatsoever, still u could succeed at easily emoticon-Wink
I wish I were u... (in terms of English skills), I would be then very happy...

--- wonder, you live abroad, I guess that even u think in English
it means u practice English in every single breath that u take emoticon-Wink

thanks for comment...



btw, I've never tried TOEIC...

many times, many of my friends say that as well emoticon-Mewek

thanks,I hope I will be lucky enough emoticon-Wink


thanks for the suggestion
I hope I can succeed at the test emoticon-Wink


Thanks, yes I wish Me luck... will do my best...
Yup they are very tick, I usually try only some exercises...

useless advice :maho
can I get 550 (TOEFL) with a 5-6 day preparation?
I think you cannot do it as soon like that
all of thing need process to understand
why not? ur english is good ! i am sure that u can achieve ur target emoticon-Smilie
u just have to prepare everything that u need during the test emoticon-Big Grin

I suggest Barron's and Longman, cz I use those books in my campus emoticon-Embarrassment
(but still, my toefl score is below 500 emoticon-Frown )

best luck with ur test braw!!
the important things that you must prepare before take TOEFL test is trying to read Literature, History or Lecture in English language. Try to listen the news without subtitles, or trying to listen E-Book. And the last, try to write the unknown vocabulary in small notes or books and try to find the meaning in english.
My TOEFL preparation class teacher told me that tips emoticon-Smilie. I'm sure you can do it dude emoticon-I Love Kaskus

hey,my toeic score is higher than u,i get 670 emoticon-Big Grin
but i also ever tried toefl,and i feel it's so difcult for me !

**note :
please analyze my grammar emoticon-Malu (S)

for ts:
i know u can emoticon-Angkat Beer ....halah
Nice analyse..
i should learn more from you to get TOEFL high score haha
the key is:whatever you do, just try to stay calm all the time..let all the burden and fear out of your mind..

the first time i took TOEFL (about 6 yrs ago) i didn't know a thing about TOEFL
and i didn't study or prepare myself at that time i got nothing to lose..and thank God i passed..

learning from my friends' experience, when they are worried about the score, most of them failed, but when they got nothing to lose, the passed

I agree with you.

Same experience too.

I got nothing to lose at that time, just more focused in listening section.